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Welcome to Centennial’s Parent Teacher Conferences.

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1 Welcome to Centennial’s Parent Teacher Conferences

2 Centennial is a “High Stakes” School What does “High Stakes” mean?

3 CMS Students must earn a passing grade in every core class each term in 7 th and 8 th grade. An “I” or Incomplete is not acceptable

4 An “I” Grade must be fixed. Parents can help by checking their student’s grades on Power School. On the Internet, go to

5 Click on PowerSchool

6 OR Visit the Centennial Website Click on Power School

7 Username = Lunch Number No initials, don’t add Zero Password = Birthdate 5/25/95

8 You can click on the score for any class to see the assignments.

9 You can see which assignments are missing.

10 Click on Email Notification – Type your email address in and check the boxes. Your students grades will be SENT to you every week.

11 If your child is missing assignments or has some low grades, encourage them to get extra help after school in Academic Assistance (A.A.) Mon-Thu

12 ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE This is a great way to AVOID low grades. Encourage students to attend AA before the Term ends 3:00 to 4:00 A bus is provided after AA

13 If a student receives an “I” 1 st Term, they will be assigned to Credit Intervention during 2 nd Term.

14 4 th Term 1 st Term 2nd Term 3 rd Term CREDIT INTERVENTION = Help SUMMER SCHOOL: 4 th Term “I’s” cannot be made up in Credit Intervention. They can make up 1 or 2 “I’s” in Summer School If a student earns An “I” grade If a student does NOT pass a class, they will be removed from their elective and enrolled in Credit Intervention where they will receive extra help to “FIX” the “I” from the previous term. If the student earned Less than 50%, they may not go to Credit Intervention. They must go to Summer School.

15 “Limited Time Offer” An “I” from Term 1 can only be fixed in Term 2. If it’s not fixed by the end of Term 2, Summer School is the only other choice. Term 2 needs to be fixed in Term 3. Term 3 needs to be fixed in Term 4. Term 4 must be fixed in Summer School

16 If at the end of 8 th Grade a student has even one “I” in a Core class (English, History, Science, Math) they will not be allowed to enroll in 9 th grade at Timpview High or Provo High. They will attend Independance High School

17 When is Credit Intervention? It’s during the student’s normal “elective” time. The Student will go to the Credit Intervention classroom INSTEAD of their elective (art, music, computers, dance, etc)

18 What do they do in Credit Intervention? The core teacher will send assignments to the Credit Intervention classroom for the student. There are 4 adults in the class helping students.

19 When does the student leave Credit Intervention? When the work is finished and approved by the Core Class Teacher, the student will return to their elective class and their grade from the previous term will be changed to a C-

20 An “I” Grade must be fixed. If the “I” is not made up, students should attend summer school to earn their credits.

21 4 Chances to Pass 1.Help in class from the Teacher. 2.Academic Assistance Help every day after school 3:00 to 4:00. 3.Credit Intervention = After the term ends a student has failed. Student is taken out of elective and given help in the C.I. classroom. 4.Summer School. Students can take 2 summer school classes. Get Help before the Term Ends.

22 Parents are the #1 way to help kids. Parents should encourage your student to get help early.

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