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Effective Teachers: Personal Attributes and Characteristics

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1 Effective Teachers: Personal Attributes and Characteristics
Chapter 11

2 Research on Teaching Difficulty defining effective teaching
In student achievement, SES overshadows all other variables Other variables include: Qualities of the teacher Educational aspirations or motivation of students

3 How Do We Know Teachers Are Effective?
Rated according to their ability to help students gain the most from instruction Performance on standardized tests

4 Personal Attributes Identified with Effective Teachers

5 Motivating Personality
Enthusiasm Variety Warmth and humor

6 Orientation Toward Success
Teachers believe in their own and their students’ ability to be successful

7 Professional Demeanor
Focused on helping students learn Professionally knowledgeable Businesslike Seen as credible and worthy of trust

8 Motivating Personality Enthusiasm
Convey confidence to students Convey enjoyment and value of subject Interest and involvement Vigor Physical dynamism

9 Motivating Personality How Enthusiasm Is Conveyed
Using variety in speech, gestures, and facial expressions Moving around the room Maintaining eye contact Encouraging participation Soliciting input from students Maintaining a brisk lesson pace

10 Motivating Personality How Warmth Is Shown
Through positive and supportive interpersonal relationships with students By letting students get a sense of one’s personality (“real people”) By showing friendliness By maintaining a positive attitude By demonstrating an interest in students as individuals By appearing to be open and willing to work with students

11 Motivating Personality Humor
Spontaneous Ability to laugh when something funny occurs in the classroom Avoid teasing and sarcasm Deliberate or planned Plan lessons which incorporate or point out amusing aspects of a topic

12 Motivating Personality Credibility
Credentials Messages you send to students Relate topics to their interest and needs Behavior Being open, honest, and equitable in dealings with students Soliciting and accepting students’ comments or criticism Defining expectations Demonstrating interest and concern for student success

13 Orientation for Success High Expectations for Success
Self-efficacy Expectations for student success Self-fulfilling prophecy Set realistic goals Sustain and modify expectations Convey goals clearly Work to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed Provide remediation

14 Professional Demeanor Businesslike
Emphasize activities most likely to help students learn Offer clearly defined learning outcomes/goal-oriented Seriousness Deliberateness Organized Adaptable/flexible Knowledgeable

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