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Student Teaching Experience

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2 Student Teaching Experience
Co-Teaching: Not Your Mother’s Student Teaching Experience

3 CO-TEACHING: An emerging model for successful student teaching
Marc Gamble, Social Studies, Ashe High School, West Jefferson, NC Jenny Risk, Social Studies, Ashe High School, West Jefferson, NC Linda McCalister, Appalachian State University Marc

4 Rationale High Stakes Accountability
Second adult in the classroom setting Exceptional Education’s Inclusion Model Growing expectation of collaboration marc

5 History of Co-Teaching: Inclusion
The inclusion classroom paved the way for Co-Teaching in the student teaching process. Wather-Thomas (1997)-co-teaching in 23 schools - improved academic, social skills, attitudes, self-concepts and in children w/disabilities Walsh & Snyder (1993) -14% increase in state competency tests Linda

6 Characteristics of Co-Teaching
Co-teaching - “two or more professionals delivering substantive instruction to a diverse group of students in a single physical space”. Teachers must share ownership for the success of all the students in a co-teaching setting. Co-teaching partners must share decision making, resources, responsibility, and accountability. Establishing and Supporting Mutual respect linda

7 What Co-Teaching Is Not
One person teaching one topic followed by another who teaches a different aspect of the day’s lesson. One person teaching while another person prepares instructional materials at the photocopier or corrects student papers. One person teaching while the other sits and watches. When one person's ideas prevail regarding what will be taught and how it will be taught jenny

8 Five Basic Models One Teach, One Support Parallel Teaching
Alternate Teaching Station Teaching Team Teaching Jenny-intro

9 Five Basic Models One Teach, One Support:
One teacher does all the teaching while the other moves about the room helping individual students and observing behaviors. Allows opportunity for modeling appropriate instructional / discipline procedures

10 One teach, one support Advantages
Ideal beginning teaming method for student teachers - Incorporates the student teacher on the first day. The cooperating teacher can model instruction and discipline techniques. Sets the scene so that roles can be reversed later in the semester. Works well throughout the semester; it can be used as the structure for seamless switching back and forth between teacher and student teacher within a class period. Marc-explain Jenny- Walk around the room and make sure everyone understands (Ask Questions for understanding)) Switch roles Supplies to give out

11 Parallel Teaching Class is divided with teachers teaching the same lesson at the same time Classroom is divided with both instructors teaching the same information at the same time. Ex: differentiated instruction, art, small groups Linda-explain slide Small groups Jenny-”describe your student teaching” words to describe Marc-”describe….”-discussion Linda-synthesize information “on your feet”

12 Alternate Teaching One instructor works with most of the class while the other works with an identified group either inside or outside the classroom Don’t model

13 Station Teaching Classroom is divided into various teaching stations
Provides mobility rather than confinement Great for hands-on learners Allows some students to work at an accelerated pace or alone Marc-Explain and give examples. We are getting example clips from art.

14 Team Teaching Two teachers serve as one. Both are actively engaged in management and instruction. Allows both teachers to utilize their respective strengths Presents both teachers a co-equals Provides practice and models exploratory discussion Both teachers are actively engaged in management and instruction. Real topic

15 Cognitive Apprenticeship Modeling

16 Why Co-teach? In today’s world of high stakes testing and accountability (EOC’s, EOG’s, AP’s, ABC’s, Gateways and NCLB), no classroom teacher can afford to turn his or her classroom over to a student teacher for the duration of student teaching. In today’s world, the student teacher deserves the opportunity to work side by side with the career teacher, learning from him or her every day, before entering the education profession. Marc

17 Why Co-Teach – One more time
Our students and their parents are our clients. Co-Teaching offers them the best instruction we can present. It also offers the student teacher extensive opportunities to find his or her own teaching style. Highly effective teachers in today’s classroom recognize collaboration and communication as imperative to student academic success. Marc

18 Works Cited Ashe County PDS. Marc Gamble, Pat Morrison Alex Rollins, Rebecca Wells. ASU Public School Partnership. Linda McCalister, Kathy Howell. MidValley Consortium for Teacher Education. A Co-teaching Resource Handbook for Cooperating Teachers, Student Teachers and College/University Supervisors. Virginia Department of Education. August Online. Internet. 6 Feb Available:

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