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Interactive Clarinet Teacher A Guide Through the Fundamentals of the Clarinet and Clarinet Performance. By: Jordan Pasternak.

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1 Interactive Clarinet Teacher A Guide Through the Fundamentals of the Clarinet and Clarinet Performance. By: Jordan Pasternak

2 List of Objectives Important aspects of playing any instrument Airflow Embouchure Technique Equipment Reeds Essential Repertoire Best places to buy equipment and music Q & A

3 To become good at an instrument you have to first have an understanding of music as a form of expression. The most important part of being successful in playing an instrument is to feel completely relaxed and natural, as if the instrument were an extension of your body. The instrument should be a tool for your musical expression, and an extension of your musical voice... Starting an Instrument: Why Play the Clarinet?

4  The clarinet has a wide range, as shown below. To achieve full continuity in all ranges, the airflow, embouchure, and fingers all have to work together. Range Click to learn more about the clarinet range and harmonics, and even history!!!

5 Before learning any technique, a student should learn how to produce a sound using his or her airflow. Long tones and control of ones air is essential when playing a wind instrument. Start by trying to produce a sound with just the mouthpiece and see how long you could hold the note, as well as how steady you could hold the pitch. The Essence of a Wind Instrument: Airflow

6 Airflow Continued: the breath Good wind playing starts with strong breath support. We all hear about breathing with your diaphragm, but what does that mean? For strong breath support, we must use our breath with utmost efficiency. Try breathing in with an “oh” sound instead of an “ah”. This will push the belly out and expand the ribs. The “ah” sound will facilitate the wrong type of inhale, lifting the chest and shoulders. Practice breathing with this technique, making as little sound as possible, and protruding the belly as far out as you can. See how long you can exhale for!!

7  Developing a good embouchure is essential to becoming a fine clarinetist.  There are different schools of embouchure: the only thing that is clear is that the embouchure is the tool in which a beautiful tone is produced. Embouchure: The Complete Control of Ones Airflow Click embouchure illustration for a great article about embouchure!!!

8 Embouchure Continued: Essential Ideas Rule of thumb: there is no correct way to play the clarinet. There is a correct way for you as an individual, and what works best for you!!! Standard embouchure: Key phrases to think about: Chin pulled down, corners of the mouth pulled out and away from each other, bottom lip curled around mouthpiece, top lip also curled around mouthpiece. Important: beginners should go for producing a sound, and having fun with music rather than worrying about such strict technique.

9 Technique: The Fingers Finger position: the fingers should be naturally curved like shown. Click on Picture for a great article on finger technique! Best Etudes for finger technique: Bearmann, Rose, Cavallini, Stark, Langenus…etc. Click the clarinet man for a list of great etudes and excercises!!!

10 Equipment Basics The Clarinet Family- the most common clarinets E-flat ClarinetB-flat Clarinet A Clarinet Bass Clarinet Find out more about these clarinets by clicking them!

11 Equipment Continued: Kinds of Clarinets Click any logo to go to the company website and learn more about these different kinds of clarinets!

12 Equipment: Mouthpieces The mouthpiece is the most essential part of the clarinet, and effects all aspects of playing. Click on any of these superior mouthpiece crafters’ logos for more information.

13 Essential Repertoire: Where to Buy and Order Clarinet Music Frank's Music 250 W 54th St., 3rd Fl. The Best New York City Music Stores for Clarinet Music- There is such a wide and beautiful range of repertoire for the clarinetist.

14 Essential Repertoire, Continued The Best Internet Sources For Clarinet Repertoire. Luyben music specializes in clarinet sheet music and is a reliable fast source!

15 Legends of the clarinet- sound excerpts Karl Leister Playing Brahms Charles Neidich Playing Copland Harold Wright Playing Schubert Benny Goodman Playing “Sing, Sing, Sing”

16 Send your questions and comments to: Join the International Clarinet Association!!! Clarinet Links on the Internet Q & A With Jordan

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