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Lee Anne Jillings, Deputy Director Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs National Capitol Chapter of ASSE and Potomac Section of AIHA Joint Chapter.

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1 Lee Anne Jillings, Deputy Director Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs National Capitol Chapter of ASSE and Potomac Section of AIHA Joint Chapter Meeting March 24, 2011 Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs (DCSP) Update

2 DCSP Overview Office of Outreach Services and Alliances Alliance Program Compliance Assistance and Outreach Office of Partnerships and Recognition Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) OSHA Challenge Strategic Partnership Program Office of Small Business Assistance On-site Consultation Program Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Office of State Programs

3 Cooperative Programs (active) As of February 28, 2011 VPP: 2,441 Participants OSHA Challenge 192 Participants Strategic Partnerships: 109 Partnerships SHARP: 1,462 Participants Alliance Program: 332 Alliances

4 Active OSHA Cooperative Program Growth As of February 28, 2011

5 Background of OSHA’s Alliance Program Promote workplace safety and health Develop and disseminate compliance assistance products Share information to prevent injuries, illnesses, and fatalities

6 Alliance Program Supports OSHA Priorities Outreach to workers √ New program participation criteria focusing on worker participation implemented in July 2010 Raising awareness of OSHA’s rulemaking and enforcement initiatives Training and education Outreach and communication

7 Active Alliances by Signatory Type As of February 28, 2011 Total Active Alliances = 332

8 ASSE Signed: December 4, 2002 Renewed: June 8, 2004, June 12, 2006, and June 10, 2008 Alliance Focus: Immigrant Employers and Workers; Small Business; Motor Vehicle Safety; and Youth AIHA Signed: October 10, 2002 Renewed April 23,2004, July 6, 2006, and October 21, 2008 Alliance Focus: Construction; General Industry; and Emergency Response 2010 NAOSH Week Kick-off event on May 3, 2010 in Washington, DC. OSHA ASSE and AIHA Alliances

9 Alliance Program Results Products and resources for workers and employers Best Practices Seminars for OSHA Staff New and updated training resources Outreach to workers and employers through speeches and exhibits New and updated OSHA electronic assistance tools (e.g., eTools) Case studies and success stories

10 Alliance Program Construction Roundtable Web Page Screen Capture of the OSHA Alliance Program Construction Roundtable

11 Compliance Assistance Web Page

12 OSHA Compliance Assistance for At-Risk Workers

13 Outreach to Latino Workers OSHA has made workplace safety and health for Latino workers a priority. OSHA is working with the Latino community to raise awareness of workplace safety and health among the Spanish-speaking workforce. Workplace fatality rate for Latinos dropped from 6.0 per 100,000 workers in 2001 to 4.2 in 2008 Picture of OSHA Region II staff at a Latino Outreach Event

14 Latino Outreach: Activities and Resources Building Relationships √ Alliance Program √ Consulates √ National Action Summit for Latino Worker Health and Safety √ Community- and Faith-Based Organizations √ Hispanic Health and Safety Fairs Education and Training √ Susan Harwood Training Grants √ 10-Hour Outreach Training Program Course Engaging On-site Consultation Program OSHA 1-800 Number and E-correspondence (Spanish-language options) Picture of OSHA Latino Summer banner.

15 Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Employers voluntarily commit to VPP’s standards of excellence Performance Based Rigorous on-site evaluation Cooperation among Labor ~ Management ~ Government Systems Approach Acceptance into VPP is official recognition by OSHA Cabot Supermetals celebrates VPP Recognition

16 Ways to Participate in VPP Site-Based √ The “traditional” focus, for fixed worksites and some long-term construction companies. Mobile Workforce √ For construction contractors and other companies whose employees move from one worksite to another √ Recognition within a designated geographic area (DGA) VPP Corporate √ Efficient VPP process for large companies that make an organization- wide commitment

17 Continual Improvements to VPP Enhancement Memos Improving Internal Operations (#1-4): √ Consistent application of policy and procedure √ Improve administration of VPP in the Regions and the National Office

18 OSHA Challenge Three-stage roadmap to establish an injury and illness prevention program Uses third-party Administrators to guide participants Online Tools including Gap Analysis 2 Tracks – General Industry & Construction

19 OSHA Challenge Impact 45 Graduates 192 Active Participants 91,669 Total Employees Impacted 2009 Participant Results √ 73% achieved TCIR below or at their baseline rate √ 75% achieved DART rates below or at their baseline rate √ 86% achieved TCIR below their respective industry average √ 83% achieved DART rates below their respective industry average

20 OSHA Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP) Since 1998, 661 OSPs have been formed impacting 1,768,246 employees and 26,812 employers As of February 28, 2011, 101 active partnerships (98 regional and 3 national) Construction participants accounted for 90% of these OSPs

21 On-site Consultation Program Overview Benefits: √ Professional, free advice and assistance √ On-site training assistance √ Improved workplace productivity √ Lower worker compensation insurance rates √ Better employee productivity, retention, morale Impact in FY 2010 (as of September 30, 2010): √ A total of 31,281 private sector consultation visits were conducted √ Over 1.5 million workers covered

22 On-site Consultation Visits As of December 31, 2010

23 Total On-site Consultation Visits by Number of Employees As of December 31, 2010 < 250 – 98.3% >250 – 1.7%

24 Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Overview Recognizes small employers who meet all program requirements and implement an exemplary SHMS at their worksite Benefits: √ Reduced injury and illness rates √ Abated workplace hazards √ Exemption from OSHA Programmed Inspections

25 Proposed Changes to 29 CFR 1908 3 major proposed changes to the Regulations; date published September 3, 2010 √ Assistant Secretary defines sites that receive inspections regardless of exemptions √ CSHOs can conduct visits as a result of a referral √ Limiting the length of the deletion period

26 Consultation/Small Business Public Web page

27 Office of State Programs

28 State Plan Inspections by State FY 2010 Minnesota2,695 Nevada1,525 New Jersey ***1,330 New Mexico692 New York ***2,184 North Carolina4,489 Oregon5,268 Puerto Rico1,462 South Carolina1,905 Tennessee1,995 Alaska372 Arizona1,089 California8,250 Connecticut ***78 Hawaii314 Indiana2,303 Iowa968 Kentucky1,064 Maryland1,045 Michigan5,208 Utah622 Vermont366 Virgin Islands ***33 Virginia3,220 Washington7,216 Wyoming383 Total State Plans57,124 *** State Plan covers public employees only

29 Total Violations Cited FY 2005 – FY 2010

30 Percent of Total Violations Cited As Serious FY 2005 – FY 2010

31 Average Penalty per Serious Violation FY 2005 – FY 2010

32 State Plan Focus Areas FY 2009 Enhanced FAME Reports State Corrective Action Plans FY 2010 Enhanced FAME Follow-up Monitoring

33 QUESTIONS Lee Anne Jillings 202.693.2200

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