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Getting HIECs to work to deliver change Jo Skinner.

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1 Getting HIECs to work to deliver change Jo Skinner

2 NECLES Health Innovation & Education Cluster

3 Aims To provide an overview of the development of the HIECs To consider NECLES HIEC role in tackling health inequalities

4 Context Marmot review London Health Inequalities Strategy Partnership Inter-disciplinarity

5 NECLES HIEC ‘Our vision is to facilitate the co-design and delivery of health and social care, education and application of research findings, with the aim of overcoming the currently profound heath inequalities that disadvantage the people of North London and Essex.’ (NECLES Tender 2009:6)

6 Geographical coverage Critical mass & economies of scale Synergies Resources to tackle inequalities Evaluation and research

7 ‘Everyone must work to reduce health inequalities’ Pan-HIEC Public Health Network Patient pathways Focus on key conditions Enhanced access

8 ‘We will create a more integrated public health service at the heart of healthcare policy and we will offer support, security and services to those in need of personal and social care.’ Andrew Lansley 20 th May 2010

9 NECLES Pathways North Central  North East  Essex  CVD; childhood obesity Long term conditions - COPD Maternal care

10 Synergies? Research Education Service AHSC Polysystems Health Academy Credit network Polysystems - IPL Polysystems - MDT

11 Stakeholders? Acute Trusts & PCTs Sector skills councils - SfH HEIs Industry – gsk; What has been left out?

12 Evidence and impact A formal report from HIECs to GLA on how they are contributing to reducing health inequalities Workforce transformation

13 Workforce capacity There has been insufficient attention given to expanding workforce capacity to understand and act on the social determinants of health within both the non-specialist and specialist workforce. (Marmot 2010 p.89)

14 Key indicators HIEC KPIs and metrics Mapping of education Gaps

15 Levers There is a perception among some statutory agencies that responsibility for delivery lies with the local NHS. This is despite local government and other public sector partners, the police, fire service, third sector and private sector organisations, holding many of the levers that shape health inequalities. (Marmot 2010:89)

16 Issues & Challenges Poor engagement of stakeholders - wider social determinants Silos persist - public health Political priorities - quick win approach Evidence base – education commissioning for public health Service transformation or re-structuring? Accountability – evidence base and clarity

17 Getting HIECs to work to deliver change Jo Skinner

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