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1 The Topics are : A.Reading Comprehension A Non-continuous Text: A Shopping List B.Comparison Degree of Quantity C.Language Function Asking for Permission.

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1 1 The Topics are : A.Reading Comprehension A Non-continuous Text: A Shopping List B.Comparison Degree of Quantity C.Language Function Asking for Permission

2 2 Review Shopping Buy= membeli Spend= menghabiskan How much= menanyakan harga Greengrocer= penjual sayuran & buah Butcher= penjual daging Fishmonger= penjual ikan Grocery store= toko kebutuhan sehari- hari

3 3 The Reading Text Mrs. Anita’s SHOPPING LIST 1 kg sugar3 litters of rice 3 potatoes½ kilos of frying oil A bottle of chili sauceA bunch of grapes 1½ kilos of meat½ kilos of squids

4 4 1.Where will Mrs. Anita buy 1 ½ kilos of meat? a.In the fishmonger b.In the greengrocer c.In the grocery store d.In the butcher

5 5 2.What will Mrs. Anita buy at the greengrocer? a.Meat and squid b.Sugar and rice c.Potatoes and grapes d.A bottle of chili sauce and frying oil

6 6 3.If Mrs. Anita spends Rp 16,500 for the rice, how much is a litter of rice a.Rp 5,000 b.Rp 4,500 c.Rp 5,500 d.Rp 5,250

7 7 4.What vegetable will Mrs. Anita buy? a.grapes b.frying oil c.chili sauce d.potatoes

8 8 DEGREE OF COMPARISON Menggunakan “adjective” dalam kalimat sehingga disebut “Qualitative Adjective” Ada tiga tingkatan “Qualitative Adjective”, yaitu: 1.Positive degree The man is as old as my father. 2.Comparative degree Umar is taller than my brother. 3.Superlative degree Ema is the smartest in her class.

9 9 Degree of Comparison Formula a.Adj dengan satu suku kata adj + er … than Ahmad is smarter than Mike. b.Adj dengan dua suku kata adj + er … than Salma is prettier than Jacko.(Pretty – ier) c.Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata adj + more … than Sarah is more beautiful than Jenice.

10 10 Quantitative Comparison CountableComparativeUncountableComparative many few more than fewer than much little more than less than Contoh Kalimat: Mr. Ali has less money than Mr. Usman. I have fewer friends than you do. The teacher gives more homework than as usual.

11 11 5.Look at the data below! Name: Ms. Laila Age: 35 Job: teacher Children: 1 son, 3 daughters Name: Mr. Ali Age: 34 Job: Lawyer Children: 2 sons, 1 daughter

12 12 Mr Ali has … than Ms. Laila. a.Fewer sons b.More daughters c.More children d.Fewer daughters

13 13 6.Look at these pictures below! Anto gets Rp 15,000 a day for his pocket money. Ninis gets Rp 7,500 a day for her pocket money.

14 14 a.Anto gets less money than Ninis. b.Anto gets fewer money than Ninis. c.Ninis gets more money than Anto d.Ninis gets less money than Anto

15 15 7.Sasa:How did you go to Lampung? Intan:I went by ship. Sasa:Why didn’t you go by plane? It is more comfortable. Intan:Yes. But going by ship I could carry …goods than going by plane. a.more b.less c.fewer d.much

16 16 8.Ani: Do you prefer traveling by train or by plane? Ita: I prefer traveling by train. Ani: Why? Ita: Buying the train’s ticket needs …money than the plane’s ticket. a.few b.fewer c.less d.little

17 17 9.Look at the pictures! dr. Lulu Works from – Mr. Hamid Works from – 15.00

18 18 From the two pictures above, we know that Mr. Hamid has …working hours than dr. Lulu. a.More b.Fewer c.Less d.fewest

19 19 10.Rio : Which is more interesting, The Safari Park or Ragunan Zoo? Daud: I think Ragunan Zoo is … as The Safari Park. Both of them have many good things to see. a.more interesting b.less interesting c.the most interesting interesting

20 20 Language Function Asking for and Giving Permission We often use can, could, or may to ask permission to do something. Could I …. Do you think I could …. May I …. Do you mind if I …. Would it be all right if I ….

21 21 To reply/respond to a permission, we use Yes, that’s all right. No, I’m afraid you can’t. Certainly, You may/You can. Not at all, go ahead. Of course (not) No problem, it’s up to you.

22 22 Contoh Soal: 11.Salim:There’s a new Harry Potter movie in Kartika 21 tonight, Dad. Father:So, what’s a big deal? Salim:My friends ask me to watch together. …. Father:If you finish your work, I’ll let you go. Salim:Thanks, Dad. I will. a.Would you give me some money? b.Would you buy me the ticket? c.Can I go with them? d.Could you come?

23 23 12.Akbar:Ouch, I’ve got stomachache. I need to go to the rest room. Alma:You’d better ask Mr.Amran’s permission. Akbar:Ok, …. Mr. Amran:Please do. a.May I go to the rest room, Sir? I’ve got a stomachache. b.Could you go to the rest room? My stomach hurts. c.Can I go for eating, I’ll be back in a minute. d.Shall we go to the rest room, Sir?

24 24 13.Alwi:Can I go to the movie with my friends? Mother:…, but go home directly after the movie. Alwi:l will. Thanks, mom. a.Yes, certainly b.I’m afraid not c.I don’t think so d.I’m afraid you can’t

25 25 14.Ina:May l go to grandma’s home tonight, father? Father:…. You have to study for your final exam. Ina:But l really want to. Father:You can go next time a.Of course, you may b.Why not c.Yes, please. d.It’s not a good idea

26 26 15.Adi:Excuse me. Can I go to the bathroom, sir? I need to wash my hands Teacher:…, you have to finish your exercise first. Adi:O.K, sir a.Yes, certainly b.Of course c.Please do d.I’m afraid you can’t

27 27 16.Doni:Can I put my camera in your bag,Figri? There is no more space in my carrier. Figri:Yes, please. The underlined expression is …. a.asking for permission permission c.expressing like d.admiration

28 28 17.Waya:I have to call my parents but I don't have any coins. …. Icha:Sure, here it is. a.Can I call you, please? b.May I use your hand phone, please? c.Let me borrow your hand phone, please? d.Give me some coins, please?

29 29 18.Rudy:Ma, my choir is invited to perform at the “Indonesian Idol”. May I join it? Mother:… that is a good chance for you, don’t miss it! Rudy:Thanks, Ma. You’re my best. a.I’m afraid you can’t b.Of course you may c.I’m afraid not d.Don’t worry

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