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EDGE INNOVATION NETWORK JUNE 18, 2013 Capability Statements.

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2 EDGE INNOVATION NETWORK JUNE 18, 2013 Capability Statements

3 EDGE INNOVATION NETWORK JUNE 18, 2013 Capability Statements

4 Kachman Consulting Group Don Kachman, Principal 20 years in Government Relations Support emerging and second stage businesses and organizations  Opportunity Identification  Proposal Preparation  Contract Management

5 Agenda/Outline What are capability statements The importance of a capability statement How to make a one or two page capability statement


7 Snapshot of Capability Statements A Capabilities Statement tells potential clients  who you are  what you do  how you are different from your competitors. Once you tell clients – get their feedback and update your capability statement. Allow clients to distribute your capability statement within their organizations. A critical tool to begin your dialog with your government contacts.

8 What is a Capability Statement A statement of how you can provide value and meet your government contact’s needs.  Concise  Distinctive  Informative The information needed to start a dialog and the procurement process  Your Brand  Competencies  Qualification and Experience  Differentiators  Company Data Single Sheet - One or both sides  There are other types  Hard copy or electronic

9 Other Statements of Capability Capability E-mails Elevator pitches BrochuresFactsheetsWebsite EDGE Innovation Network Profile

10 Capability Statements Are Not Proposals Specific application of capabilities Set Budget, Schedule, and Performance White Papers / Concept Papers Specific application of capabilities Case Studies Application of capabilities in the past Advertisements Less detail Abstract Catalogs Not a concise document

11 THE IMPORTANCE Capability Statements

12 Acquisition is a multi-player game Acquisition PartnersYou Technical Program Staff Technical Program Manager Contracting Officer Contracting Specialist Other Functional Staff

13 Government Marketplace Consistency Leads to Establishment Unique and Distinctive Stands Out Very Noisy – Short Attention Spans Highly Competitive

14 Market Research - FAR requirements Major System Acquisition – FAR 7.102(a)  Use FAR 10 Commercial Items and Services – FAR 10  … to arrive at the most suitable approach to acquiring, distributing, and supporting supplies and services.  Market research is conducted to determine if commercial items or non-developmental items are available to meet the Government’s needs. Research and Development – FAR 35.004  Publicizing requirements and expanding research and development sources.

15 Build Capability Statement To Raise awareness with your contacts Provide common ground to build a dialog Create trust with your contacts Test the marketplace  Do you have the right understanding of players, needs, and solutions?

16 Effective Use of Capability Statements First Contact  Distribute to buyers and potential customers  Use at trade shows, meetings, and events Getting the word out  Distribute via website (pdf format)  Responding to Request for Information or Sources Sought Following up and reinforcing your message  After phone calls  After “elevator speech”  Include in proposals when allowed  Send an updated capability statement annually to maintain contact Remember to tailor to specific audiences


18 Characteristics of a Capability Statement Professional Appearance  Customer’s first impression Succinct  Focus on strengths and core capabilities  Easy to quickly scan (1-2 pages) Tailored  Modify for specific opportunities or audiences  Include additional info for government buyers

19 Drafting Your Capability Statement Research your desired targets  Identify contacts  Identify products and services they purchase  Learn their language  Identify needs Build solutions for your contact’s needs  Map your company to the need  Core Competencies, Capabilities, Resources  Past Experience  Differentiators

20 The Five Parts of a Capability Statement Business BrandingCore Competencies, Capabilities, and ResourcesDifferentiationClients / Past PerformanceCompany Data to facilitate the procurement process

21 Your Business Branding Being Distinctive in the marketplace Logo Color scheme Fonts Business background / history / mission Ties in to other literature and website design  Not being distinctive in your own messaging

22 Core Competencies, Capabilities, and Resources A core competence is a bundle of capabilities and resources that enable your firm:  To solve a particular class of problem  To perform a particular service  To delivery a particular product Identify core competencies and relate to your contact’s specific needs. Only relevant capabilities and resources Present the unique value proposition Key personnel experience

23 Differentiators Explain how your company is unique, different, and distinct from competitors in meeting the needs of your contact. Show your unique understanding of your contact’s needs. Show how no one else can respond to those needs. Examples  Security Clearances  Geographical Coverage  Special Accreditations or Awards  Etc. This is all about why your contact should pick your company over your competitors.

24 Clients and Past Performance Provide examples from past work Relate to your contact’s needs Describe how you successfully completed the work Why that work is representative of your company’s future performance. This is about building credibility and showing that your company’s selection is a low risk choice.

25 Company Data Corporate Contact Info  (Name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, website, etc) DUNS #, CAGE code, NAICS, PSC/FSC codes Industry licenses/certifications or quality assurance certs Small Business Certifications (potential differentiator)  Woman-owned small business  Small disadvantaged business  8(a) certified  Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business  HUBZone Acquisition Vehicles (potential differentiator)  Government Wide Acquisition Contracts  GSA Schedules  Accept government credit cards

26 Layout Example – Story Emphasis

27 Layout Example – Bullet focus

28 Final Tips Professional appearance Cover elements as briefly as possible Easy to read  Use bullets/short sentences/tables  Be careful with acronyms and industry jargon Use company logos and color – reinforce branding A searchable document that can be easily changed and sent as a PDF file. Continuously update!

29 Questions and Thank You Don Kachman, Principal Kachman Consulting Group (734) 730-2932 Signup for our newsletter at: Don Kachman, Principal Kachman Consulting Group (734) 730-2932 Signup for our newsletter at: Use Capability Statements to build a dialog with your contacts.

30 Questions and Thank You Don Kachman, Principal Kachman Consulting Group (734) 730-2932 Signup for our newsletter at: Don Kachman, Principal Kachman Consulting Group (734) 730-2932 Signup for our newsletter at: Use Capability Statements to build a dialog with your contacts.

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