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Wao Kele O Puna “The rainforest of Puna”

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1 Wao Kele O Puna “The rainforest of Puna”
Cheyenne Hiapo Perry Office of Hawaiian Affairs Julie Leialoha Division of Forestry and Wildlife

2 Wao Kele O Puna Eastern slope of Kilauea 25, 856 acres
~1000’ to 2300’ elevation Rainfall – 125 to 150 inches Age substrate in Puna – 1991 –A.D. 500

3 History Before European contact After European contact After Statehood
Currently OHA in Fee Simple with caveats

4 Before contact Before humans Wahi Pana sacred to Pelehonuamea
Source of regenerative power 311, 754 acres (Island of Kaua‘i) Most Eastern of Hawai‘i (all days begin here) “Ka makani hali‘ala o Puna” – The fragrance bearing wind of Puna Waters of Puna originate with Käne but steam sacred to Pele First settlements between Gathering – medicines, textiles, tools, rope, food, etc.

5 Post contact - Chain of Title
Contact occurs – 1778 King Kamehameha I – brought all islands under his control beginning of 19th century Kingdom of Hawaii (passes away May 8, 1819) Kalanikua Liholiho (Kamehameha II) – ‘ai noa (passes July 14, 1824 from measles and grief) Kalani Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III) – absolute to christian constitutional monarchy- mahele of 1848 (chiefs “konohiki”, “government”, king “crown lands”), of the konohiki to commoners called “kuleana” lands passes December 15, 1854 Alexander Liholiho (foster son of Kam III) (Kamehameha IV) Jan 3, 1865 statute that remaining crown lands are inalienable – Board of Commissioners of Crown Lands. He passes November 30, 1872 from chronic asthma Prince Lot Kamehameha (Kam V) – passes Dec 11,1872 from tuberculosis ends line of Kamehamehas

6 Chain of Title Prince William C. Lunalilo first elected king on January 2, 1873 – passes Feb 3, 1874 doesn’t appoint a successor David Kalakaua elected king Feb 13, Bayonet constitution Passes Jan 20, 1891 in San Francisco His sister the regent becomes queen and takes the oath to maintain the constitution, attempts to abrogate bayonet constitution - Queen Liliuokalani On January 17, 1893 the sovereign hawaiian government is overthrown by US Navy and insurrectionist, committee of safety, Lorrin A Thurston, John L. Stevens United States Government Minister, and Big five “

7 Chain of title?? Provisional government – July 3, 1893 aka Republic of Hawaii President – Sanford Dole New constitution Abrogate constitution of former government Land Act of 1895 – crown lands and government lands = public lands Constant strife causes republic to ask USA to annex = Territory of Hawaii (Organic Act) Any unencumbered lands CEDED to USA By Joint Resolution annexation occurs July 7, 1898 April 30, 1900 the Congress of USA approves “The Hawaiian Organic Act” – Territory of Hawaii Territory of Hawai‘i becomes State of Hawaii March 18, 1959 under provisions of State Constitution adopted July 22, 1950 – US Congress approves an Act to provide for the admission of the State of Hawaii into the Union

8 After Statehood WKOP is Forest Reserve
1981 by Ariyoshi part of WKOP made into a NAR Campbell estate proposes land swap for Kahaule’a (because of development for geothermal but covered in lava) In 1985 land swap occurs 27,800 of CEDED lands for 25,800 of Kahaulea Lengthy legal battles occur (native gathering rights, development in native forest) Pele Defense Fund (PDF) v Estate of James Campbell Big ?? OHA buys with help of TPL (Forest Legacy funds)

9 Ceded Lands 1.8 million acres crown lands before the overthrow of 1893. Annexation, the former Crown lands were given ("ceded") to the US Federal Government. When Hawaiʻi became a U.S. state, the lands were transferred to the state. The federal act authorizing the transfer required that the lands be held in trust and that revenue from the land be used for five purposes: Support of public education Betterment of the conditions of native Hawaiians as defined in the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920 Development of farm and home ownership Public improvements Provision of lands for public use

10 Now OHA history Co-managed for 10 years according to MOA
OHA Strategic Plan Kahua waiwai ’Aina Mo’omeheu Mauli ola Ea Ho‘ona‘auao

11 Contact Information Cheyenne Hiapo Perry 1 (808) Questions??

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