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By January 2014

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1 By January 2014

2 Introduction This presentation describes the proposed new Structure for CCCB Details of the proposed new structure and new Constitutions can be found on the CCCB web site at:

3 History of CCCB Structure – phase 1 1978 – single English speaking Congregation meeting in a residential garage. Constitution designed for single Church, meeting in one location. However, a Chinese speaking Congregation soon began. 1984 – CCCB Inc registered with Qld Government 1991 – CCCB purchased property at St Lucia 1993 – CCCB planted Chinese Congregation in Holland Park – soon afterward small English Congregation started All of CCCB was managed by a single Church Council 1999 – Holland Park property was sold & Southside Congregations moved to Rochedale 2004 – Southside Congregations moved to Sunnybank State High School 2006 – CCCB purchased Coopers Plains property

4 History of CCCB Structure – phase 2 By 2005 Congregations had assumed a degree of autonomy – CCCB began a restructuring process 2009 – new CCCB Structure and new Constitution CCCB Inc still the only legal entity (registered with Qld Government) CCCB still managed by a single Church Council, but it delegated some responsibility to a Working Committee in each Congregation CCCB Inc CPCCPESLCSLE

5 Difficulties with 2009 Structure Congregations grew apart in goals, vision, and ministry styles Very few members in CCCB understood what was happening in other Congregations – hence it became very difficult to find members to serve in the Church Council Leaders of Congregations were very stretched in serving their own Congregations – hence: They were unable to devote much time to CCCB-wide issues They had limited understanding of the needs of other Congregations

6 First Restructure Proposal Coopers Plains and St Lucia each register with Qld Government as separate legal entities Questions raised: Who keeps the name CCCB? Would Coopers Plains still receive financial support from St Lucia for the building purchase? Would any affiliation between Coopers Plains and St Lucia be totally lost? This proposal was rejected by the Church Council

7 Current Restructure Proposal The Associations Incorporations Act allows for an association to register Branch organisations as independent legal entities Therefore, we could register each Congregation as a Branch of CCCB Each becomes a separate Church with its own independent management (own Church Council) Each can use CCCB as part of its legal name Each can have its own informal name, e.g. Huai En Tang CCCB Inc becomes an umbrella Association with almost no control over the Branches (Churches)

8 Ownership of Property CCCB Inc could own and manage property, but It would be better for Churches at each location to own and manage their own property Joint ownership is possible, but messy, particularly if more Churches are added (e.g. via a church plant) Solution: Create CP District Branch and SL District Branch to own and manage properties Management Committee for each District Branch will consist of representatives of the Churches at their respective locations

9 Structure Diagram Association Branch Member of CCCB Inc CPCCPESLCSLE517 CP District BranchSL District Branch

10 Summary #1 – CCCB Inc Is the Parent Association Provides common administrative policy/guidelines e.g. staff remuneration guidelines Provides some logistical and administrative support to Branches Has limited need for finances Finances contributed from Churches Its Management Committee: Consists of two representatives from each Church Council Meets three times per year

11 Summary #2 – District Branches Each is registered with Qld Government as a Branch of CCCB Inc Each District Branch Management Committee: Consists of two representatives from each local Church Council Meets three times per year Look after ownership and management of local property CP District Branch looks after CP Building Loan SL Churches will continue to contribute to CP Building Fund

12 Summary #3 - Churches Each Church Is registered with Qld Government as a Branch of CCCB Inc Has its own Church Council – meets 10 times per year Makes own decisions regarding appointment of Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and other staff Manages its own finances Contributes finance to: CCCB Inc for its functioning Its own District Branch for property management

13 Restructuring Road Map 1. The leaders of all Congregations agree in principle to this restructure proposal – May 2013 agreed 2. Church Council refines and approves new structure and new Constitutions (for CCCB Inc, 5 Churches, 2 District Branches) – August 2013 3. CCCB EGM for members to approve new structure and new Constitutions – September 2013 4. Set up new Churches and District Branches – September 2013 5. Registration of Branches and Constitutions with Queensland Government – October 2013 6. Transfer property to District Branches – December 2013 7. Begin operation with new structure on 1 Jan 2014

14 What you can do Have a look at new structure documents and Constitution drafts on CCCB web site If you wish, you may give feedback to members of your Congregation’s Working Committee Pray for Council Members as they work through the details If you are a member of CCCB, come to the EGM to vote

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