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Michelle Wind, Drinking Water Program Supervisor,

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1 City of Boulder, Colorado Department of Public Works Water Quality and Environmental Services
Michelle Wind, Drinking Water Program Supervisor, who has responsibility for: Source Water Quality (Jim Shelley) Drinking Water Quality (Ken Clark) Backflow Prevention/Water Conservation (Russ Sands) Water Quality Project Manager (Suzanne) Laboratory Lead (Anu) relating to economic, financial and policy analyses on water conservation, efficiency and sustainable use as it pertains to Class A investor owned water utilities. coordinate with DRA attorneys on litigation strategy and cross-examination questions, participate in settlement negotiations or other Alternative Dispute Resolution mediation of cases. to help meet future water demand and adapt to climate change.



4 City of Boulder Water Regulatory Compliance Specialist for Drinking Water (Mr. Ken Clark)

5 What He Does Three Major Responsibilities:
Ensures compliance with state and federal drinking water quality requirements. Analyzes the current programs to assess Boulder’s compliance with drinking water quality regulations. Participates in the review, evaluation and applications of new technologies to improve water quality and service to utility customers.

6 Drinking Water - The Compliance Piece (45% of time)
Monitors and reports Boulder’s drinking water compliance in accordance with state and federal regulations. Works with regulatory agencies and utility management to ensure that all samples and monitoring data is collected and analyzed in a timely manner. Tracks, reviews and evaluates proposed an promulgated state, federal and local drinking water quality standards. This includes participating on local, state and national work groups.

7 Drinking Water – The Current Program Piece (35% of time)
Ken develops, recommends and implements plans and programs to meet existing drinking water regulations. Coordinates, develops and maintains technical information for local and regulatory agencies. Ken represents the utility’s policies and positions as they pertain to drinking water quality regulations and issues. He performs field monitoring and analyzes water quality data, helps prepare annual customer notification documents as well as provides customer support functions as needed.

8 Drinking Water – New Technologies (20% of time)
Participates in the review, evaluation and application of new technologies, research and studies that are aimed at improving drinking water quality and or service to our customers. Department Information Technology (IT) liaison and system data manager for water quality databases and laboratory data management systems.

9 Salary/Requirements/Qualifications
Salary Range: K (part of Management Group.) Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, physical or biological science plus 5 yrs experience and working knowledge of Safe Water Drinking Act requirements and Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations. Ability to apply environmental, chemical and microbiological principals in field and research settings. Qualifications: Experience in water distribution, water, storm water or waste water systems, database applications, laboratory data, management systems, mapping applications, hydraulic and water modeling applications and internet applications including web page design and development.

10 CDPHE Drinking Water Monitoring Schedule for Boulder 2011
Inorganics 1/yr Surface Water Treatment Rule Fluoride, Metals, Nitrate, Nitrite, Cyanide, Asbestos. 1/year beginning April 2011 MPA, Source water Cyptosporidium, E. coli, turbidity Organics 2/yr Synthetic Organics, Dioxin, Glyphosate Radionuclides 1/year every 9 years Disinfection Byproducts and Precursors Monthly Gross Alpha, Radium, Uranium General TOC, BBP, Chlorine MRDL CC Total Coliform Rule Supplemental Monitoring, Regularly Scheduled N/A 120 samples/month TCR at the tap Metals (Cu, Pb, As) Lead and Copper Rule DBP (TTHM, HAA5) 50 samples/3 years Stage 2 Distribution System PBP (TTHM, HAA5) LCR Corrosion Control

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