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Bridging Cultures and Communities Empowering Tribal Governments Sovereignty is not an abstract idea.

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2 Bridging Cultures and Communities

3 Empowering Tribal Governments Sovereignty is not an abstract idea.

4 Empowering Tribal Governments Bridging Cultures and Communities  Academy founded and directed by Native Americans  Dynamic education programs for tribal leaders, general membership and employees  Fully-customized program packages addressing Indian Country issues and tribes’ specific needs  World-class faculty with more than 200 years of real world and academic experience in Indian Country

5 Empowering Tribal Governments Distinct issues facing tribes today  The need for improved inter- governmental relations  The need to educate employees and tribal members  The need for effective and responsive tribal leadership  The need to improve relations with the media

6 Empowering Tribal Governments Educating Indian Country Nation Building/Economic DevelopmentIntergovernmental Relations Tribal Government ManagementIndian Law Dynamic Leadership TrainingGovernment Budgeting & Investment Organizational ManagementMarketing & Promotions History, Culture & Language PreservationIndian Gaming Public/Media RelationsCommunity Outreach Legislative RelationsInternal Communications Employee Relations/TrainingVendor Relations

7 Empowering Tribal Governments A Unique Learning Experience  Innovative – Curriculum exploring public policy, leadership, law, business, media, history/culture, and more  Mobile – Customized programs and world-class faculty brought directly to tribes nationwide  Scalable – Cost-effective programs meeting specific educational and budgetary goals

8 Empowering Tribal Governments A Unique Learning Experience  Respected Faculty – Renowned leaders in public policy, gaming, management, law, academics and Indian Country affairs  Accessibility – Exclusive lectures, supporting materials available at  Unity – Native American-led administration and faculty dedicated to crafting real solutions for Indian Country

9 Empowering Tribal Governments Program packages include:  Comprehensive pre-planning- initial consultation, determination of specific program needs, materials review  Customized course development – Class topics, agenda, faculty, scheduling, supporting materials, special guest lecturers (upon request)  Logistics - location management, student enrollment and registration, on-site coordination, faculty scheduling  Location Set-Up - audio/video presentation equipment and materials

10 Empowering Tribal Governments Featured Program Executive Tribal Leadership Training  Effective Governance  Intergovernmental Relations  Internal Communications  Budgeting/Investments  Employee Relations  Ethics  Public Speaking

11 Empowering Tribal Governments Featured Program Pre-Election Candidate Training  Legacy of Tribe’s Leadership  Effective Campaigning  Duties & Responsibilities  Tribal Finance Overview  Meeting Conduct  Effective Messaging

12 Empowering Tribal Governments Featured Program Media Relations Protocol Training  Tribal Media Relations Overview  The “Chain of Command”  Crisis Communications  Effective Press Conferences  Editorial Boards  The Dangers of “No Comment”

13 Empowering Tribal Governments Chairmen’s Leadership Congress  Access to network of most respected current and former tribal leaders in Indian Country  Wise counsel on important issues facing your tribal government  Business/economics  Budgeting  Effective governance  Internal/External communications  Available via phone, secured email and scheduled personal meetings

14 Empowering Tribal Governments Additional Programs Local Government Seminars  City, county and state officials  Insight into tribal governments  Indian law/regulatory matters  Tribal/federal government relationship  Improved tribal relations

15 Additional Programs Vendor Certification Program  Six-part online program  Indian History & Culture  Indian Law  Tribal Governments  Sovereignty  Tolerance  Best Practices/FAQ’s

16 Empowering Tribal Governments A Commitment to Indian Country  Empower tribal nations through education and workable solutions  Create a new generation of Indian Country leaders  Transform tribal employees into tribal “ambassadors”  Advance intergovernmental relations locally to nationally  Build respectful long-term business partnerships  Deliver workable solutions and tangible long-term results

17 Empowering Tribal Governments Thank you.

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