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Government Relations Unit (GRU)

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1 Government Relations Unit (GRU)
Location: Ground Floor, Administration Building

2 Student Visa
Ms. Wannapa Pliansri, Royal Thai Government Coordinator, and GRU In-charge Ms. Suda Inta, Administration Officer Government Relations Unit (Tel 5022)

3 For Non-Thai Students Non-Immigrant Visa, Code “ED”
Extension of Visa : within 2 weeks after registration Submit to GRU the following : Student ID card 4 recent photos Passport Application forms After approval from MOFA 1,900 Baht for 1-year visa fees Every student must go to Immigration office for visa renewal

4 *Important* Failure to extend the visa after expiry date
A fine of 500 Baht per day Up to maximum of 20,000 Baht If the fine reaches 20,000 Baht Immigration office will not renew visa And student will be deported

5 Safe-keeping of Passport
Non-Thai students must keep passport at GRU A GRU card will be given in exchange of student’s passport Student can keep a copy of the passport, while the original will be in GRU safekeeping GRU card is required whenever student takes the passport from GRU

6 Re-entry Visa Single Re-entry visa
For Non-Thai students who wish to travel outside Thailand must apply for either : Single Re-entry visa (fee = Baht 1,000) Multiple Re-entry visa (fee = Baht 3,800)

7 90 – Day Report Every 90 days after arrival date, students
(and dependents) must visit GRU to sign a 90-day report form GRU will submit the report to Immigration Office Failure to report will cause a Baht 2,000 fine by Immigration Office, with an additional fine not exceeding Baht 200 for each day which passes Or Baht 5,000 on departure day for getting the extension

8 Visa for Student’s Family
Any Non-Thai student who wishes to bring his/her family to live at AIT must submit to GRU : Housing approval form A copy of the family’s passport Marriage Certificate (for spouse) Birth Certificates (for children) in order to obtain Non-Immigrant visa for his/her family

9 What GRU can do for Students
Checking documents for visa extension Submission of application to MOFA Taking students to Immigration office for visa extension Safe keeping of student’s passport at GRU Facilitate application for extension of student’s visa, and re-entry visa Send reminding notes to student for 90-day report Facilitate the submission of 90-day report to Immigration Office

10 Thank you for you attention.

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