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EBusiness Solutions NSW eTendering Helping NSW Government meet PM 2007-01 Luke Kenny.

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1 eBusiness Solutions NSW eTendering Helping NSW Government meet PM 2007-01 Luke Kenny

2 eBusiness Solutions Government focused on investing in frontline services, eg Health, Education, Police Reduce waste in administration and processing Reduce duplication in administration across Government Renewed focus on value for money outcomes Industry demand and lobbying to reduce time in doing business with Government, “cutting red tape” NSW government sector position

3 eBusiness Solutions The objective is to improve procurement outcomes for agencies and build on the investments made by the Government in procurement systems and capability Efficient resource allocation Agency accountability for implementing reform Sound tendering & procurement practices Promoting procurement capacity and competence Tender Services – our need for change

4 eBusiness Solutions The role of NSW eTendering Providing a single point for all NSW government tendering activity Gathering procurement information for NSW Government Enhance compliance in tendering practice Providing industry access and a response channel to all government business Opportunity to integrate electronic processes and systems Enable savings and efficiencies to agencies Facilitate sector-wide reform

5 eBusiness Solutions Two key components to the new Tender Services Product Solutions can be combined and/or customised NSW eTendering eTendering Lite (Free to NSW government agencies) eTendering Professional eTendering Advanced Tender Management Services (TMS) TMS Limited TMS TMS Tailored Tender Services Outline

6 eBusiness Solutions PM2007-01 eTendering Client Engagement Process Premiers Memorandum released Agency downloads information kit from Internet Agency returns completed registration forms Registration forms processed Agency Administrator completes eLearning eTendering Systems Administrator sets up agency in eTendering training environment Agency Administrator receives login details Agency begins advertising and disclosing tenders eTendering Client manager follows up agency

7 eBusiness Solutions PM2007-01 Roles & Responsibilities Agency –Notify staff of advertising and disclosure guidelines –Assess existing and future tendering processes –Identify and co-ordinate appropriate groups for implementing NSW eTendering in organisation –Initiate engagement with NSW Procurement for the provisioning of NSW eTendering. –Ensure suppliers are aware of the new disclosure requirements and adoption of eTendering.

8 eBusiness Solutions PM2007-01 Roles & Responsibilities NSW Treasury –Support with interpretation, application and ongoing strategic direction of guidelines eBusiness Solutions –Facilitate NSW government sector to implement electronic tendering –Develop, maintain and manage the NSW eTendering system –Provides full client support services to agencies

9 eBusiness Solutions PM2007-01: eBusiness Solutions Agency Support Business Analysis –Assist organisations to automate tender advertisement and disclosure processes Change Management –Identify fundamental business impacts and change –Develop change management strategies –Implement change management program Training –Deliver all required training in NSW eTendering

10 eBusiness Solutions PM2007-01: eBusiness Solutions Agency Support Client Support Centre –Single point of contact for issue management and user support –Assist agencies with engaging, registering, implementing and post-implementation for NSW eTendering Knowledge –TMS Limited solution for immediate and compliant tenders –Templates, tools and processes for consistent utilisation –Tender Services product choice and organisational implementation

11 eBusiness Solutions Next Steps Collect Tender Services information kit today, and review solution details Consider current tendering model and the required change Identify all points of origin for tendering and/or public calls in your organisation Contact NSW Procurement l eBusiness Solutions to discuss the best way to get set up in NSW eTendering Sign up and implement NSW eTendering

12 eBusiness Solutions For further information please contact: Luke Kenny – General Manager Client Services Phone: (02) 9372 7405 Mobile: 0421 059 172 Email:

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