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Tanzania Response Capacity to Disasters as Seen in Recent Disasters

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1 Tanzania Response Capacity to Disasters as Seen in Recent Disasters
By Mlenge Fanuel

2 Response in Disasters Tanzania response to disasters highlights the soft underbelly in preparedness Reaction to these disasters are not much different in forthcoming events

3 Major Recent Disasters
Mv Bukoba capsized. More than 1000 dead. American Embassy bombed. First terrorism act in the country. 11 killed. Two train collides. More than 300 dead, hundreds maimed. Kilombero ferry capsizes. Hundreds killed. Tanzanite mine gas-poisoning deaths. Numerous road accidents

4 Dodoma Train Accident Fatal train accident that happened between Igandu and Msagali station in Dodoma region June



7 Dodoma Train Accident Passengers aboard the doomed train that crashed in Tanzania had to endure a 20 minute roller coaster ride to death. 288 were killed, over 500 others were injured.

8 Response A contingent of 60 army officers arrived only a few hours after the crash They did not have appropriate tools to cut through the metal of the coaches. Initial rescue efforts were hampered by the remoteness of the crash site, tucked amid hills of scrub and rocks inaccessible by tarmac road.



11 International Reaction
The international community had offered help in various forms.

12 Government Reaction The Minister for Communication and Transport had said that the cause was neither caused by sabotage nor technical fault A commission was formed to investigate, whose report was not made public.




16 Hospital Capacity Few number of beds Lack of medicine
Lack of essential services Interpretation of cost-sharing


18 Resulting Myths As one disaster strike after another, several myths arise. The myths pinpoint to individuals in the government as the “causants” of the disasters. Other points to the society as whole have become “increasingly immoral”




22 Disaster Management Training Center, DMTC
Following a number of disasters, the Government established DMTC. Several Disaster Managers have been trained. More awareness envisaged to Policy-makers.

23 Conclusion People measures the efficiency of Disaster Management Officials based on response. This is an area government tries to improve Compensation to victims is still an issue Nonetheless, response capacity is still low.

24 Acknowledgements Graphics and some text in this presentation courtesy various internet sources

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