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1 Mineral Rights in Alberta Alberta Energy 2004 1 Alberta Department of Energy.

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1 1 Mineral Rights in Alberta Alberta Energy Alberta Department of Energy

2 The Mineral Rights Context in Alberta Provincial Jurisdiction Alberta Model for Resource Development Role of Alberta Government Role of Alberta Department of Energy Goal of Minerals Tenure Alberta Energy 2004


4 Provincial Jurisdiction By Canadian Constitution the provinces have jurisdiction over: Property and civil rights Matters of local and private nature Development, conservation and management of non-renewable natural resources, forestry resources and electricity generation Alberta Energy 2004

5 Jurisdiction as Owner Mines and minerals transferred to Alberta in 1930 Alberta owns mines and minerals in 81% of land in Alberta Manages development of non- renewable resources as a sovereign and as an owner Alberta Energy 2004

6 Role of Alberta Government Legislation enacted by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta Regulations made under that legislation Ministers and Ministries assigned responsibility for implementing legislation, regulations and related policies Alberta Energy 2004

7 Alberta Model for Resource Development Principle – Alberta-owned resources can be more efficiently developed by private industry The role of government is to establish the framework that will attract industry to develop the province’s resources Alberta Energy 2004

8 Components of Model Access to resources Fair economic return Effective regulatory framework Protection of the environment Alberta Energy 2004

9 Resource Developmen t Department of Energy Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Access to Resource Fair Return Regulatory Approval Ministry of Sustainable Resource Development Ministry of Energy Ministry of Environment Department Sustainable Resource Development Surface Rights Board Natural Resources Conservation Board Access to Surface Department of Environment Environmental Approval How the Alberta Government Carries Out Its Role Alberta Energy 2004

10 Ministry of Energy The Ministry of Energy is comprised of: Alberta Energy –Government department Alberta Energy and Utilities Board –Statutory corporation –Quasi judicial independence –Includes the Alberta Geological Survey Alberta Energy 2004

11 Role of Alberta Energy Minerals tenure –Grants mineral rights to private developers for development Collection of mineral revenues – Royalties; Rent; Bonus Bid Advocates reasonable surface access –Surface access is handled through Sustainable Resource Development, the Surface Rights Board and private contract with landowner Alberta Energy 2004

12 Goals of Alberta Minerals Tenure To give industry the opportunity to explore and develop minerals for the greatest benefit of Albertans To place mineral rights in the hands of those with the interest and means to explore and develop Alberta’s mineral resources To make mineral rights available to others as soon as possible upon termination or expiry of an agreement Alberta Energy 2004

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