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White Paper on Irish Aid Review Process Maximising NGO participation 10 June 2011Introductory meeting by Michael McManus.

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1 White Paper on Irish Aid Review Process Maximising NGO participation 10 June 2011Introductory meeting by Michael McManus

2 What is the White Paper on Irish Aid? ‘For some political and strategic motives may influence decisions on the allocation of development assistance. That is not the case for Ireland. For Ireland, the provision of assistance and our cooperation with developing countries is a reflection of our responsibility to others and of our vision of a fair global society.’ Pat Kenny, May 2011

3 What is the White Paper on Irish Aid?  Sets out the vision, principles and approach of the Irish Government to Overseas Development  It is not binding but a strong statement of government policy for the coming years  Main features  Vision: Poverty reduction, reduce vulnerability and increase opportunity  Guiding Principles: Partnership, public ownership and transparency, effectiveness and quality assurance, Coherence and Long-term sustainability  Major decisions: Africa focus, Malawi, Regional programmes, new NGO funding mechanisms, Development and IFIs, Mix of delivery methods, RRI, Hunger Task Force, 0.6% by 2010

4 Why a review?  White Paper 2006: Context  Drafted at height of Celtic Tiger  Government in power for over 8years consecutively  Irish Aid budget increased threefold during that period to €475m  Development spotlight: Millennium Summit 2005 and Make poverty History Campaign  Decentralisation programme underway  Context 2011  Aid budget cut by 30% since 2008  Effectiveness: all state expenditure and activity under review  Spotlight on dictatorships in developing countries, on development effectiveness, on global economic and food crises  New government seeking new ways of promoting Ireland and increasing economic opportunities for Ireland

5 What’s involved?  We don’t know!  Irish Aid currently carrying out internal process in order to decide upon the parameters of the review, how it will take place and extent of public involvement  We do know:  Communication expected by late June as to what will be involved  Written submissions period possibly September- December

6 Why get involved?  We can have significant influence over outcomes  Dóchas submission of 2005 had 31 ‘asks’, 12 were included and 8 were partially addressed included: Set out core principles and priorities of Aid programme Set out clearly Ireland’s motives for engaging in development cooperation Strong focus on HIV/AIDs Copper fasten principle of untied aid Encourage support by partner governments for Southern civil society Clear target benchmarking set for reaching 0.7% ODA Policy coherence at EU level, Integrated policy for development cooperation Build on dialogue and consultation mechanisms with Civil Society

7 Why get involved?  The White Paper leads to major initiatives and changes which we should all seek to influence  White Paper Implemented: New partner country Major focus on HIV/AIDS Hunger Task Force Rapid Response Initiative Information and Volunteering Centre Major research undertaken by Advisory Board Aid remains untied

8 Why get involved?  The White Paper is an opportunity to reset the agenda:  Relocation to Limerick,  Staff levels etc in Irish Aid  Adopt Human Security Concept as central plank of Foreign Policy  Real commitment to policy coherence  Human Rights and Democracy conditionality  Marginalization of Development Education and Public Engagement

9 Why get involved?  Regression: If Civil Society fails to influence the process effectively, we could hear this:  ‘Development has changed. Many of the countries we work with can provide us with excellent opportunities for Trade and FDI by Irish companies’  ‘Zero tolerance for corruption and waste means refocusing our Aid on those governments we can trust....’  ‘The key to development is economic growth...’

10 The next steps  How you can influence the Review?  Influence what the process looks like  Participate in the Dóchas Working Group  Consult with your members and supporters  Get the views of Southern partners and those affected by your work  Make a written submission  What will Dóchas do?  Provide secretariat assistance to working group  Carry out informal research on key priorities for members  Help you consult with your members, supporters and partners  Make a written submission on behalf of members  Continuous interaction with government

11 White paper review Find out more Share your views Discuss ways Dóchas can help Contact: 01 4053801 087 9234175 10 June 2011

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