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May 11, 2011 Duke Global Health Institute Michael Merson, Director Duke University Engagement in Global Health.

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1 May 11, 2011 Duke Global Health Institute Michael Merson, Director Duke University Engagement in Global Health

2 Global Health is a Hot Topic! Recent Google search returned 2,300,000 hits! More than 70 US universities have established formal global health programs in the past 5 years More than 270 universities in the US and Canada report some kind of GH activity or initiative Strong interest among students of all levels in conducting overseas fieldwork (research and service)

3 What is Global Health? Global Health is an area for study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health worldwide. Global health emphasizes transnational approach, involves many disciplines and is a synthesis of population based prevention with individual-level clinical care. Koplan et al., 2009. Lancet. 373: 1993-95.

4 Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

5 What is the scope of the challenge?  Infectious Diseases HIV, TB, malaria, zoonotic diseases  Chronic Diseases CVD, diabetes, cancer, mental health  Environmental threats Water & air pollution, climate change  Social Determinants Gender, poverty, education, culture  Health Systems Strengthening Health delivery systems, human resources for health

6 Why take action in Global Health? Security  Threats of disease globalization; emerging infectious diseases Diplomacy  Citizens, civil society, and corporations can perform when politics fail; serve as ambassadors of good will Science  Build knowledge of global value and conduct research that is critical to scientific advancement Sustainable Development  Health is central to economic development and good health is directly linked to both higher life expectancy and economic improvement Source: Health is global: a UK Government strategy 2008-13. UK Government, 2008.

7 Why take action in Global Health? Commodity  Global health care industry is worth over $3.5 trillion annually; health commodities are important part of national economies and imports/exports are subject to international trade regulations Global Public Goods  Benefits society; international community has common interest in global health (ex; smallpox eradication, WHO Framework on Tobacco Control) Human Rights  The right to health has been enshrined in numerous international and regional human rights treaties as well as national constitutions Source: Health is global: a UK Government strategy 2008-13. UK Government, 2008.

8 Why has GH become so popular on university campuses?  Response to 9/11 and Iraq conflict  Pandemics in the news: SARS, AIDS, Avian Flu, etc.  Information technology boom  Philanthropy: Gates and other foundations  Influence of media and “rock stars”: Bono et al.  Social justice: Access to medications  Involvement of faculty from many disciplines  A young generation with “unconsummated desire for sacrifice and service”

9 Why has Duke made such a strong commitment to global health?  Consistent with the strategic plan for Duke University: “Making a Difference”  Service to society ethos  Commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship across the university  Student enthusiasm and support from leadership of the university

10 Duke-GMS in Singapore: Transporting Duke’s medical curriculum to Asia and potentially impacting the health of 400 million persons

11 Duke in Kunshan

12 DGHI in Action Undergraduate Focus Cluster GH Certificate M.Sc. in Global Health Postdoctoral Program MD 3 rd Year GH Study Program GH Residency Program Student Fieldwork Grants International Programs School of Medicine Clinical Core Domestic and international fieldwork opportunities for students and faculty International sites for research and education GH P.L.U.S. program (surplus medical equipment) Access to information on GH Signature Research Initiatives: –Cardiovascular Disease –Global Aging –Global Environmental Health –Gender, Poverty and Health –Emerging Infectious Diseases –Health Systems Strengthening Education Research DGHI Service Center for Health Policy Monitoring & Evaluation Unit Policy Unit to support decision- making related to GH Policy

13 Where DGHI Works

14 120 active global health research projects in 28 countries 6 Signature Research Initiatives (SRIs) Research grants:  Cumulative: 72 grants totaling $32 million  Active grants in FY11: 40 grants totaling $6.2 million  New grants awarded in FY11: 16 grants totaling $9.9 million 24 DGHI-funded projects (cumulative since 2008) including pilot projects, third yr medical student research awards, travel grants, transition and targeted awards, and buy-outs More than 200 faculty academic publications in 2010, including nearly 30 with a co-author from a low-income country Global Health Research at Duke (As of January 20, 2011)

15 Center of Excellence in Cardiovascular Disease in China and Obesity Research in U.S.

16 Key findings: -One in seven orphaned and abandoned children (OAC) in low- and middle-income countries is engaged in child labor -Female children are twice as likely as male children to be engaged in child labor Positive Outcomes for Orphans (POFO) Research Project

17 Study conducted in India to test the logic that empowering people with knowledge about the E. coli contamination of their drinking water would lead to improved household hygiene and water-handling. KNOWLEDGE = CLEAN WATER

18 Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI)

19 DCRI Global Reach Trials conducted in 64 countries

20 DHVI: CHAVI and Haynes VDC Member Sites

21 DHVI: IQAC (Denny)Proficiency Testing Sites

22 Duke Global Surgery


24 Challenges for Research Administrators Knowing the context Diversity of funding agencies IRB clearance Increased scrutiny and compliance Communications PIs working globally

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