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2 Who are we? ◦History – Atkinson Grad School, 501C 3 ◦Members ◦Partner academic, IMG volunteers with government ◦Operations focus- not programs policy related John Radford State ComptrollerGary Weeks DAS DirectorJohn McGinn – Ag Business MgrJon Dufrene Prof. Kathy Graham – Law SchoolMike Marsh Deputy DOT Prof Fred ThompsonCatherine Webber Sue Wilson – HR DirectorProf. Steve Maser Geoff Guilfoy - AKT 2

3 3

4 The Problem with Government ◦Industrial Age operation in an Information Age world ◦Bureaucracy is a mid-20th century success story now obsolete ◦Citizens expect government to perform like a modern private sector organization ◦Nature of work has significantly changed ◦Think what is coming: IBM Watson & Jeopardy & ◦The Star Trek “Replicator” (3d Printers) 4

5 Bureaucracy “Bureau” (fr.) for Desk = tasks are processing records “cracy” (gr) for Administer = organization structure to administer rules to assure conformity In 1940 and 1950 the Ford assembly line approached furthure refined bureaucracy: ◦Characterized by hierarchical organization ◦Jobs were designed to be repetitive and broken down to lowest level of activity 5

6 2013: Public Sector Workforce Today, workers are being replaced by computers that can do the job more effectively and faster. Jobs traditionally associated with the middle class (assembly line workers, data processors, foremen, and supervisors) are disappearing, through outsourcing or automation. Individuals who lose their jobs must either move up, join a group of "mind workers" (engineers, doctors, attorneys, teachers, scientists, professors, executives, journalists, consultants), or be displaced. 6

7 Some Differences and Myths ◦Government should be run more like a business… but don’t understand some basic differences: ◦Government can’t do anything unless expressly allowed; Business can do everything that is not expressly prohibited. ◦Too lazy to fire Non Productive workers like in the private sector ◦Most have a property right constitutional with due process protection- notice, hearing, right to appeal. ◦Private sector can fire anyone unless they are discriminating again a protected class ◦Government worker are overpaid and earn more than in the private sector ◦True at the lower worker level where most workers are unionized and jobs are being automated ◦Management and knowledge workers are compensated significantly less than their counter parts ◦Bottom line: government is competing for workers in a declining market; not competive in the growth market. 7

8 Modernizing - Remodeling a house ◦Remodeling vs. Renovating ◦House story – Real estate parallel ◦All remodels are unique but use same principals ◦See handout # - Characteristics of Modern Government and remodeling story. 8

9 New Approach – “Non-linear” Problems Magic Box – New Guinea Problem with our thinking ◦Linear planning – Define problem, agree on solution, launch project, measure our way to success ◦Waves of solutions – Lean, Sigma Six, Quality embody linear thinking Modernizing an industrial age organization can’t be done with this a linear planning model 9

10 “Wicked” Problems An alternative approach to planning that is gaining a lot of attention in practice and academia "Wicked Problem" - The term ‘wicked’ as used in social planning, not in the sense of evil but rather to describe its resistance to resolution. Wicked Problem - a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize. Because of complex interdependencies, the effort to solve one aspect of a wicked problem may reveal or create other problems. Solutions may take years. Tame Problems –Tightly defined, not necessarily simple but often involve complex issues or technology, solution fairly readily identified, and fairly easily worked through with linear planning. 10

11 Characteristic of Wicked Problems ◦Difficult to clearly define ◦Many interdependencies and often multi-casual ◦Attempts to address often lead to unforeseen consequences ◦Problems are moving targets; often not stable, e.g. legislation, scientific evidence, resources, political alliances are constantly changing. (Flinging a live bird vs. using a mid-air correction drone to hit a target). ◦Hardly ever sit with in the visibility of one organization ◦Involve behavior change ◦Some have experienced chronic policy failure. ◦Solutions are unique ◦Highly resistant to resolution; ◦Problems not successfully treated with linear, analytical planning approaches. 11

12 Government Agency (eg – DOR, DHS) DAS Governor’s Office Legislature Public Citizens and Media Complex Governmental Issues Touch All Levels of Government Individual Government Worker 12

13 Information Technology Procurement Accountability Resources Human Resources Governance Government Agency (eg – DOR, DHS) DAS Governor’s Office Legislature Public Citizens, Lobby and Media Complex Governmental Issues Touch All Levels of Government Individual Government Worker Knowledge Management 13

14 Fixing Government – A Wicked Problem ◦Need Governance tool ◦Launch an awareness campaign to brand fixing government as Modernization. ◦Create a model/vision of a modern organization ◦Create a model/vision of a modern worker ◦Draft Government Modernization Act ◦Offer Certificate in Modernization 14

15 How? ? 15

16 Projects DMV ◦Debit Cards – Report on website ◦Adding online services – Report on website ◦Cost/Price model ◦Long term planning Revenue ◦Delinquent ◦Liquidated Debt Summit – See website for agenda Marion County Early Education Hub evaluation project – Report on website Electronic Signatures – in planning stage Revise IT Chart of Accounts – in planning stage 16

17 Evolving Model ◦Create and Modernization Movement ◦Identify characteristic of government that are dysfunctional ◦Verify problem caused ◦Identify characteristics of modern government ◦Verify usefulness ◦Create model modern organization ◦Create model of modern worker 17

18 Tools ◦ Research project on government functions/complexity ◦Website and Blog – share and crowd source ◦Webinar – TOPS a federal program for collections ◦Spring Semester – Class project ◦Summit on Collections ◦Collaborative Network – Oregon Higher Ed 18

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