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Government and Economics Mr. Verna Room 157

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1 Government and Economics Mr. Verna Room 157

2 Course Overview This course is designed to…. 1. Help students explore and understand the inner workings of the United States’ Government and its’ three separate branches. 2. Take a look at the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the freedoms they protect.

3 Course Overview cont. This course is designed to… 3. Take an in depth look at the Executive Branch and the powers of the President. 4. Provide insight into the power of the Judicial Branch and the law making abilities of the Legislative Branch. 5. Describe the American Economic System and the role it plays within the World’s Economic System.

4 Course Grading Grades will be based on a points system. Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points and the final grade will be determined by the total points earned. Assignments will include: homework, quizzes, tests, projects, and in-class assignments. Late assignments will be accepted at a 20 point penalty. NOTE: All Seniors need to pass this class as a graduation requirement.

5 Important Odds and Ends… Materials: The following is needed EVERYDAY for class: 1. One Binder with Notebook paper 2. One pen or pencil 3. One Highlighter (any color)

6 Important Odds and Ends cont. Class Expectations: Arrive to class on time. Come to class prepared (have materials with you-this includes a writing utensil and notebook or binder!!!) Treat your classmates and your teacher with respect (there will be no toleration for insults, foul language, fighting, etc…)

7 Units of Study Unit 1: A Tradition of Democracy Chapter 1: We the People Chapter 2: Foundations of Government Chapter 3: The United States Government Chapter 4: Rights and Responsibilities Unit 2: The Federal Government Chapter 5: The Legislative Branch Chapter 6: The Executive Branch Chapter 7: The Judicial Branch Unit 4: The Citizen in Government Chapter 10: Electing Leaders Chapter 11: The Political System Chapter 12: Paying for Government Unit 6: The American Economy Chapter 17: The Economic System Chapter 20: Economic Challenges Chapter 21: The U.S. Economy and the World

8 How to Survive Mr. Verna’s Class Be respectful… to everybody. Never, ever lie to me. Come prepared everyday. If you’re a fan of… The “U”, Ohio State, Notre Dame, The Red Sox, the Penguins, or the Blackhawks… you FAIL. Have a sense of humor.

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