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Jean Shepherd, Deputy Chief Financial Executive, NGA CJ Staton, VP IC Business Systems CACI.

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1 Jean Shepherd, Deputy Chief Financial Executive, NGA CJ Staton, VP IC Business Systems CACI

2  Various surveys report a 41-70% failure rate of Financial Management projects  Of those which are successful - only 16% meet scope and cost targets  Increased focus on return on investment  In the eyes of oversight organizations, Financial Project are pre-disposed to failure  Critical need for achievable, repeatable, cost effective projects that provide incremental successes rather than huge deliverables

3  Ambiguity is the root of most conflicts ◦ Success Criteria not defined at all levels ◦ Scope (requirements) ◦ Cost ◦ Schedule  Ethical Communication is critical to receiving complete and accurate proposals  Focus on the What not the How ◦ Encourage innovation ◦ “Replicate what we have today” is a non-starter  Contract type is not a cost management tool ◦ Pick the right contract type for the statement of work and risk ◦ Costs are controlled through disciplined program management  Functional Manager should sponsor and direct projects for their domain ◦ If the Widget Boss doesn’t think she needs a new Widget system, you either have to change her mind or abandon the effort ◦ IT for IT’s sake is not a catalyst for change (Unless it impacts operational capability)  Solid program and change management are key to any effort

4  Face to Face meeting of the Stakeholders ◦ Client and Corporate Leadership ◦ Program Execution Leadership ◦ Contracts/Administrative Staff  Review Scope and Contract Together ◦ Identify and resolve disconnects (and there WILL be disconnects) early at the right level ◦ Request for Proposals and contractor response never align perfectly ◦ Ensure contract type is appropriate – scope control is not a function of contract type ◦ Understand cost drivers and develop management processes  Align Staff Ramp up with Need ◦ Don’t burn through resources during organizational phase ◦ Coordinate ramp up across government and contractor

5  Disciplined Project Management ◦ Leverage PMP, ITIL, and other best practices ◦ Reuse everywhere possible ◦ Administration is a tool, not the end state  Establish and Enforce Progress Measurements ◦ Weekly progress meetings (one hour or less) ◦ Focus on Exception management ◦ Develop an time-based issue escalation process – aiming for resolution at the lowest level ◦ Ultimate decision maker to close issues  Develop Communication Plans ◦ Tailored for Audience ◦ Include Stakeholders through staff ◦ Control the message – don’t react to it ◦ Err on the side of Over Communication ◦ Resolution at the lowest level possible

6  Stereotypes (Government vs Contractor) are counter productive – treat everyone as an individual  No one is perfect – work together to achieve success – not affix blame  Understand and Respect each other’s role  Accept Accountability  Identify Obstructionists and Enablers Early  Understand inherently governmental work

7  Open and Honest Communication  Address issues quickly, but not recklessly  Success of the program – not the individual should be the constant focus  Treat others as you would want to be treated  Teamwork

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