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American Government/Civics Review

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1 American Government/Civics Review

2 SSCG2: The student will analyze the natural rights philosophy and the nature of government expressed in the Declaration of Independence. b. Evaluate the Declaration of Independence as a persuasive argument. Fill in these passages from the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are ________________________________, that they are endowed by _____________________________________________________________________, that among these are _____________________, ______________________, and the pursuit of _______________________...” “That whenever any Form of Government becomes ___________________________________________________, it is the _______________ of the People to __________________ or ________________________ it, and to institute a ________________ Government” “…as to them shall seem most likely to affect their ______________________ and _______________________________”

3 What is the Declaration of Independence?
The proclamation of independence formally drafted by a committee of five members and presented to the Second Continental Congress. When adopted on July 4, 1776, it formally proclaimed the existence of a new nation. The introduction explained to everyone why the colonist wanted to be free and the body listed the grievances against the King. Based on the emotional appeal of the wording and overwhelming list of wrongs listed, this is certainly a persuasive document.

4 Why was it written? More restrictive British policies ignited resentment in the colonies. This led to the American Revolution. After a year of fighting, the Second Continental Congress agreed that it was time to become an independent nation.

5 Who was it written by? Mostly the work of Thomas Jefferson but was assigned to a committee of five members. Who was it written for? The American Colonists, The British Government (King George III and Parliament, and the people of the world.

6 Do you feel that the purpose of the Declaration of Independence was successful? Why or why not?
Yes, the document explained that humans have certain unalienable rights and that when Government is destructive, or denies these basic rights, it is up to the people to do what is necessary to form a fair and just government. Also, it let the King and the world know that the colonies would become an independent nation.

7 Fill in the following passage from the Preamble:
SSCG3: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the United States Constitution. b. Analyze the purpose of government stated in the Preamble of the Constitution. Fill in the following passage from the Preamble: “We the people of the United States, in order to _____________________________________________________, establish ______________________, insure _____________________________________, provide for the _____________________________________, promote the __________________________________________________, and secure the blessings of liberty to ________________________________________________, do ordain and establish this ________________________ for the United States of America”

8 What is the Preamble and introduction to?
The Constitution of the United States of America.

9 What does “in order to form a more perfect union” mean?
To come together and make things better for everyone who lives in our country.

10 What does “establish justice” mean?
To make things as fair as possible for everyone. Examples: laws that are fair, court system, consequences, etc.

11 What does “insure domestic tranquility” mean?
To try and make sure that we live peacefully together. Examples: keep things peaceful within the U.S. so that everyone can provide for themselves and live peacefully

12 What does “provide for the common defense” mean?
To protect the U.S. from other people or countries who may try to harm us, as in war, and to help us if we have been harmed. Military, Department of Homeland Security

13 What does “promote the general welfare” mean?
The well-being of citizens will be taken care of as much as possible by the federal government. Those in need will be cared for. Healthcare, educational needs, fire protection, police protection, FEMA, Salvation Army

14 What does “secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” mean?
To protect our rights and freedoms and to not let anyone take them away from us or the generations to come. Being able to choose our religion, say what we think, etc.

15 Why do you think these specific goals were so important?
The Framers wanted a government that worked. They were fearful of having a government with too much power, such as with a king; they were also fearful of having a government that did not work, such as with the Articles of Confederation. Each of these goals related to something that the Framers were either trying to “fix’ or to provide protection from.





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