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Jobs in the Central Intelligence Agency There are several jobs within the CIA that are available to people with skills in foreign language. - Open Source.

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2 Jobs in the Central Intelligence Agency There are several jobs within the CIA that are available to people with skills in foreign language. - Open Source Officer (Foreign Media Analysis) - Foreign Language Instructors - NCS Officer The CIA the use of native speakers and technology to teach up to 16 different languages. Already knowing a FL gives one a better chance at obtaining one of the Foreign Language Hiring bonuses.

3 Open Source Officer  Salary: $48,682 - $95,026  “Foreign media analysis use foreign language and area knowledge to review and assess foreign open media sources, including Internet sites, newspapers, press agencies, television, radio and specialized publications, collecting intelligence from these media to deliver high-impact products to the US foreign affairs community.” (

4 Open Source Officer cont…  Foreign Media Analyst sometimes translate text, audio and video information and certain materials from the media for translation by independent contract translators.  CIA looks for people who are creative, have strong foreign language skills, large interest in foreign affairs, and strong writing/analytical skills.  Many of the people hired have lived in their area of interest and/or have studied the politics and history.

5 Open Source Officer cont…  Most of the jobs in this area are offered in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. They generally have limited traveling opportunities. Good job for people who are not looking to travel much, but still want to use their FL.  Also get full benefits and a chance to receive an annual “bonus” pay after passing a proficiency test that guarantees their knowledge level with a certain language.  Also have the opportunity to take classes in new language and receive full training in it as well.

6 Open Source Officer cont… Minimum Job Requirements Bachelor of Arts in area studies, international relations, political science, economics, journalism, sociology, anthropology, counter proliferation or other liberal arts area. Advanced foreign language writing and comprehension skills, excellent English grammatical skills, strong critical thinking/analytical skills, and strong internet searching skills. Also, a G.P.A. of 3.0 based on a 4.0 scale U.S. citizenship required.

7 Open Source Officer cont…  Illegal drug usage is prohibited for twelve months prior to the submission of the application.  It is also very highly suggested that one does not openly discuss their plans to apply for this position. They recommend that if you intend on applying, you keep it to yourself or very select people.

8 Foreign Language Instructors  Salary: $55,512 – $95,026  “The Central Intelligence Agency is hiring qualified and experienced Language Instructors of Arabic, Chinese/Mandarin, Dari, French, Greek, Pashto, Persian (Farsi) and Russian to work in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.” (

9 Foreign Language Instructors  The CIA provides the training to people who are energetic and creative. CIA Language Instructors conduct programs that give students the “foreign language communications skills and cross-cultural awareness they need to live and work abroad effectively, or to perform other language- related duties.” (

10 Foreign Language Instructors  The instructors apply the “latest instructional methodologies to meet highly customized student needs and conduct language proficiency testing in reading, speaking and understanding for skills evaluation. In addition, they may be asked to provide a variety of language support services worldwide.” (

11 Foreign Language Instructors Minimum Requirements Bachelor's in foreign language, linguistics or a related field Fluency that is equal to that of a native speaker. 2 to 5 years of past experience in teaching foreign language. Knowledge in area’s politics, history, culture, and economy. Ability to possibly teach adults with a beginner level of knowledge all the way to a high proficiency level.

12 Foreign Language Instructors  Bonus pay is also available with this job. Ranging from $ 4,875 to $9,750, the amount being based on which language and proficiency with the language.  Instructors that know several languages at this level are subject to even more bonuses.  Depending on the level and the amount of languages, a newly hired person is able to make $35,000 at the maximum in bonuses.

13 National Clandestine Service Officer  Mission Statement: “The mission of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) is to strengthen national security and foreign policy objectives through the clandestine collection of human intelligence (HUMINT) and Covert Action.” ( intelligence

14 NCS Language Officer  Salary: $50,408 – $92,590  Within the NCS (National Clandestine Service) the Language Officer applies “advanced foreign language skills, experience, and expertise to provide high-quality translation, interpretation, and language-related support for a variety of NCS clandestine operations.” (  Has a very good understanding of the culture.  Lots of travel opportunities possible.  Also many training opportunities for other fields in the CIA

15 NCS Language Officer Minimum Requirements Fluency or near fluency in language of choice Bachelors degree (does not specify if FL degree needed) Good oral and grammatical English skills. GREAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS

16 Important Sites

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