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Campbelltown City Council Local Government Elections Candidate Briefing Session 3 September 2014 Presented by Lyn Townsend, Manager Governance & Communications.

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1 Campbelltown City Council Local Government Elections Candidate Briefing Session 3 September 2014 Presented by Lyn Townsend, Manager Governance & Communications

2 Campbelltown City Council Topics for Discussion  About Campbelltown  Introduction to Local Government  Roles & Functions of Council  Role of Elected Members  Role of the CEO & Staff  What if I am Elected?

3 Campbelltown City Council About Campbelltown  Established as District Council on 2 March 1868  Proclaimed a City on 6 May 1960  Estimated population (at 30 June 2013) was 50,893 Further demographic information available at:

4 Campbelltown City Council About Campbelltown  Annual Budget - $37.5m  Area covered by the City - 24.35 square km  Length of roads under Council’s care & control - 278 km  Features: Thorndon Park Wadmore Park / Pulyonna Wirra Gums Reserve River Torrens Linear Park Lochiel Park

5 Campbelltown City Council Services Provided  Administration Building and Hall Maintenance  Asset Management- Footpaths  Asset Management-Road Transport  Asset Management- Stormwater  Cemeteries  Community Engagement  Community Transport  Corporate and Community Services Management  Customer and Community Services  Depot Operations  Economic Development  Elected Members and Civic Functions  Environmental Control and Public Order  Environmental Health  Environmental Management  Executive Services  Finance  Governance and Communications  Information Services  Infrastructure Services Management  Leisure Services  Library Services  Organisational Development  Parks and Reserves  Policy Planning and Development Assessment  Services for Older People  Sport and Recreation Facilities  Street Lighting  Tree Maintenance and Replacement  Urban Planning and Leisure Services Management  Waste Management  Youth Development

6 Campbelltown City Council Introduction to Local Government  3 spheres of Government:  Federal – powers are outlined in the Constitution  State – derives its powers from the Federal & State Constitutions  Local – State Government sets out the legal framework for Councils

7 Campbelltown City Council Introduction to Local Government  In South Australia:  69 Councils, each is an independent body  Some have Mayors, some have Chairpersons  Known as the sphere of government closest to the people, its primary source of income is rate revenue  More than $1 billion per annum spent on a range of essential services and maintaining $8.5 billion worth of local community infrastructure

8 Campbelltown City Council Introduction to Local Government  About Campbelltown:  Positions available at the election: Mayor 2 Ward CouncillorsGorge Ward 2 Ward CouncillorsHectorville Ward 2 Ward CouncillorsNewton Ward 2 Ward CouncillorsRiver Ward 2 Ward CouncillorsWoodforde Ward

9 Campbelltown City Council Roles & Functions of Council  Being a representative, informed and responsible decision-maker in the interests of its community.  Participating in public policy development and planning activities with the other spheres of Government.  Providing and coordinating services and facilities that benefit its area, ratepayers, residents and visitors.  Developing its community and resources in a socially acceptable and sustainable manner.

10 Campbelltown City Council  Providing for the well-being and interests of individual and groups within its community.  Representing the interests of its community.  Enhancing, protecting and conserving the environment.  Regulating local activities such as building, keeping animals, parking and public health. Roles & Functions of Council

11 Campbelltown City Council  Section 58 of Local Government Act 1999 states that it is the Mayor’s role to:  Preside at meetings of the Council  Provide advice, if required, to the Chief Executive Officer between Council meetings on the implementation of a Council decision  Act as the principal spokesperson of the Council  Exercise other functions of the Council as the Council determines  Carry out the civic and ceremonial duties of the office of principal member The Mayor’s Role

12 Campbelltown City Council  Member of the governing body  Elected Members individually have no legal role or decision making power  It is an Elected Member’s role to: 1.Represent the interests of residents and ratepayers 2.Provide community leadership and guidance 3.Facilitate communication between the community and the Council Role of Elected Members

13 Campbelltown City Council  Participate in the deliberations and civic activities of the Council  Review Council's objectives and policies  Review Council's resource allocation, expenditure, and the efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery Role of Elected Members

14 Campbelltown City Council  In practice this means:  Participate in Council meetings, conducted twice per month, in accordance with the formal meeting procedures  Participate in Council Committees and/or Development Assessment Panel  Objectively analyse reports presented to Council  Present arguments and constructively debate matters before making informed decisions on behalf of the whole community Role of Elected Members

15 Campbelltown City Council  Contribute to guiding Council’s strategic directions and governance  Adopting policies and budgets to provide a framework for the provision of services and programs  Elected Members have no direct authority over an employee of the Council with respect to the way in which the employee performs his or her duties  The Code of Conduct for Elected Members (a mandated legislative requirement applying to all SA Councils) provides guidance regarding expectations of behaviour Role of Elected Members

16 Campbelltown City Council  The CEO is responsible for all operational matters, staff matters and for ensuring that Council’s plans, policies and decisions are implemented  The CEO’s role is outlined in Section 99 of the Local Government Act  The CEO has specific responsibility for Staff management  The CEO and Staff:  Provide advice and guidance of a professional, technical or social nature  Assist Elected Members in the policy and decision making process  Action the business of Council on behalf of the elected body  Provide effective management of Council’s resources and services  Operate within the policies of Council Role of the CEO & Staff

17 Campbelltown City Council  First CEO’s Briefing Session at 6pm on Tuesday 18 November 2014  Leading Campbelltown – Residential Training Program at Serafino, McLaren Vale on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 November  The first Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 2 December 2014 First Meetings

18 Campbelltown City Council  4 year term  Council meetings (1 st & 3 rd Tuesday per month) except January  Development Assessment Panel (1 st & 3 rd Tuesday per month) except January  Committees (mostly quarterly meeting schedules)  Monthly CEO Briefing Sessions (2 nd Monday each month)  Responsibility for: What if I am elected?  Financial Management  Legislative compliance  Asset Management  Service provision

19 Campbelltown City Council  Formal and informal duties of Elected Members can be a high commitment.  Additional to Council / Committee meetings:  There are civic activities and community events to attend  Community members may ask for assistance  Members may be appointed by Council to external bodies  Training sessions and LGA meetings What if I am elected?

20 Campbelltown City Council  Voluntary position with a legislated allowance  From 2 December 2014, the regulated allowance will be:  Ward Councillor$15,900  Deputy Mayor$19,875  Mayor$63,600 A member may decline to accept payment or part payment of their allowance  Chairperson’s allowance (prescribed or sitting fee)  Members may claim expenses and support in line with Council’s Elected Members Allowances’ and Support Policy What if I am elected?

21 Campbelltown City Council  Legal Responsibilities:  Code of Conduct  Register of Interests  Conflict of Interest  Civil liability protection for Members What if I am elected?

22 Campbelltown City Council  Campaign Donation Returns  Must be completed by all candidates (whether elected or not) and returned to the CEO within 30 days of conclusion of the election  Voters Roll  Election Signs Nominations close at 12 noon, Tuesday 16 September 2014 Other Matters

23 Campbelltown City Council  Contact details:  Council Lyn Townsend or 8366 9234 Jan Franklin or 8366  Electoral Commission of SA or telephone 1300 655 232  Local Government Association of South Australia or telephone 8224 2000 Questions

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