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Microsoft Azure in Open August 2014 Global Operations Readiness.

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1 Microsoft Azure in Open August 2014 Global Operations Readiness

2 2 Ordering Azure in Open Introduction & Overview Service Activation Agenda Monitoring Consumption & Recharging Escalation Paths & Training Support Objectives

3 Upon completion of this training you will: 1.Understand the process for ordering Azure in Open for Open, Open Value and Open Value Subscription Licences for Commercial | Academic | Government 2.Understand how calculation of consumption periods works for Azure in Open 3.Know how to retrieve product keys from VLSC & activate product on the Azure Portal 4.Understand the consumption & returns policies for Azure in Open 5.Be able to help resellers sell Azure in Open including managing Customer recharges 6.Be aware of support & training available


5 1. Microsoft Azure Overview 2. Azure in Open – Key Concepts 3. Availability – Locations & Currencies 4. Consumption & Returns Policies 5. End to End Experience Introduction & Overview

6 Microsoft Azure Build applications using any language, tool, or framework Integrate public cloud solution with the existing IT environment 99.95% monthly SLA Automatic OS and service patching An open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage solutions across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. App services Network Storage Compute CachingIdentityService busMediaCDNIntegrationHPCAnalytics Virtual machinesWebsites Cloud services Mobile services SQL databaseHDInsightTables Blob storage Connect Virtual network Traffic manager Usage-based services

7 Microsoft Azure Azure in Open Overview

8 Azure In Open – Key Concepts SKU 1 Azure Credit SKU on the price list Each SKU = $100 ( or equivalent) – can purchase unlimited SKUs Multiple SKUs are issued onto single OSA Key No limit to number of OSA Keys a customer can activate Terms Prepaid service, can purchase additional credit any time Can be used against any eligible consumption based Azure service Azure Credit expires 12 months from activation date No return once service is redeemed Eligibility All Open Programs and customer types Existing Online Service (OLS) in Open process Available in countries with Open Volume Licensing Program Partners who offer Azure Direct

9 SKU Structure Commitment Business Processes Reporting Azure in Open – Familiar process & structure All Online Services in Open follow existing business processes Azure PortalOffice 365 Portal Azure Credit expires 12 months from OSA key activationCustomers pre-pay for 12 months of service Azure in Open - Consumption Distributor ReportingO365 / Intune - Subscription Distributor reporting Single SKU used for any eligible pay-as-you-go Azure Service Unique SKUs for each Office 365 Plan, as well as Add-ons

10 Why Azure in Open? Low barrier of entry with no investments in complex billing systems A consistent, familiar licensing option for cloud services along with your on- premises solutions A flexible, consumption-based purchasing model New opportunities to grow margins and deepen customer relationships Capitalize on the opportunity to incorporate the cloud into your solutions and services

11 Microsoft Azure Availability - Locations & Currencies

12 Azure Availability by Country 12 Currently available in 89 countries *Country List subject to Revision EMEA Algeria Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland APAC & Japan Australia Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Americas Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Mexico Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Trinidad & Tobago United States Uruguay Venezuela EMEA Israel Italy Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia (FYRO) Malta Montenegro Morocco Netherlands Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Poland EMEA Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Tunisia Turkey UAE UK Ukraine

13  Reseller needs to ensure availability of Azure in country of End Customer before accepting order  Azure in Open SKU bases currency redemption on the customer’s location. Volume Licensing foreign exchange rates (not a daily spot rate) are applied to determine the initial value of a customer’s commitment & meter rates.  The Azure in Open SKU facilitates activation anywhere around the world. Regardless of the currency used, the customer receives the same amount of Azure Service credits. A currency- denominated SKU would result in failed activation in countries that don’t support that currency and lead to non-compliance with EU/EFTA laws. Currencies & Customer Setup 13

14 Argentina: ARSIndonesia: IDR Russia: RUB Taiwan: TWD Australia: AUD India: INR Saudi Arabia: SARTurkey: TRY Brazil: BRL Japan: JPYSouth Africa: ZARUnited Kingdom: GBP Canada: CADMalaysia: MYRSouth Korea: KRWUnited States: USD Denmark: DKKMexico: MXNSweden: SEKRest of World: USD Eurozone: EUR New Zealand: NZD Switzerland: CHF Hong Kong (SAR): HKD Norway: NOK Location-based meter currencies

15 Microsoft Azure Consumption & Returns Policies

16 Azure in Open – Consumption & Returns Policy 12 month consumption period (from time of OSA key activation) OV or OVS Order: If multiple Azure SKUs are placed on the same order, no returns if any keys already redeemed. OV or OVS Order: No partial returns for any keys already redeemed Open License Order: Entire order must be credited, so only order Azure SKUs on a PO (do not include alongside on-premise). Unconsumed monetary value forfeited at the end of 12 months (NO ROLL OVER) Service will be suspended once credit is expired or exhausted Recommend recharge before credit is exhausted or expired

17 Azure Credits 17 Licensing scenario Customer purchases $600 of Azure Credit Balance: $50 Alert to customer / partner 12-month expiration, No rollover for initial $600 Customer purchases $1200 Balance: $ month expiration Period – 2 Period – 1  Each redemption creates a unique 12-month consumption period  Previous keys are exhausted before next keys are consumed  Unused amounts cannot be rolled over into future periods  12-month consumption period starts when keys are redeemed  No limit to number of redeemed keys  Configurable alert s

18 Microsoft Azure End to End Experience

19 Azure in Open E2E experience Open License Open Value Open Value Subscription (Corp/Gov/Acad) Getting into the Program MOET EDI/XML Placing order for the required product VLSC Accessing OSA Key Azure Portal Redemption of Service Via Reseller Credit Card (Emergency only) Monitoring & Recharging

20 Azure in Open – End Customer Journey Customer purchases 1 or more SKUs (each worth $100). The SKUs are loaded onto a single Online Service Activation Key (OSA) Buys OSA Key loaded with Credit Receives Vellum with link to Azure Portal & VLSC Signs Open License agreement on VLSC landing page Accesses OSA Key (5x5) Accesses OSA Key Creates subscription on Azure Portal (WLID) Copies 5x5 Key from VLSC & pastes onto Activation page of Azure Portal Activation of OSA Key Signs up for and manages specific Azure services via the Azure Portal Configuration of Azure Services Monitors credit balance Receives low credit alerts from system / reseller Buys new OSA Key / SKU Monitors & Recharges

21 Azure in Open- Reseller Journey Validates customer order (Country, Size etc) Sale Places order to Microsoft via Distributor on MOET or EDI/XML Places Order Receives Vellum from Microsoft with link to Azure Portal & VLSC Retrieves Key/s on behalf of customer Retrieves OSA Key Assists customer to activate their Azure subscription & add reseller notification alerts for credit exhaustion / expiry Activation of Subscription Co-Administrator role on management portal When credit is low or expiring encourages purchase of additional tokens to maintain service Management & Renewal


23 1. Licensing Recap 2. Ordering process overview 3. Order Submission Process Ordering Azure in Open

24 Microsoft Azure Licensing Recap

25 o In Open License, contract is signed AFTER order is processed but before accessing product/service. o Open License Agreement number is called “Authorization Number” and it has a 2 year term. o A unique “License Number” is assigned for each Purchase Order. Closer look on the Agreement Terms for Open 25 Recap: Open License Purchase of Azure via Open License Order placed via Reseller and Distributor Customers (Partner) come to VLSC and sign Open License Agreement Gain Full access to VLSC /setup3 65 Download Product, obtain Keys, etc.

26 o In Open Value and Open Value Subscription, contract is signed BEFORE order is processed. o Open Value Agreement has 3 year term. o There must be an active Agreement to order. Closer look on the Agreement Terms for Open Value 26 Recap: Open Value & Open Value Subscription Gain Full access to VLSC /setup3 65 Download Product, obtain Keys, etc. Purchase of Azure via Open Value OV/OVS Contract get created and signed electronically Order placed via Reseller and Distributor Purchase Order

27 Microsoft Azure Ordering Process Overview

28  Partners can order this new product family through VL, by purchasing an Azure SKU available on the OLP/OV/OVS Price List  Payment is up-front, with a 12 month consumption period  No Volume discounts are available  Order can be placed regardless of remaining term of agreement.  Volume License Agreement term and Azure consumption term are not coterminous, so Azure consumption period can extend beyond the VL agreement Ordering Overview

29  For Open License & OV Non-Organization wide agreements, the customer can purchase 1 SKU. There is no minimum threshold required for OLP & OV non-org  For OV Organization Wide & OVS, customer needs to have OV/OVS agreement and meet the minimum desktop count to place an order for Azure. They cannot create a new agreement just to purchase Azure.  Order only Azure SKUs on Open License orders: do not mix Licensing SKUs or other online service SKUSs and Azure SKUs on the same order Ordering Overview (continued)

30 Ordering Azure in Open Open Open License customer can order as few as 1 Monetary SKU of Azure on a new Authorization Number

31 Ordering Azure in Open Value Open Value Org Wide: Organization-wide agreements require purchase of on-premise Enterprise licenses meeting a minimum of 5 desktop count. Azure is an additional product and cannot be counted towards the qualified desktops Non Org Wide: Customer can start a new OV non-org agreement with an initial order of as few as 1 Monetary SKU of Azure (normally required order for minimum of 5 licenses.)

32 Ordering Azure in Open Value Subscription Open Value Subscription Org Wide: Organization-wide agreements require purchase of on premise Enterprise licenses meeting a minimum of 5 desktop count. Azure is an additional product and cannot be counted towards the qualified desktops


34 1.Product Keys – Details & Process 2.Example Notification for Product Keys 3.Using VLSC to Retrieve Product Keys 4.Overview of Azure Portals 5.Redeeming Keys & Subscription Setup Service Activation

35 Product Keys – Details & Process  The Azure in Open Key Type is an Online Service Activation (OSA) Key  Each Product Key is a 25 digit alpha numeric number: Example: GG9BT-989TR-637JY-6T6T2-QD7BN  This 5x5 Product Key appears in VLSC at the same location as Product Keys for On-Premise Software  Keys are valid for 5 years  Keys are redeemed at  Resellers are encouraged to support the end customer by retrieving the product keys on their behalf

36 Microsoft Azure Notification for Product Keys

37 Within a few hours of accepting the order, Microsoft will send an to the End Customer & Reseller. The Reseller will only receive an if they provide their address on the PO for Azure in Open This contains step-by-step instructions including:  A link to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)  The location within VLSC where the keys are located  A link to the Azure Portal where the keys can be redeemed Notification

38 Welcome! Congratulations on your newly accepted Open License with Microsoft. You have been assigned Administrator permissions on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) site. In order to access the VLSC site, you must first register and validate your business address, which was provided to Microsoft when your contract or order was submitted. To begin registration, click the link below. When prompted, enter your business as shown below: VLSC Registration: How to activate your Online Services: 1. Please obtain your Product Key from VLSC. The Online Service Activation (OSA) Keys can be found at either of the following locations from the VLSC Homepage: Download & Keys > find the Product/Service name > click Key Licenses > Relationship Summary > Click on the License Number > Product Key 2.Copy the Keys and activate at the below Online Product Portal : For Office 365 activation For Windows Intune activation Copy the Keys and activate Azure at Azure Portal Thank you, The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center Team Sample VLSC

39 Microsoft Azure Using VLSC to Retrieve Product Keys

40 VLSC sign-in


42 VLSC sign-up

43 VLSC contract signing (Open License only)

44 VLSC main screen

45 Azure VLSC downloads and keys


47 Office 365, Intune, or Azure redemption site Key redemption steps

48 Microsoft Azure Azure Portals

49 Microsoft Azure Portals

50 Microsoft Azure Redeeming Keys & Subscription Setup

51 Select the action that you want to perform – Create a new subscription using Azure Open Key, or top- up an existing subscription. Subscription: Create new or top up existing

52 About You information including customer SMS check New Subscription Signup - Verification

53 Provide the Online services activation (OSA) key. Add partner ID on which automatic alert will be sent when balance goes below 30% of the initial value. New Subscription – OSA Key & Partner ID

54 Ask reseller / customer to setup alerts so that they get notification regarding balance expiry, and can work on the top-up order. New Subscription Signup – Alerts

55 Add Reseller as co-administrator (Management Portal) At management portal customer can add reseller as a co-administrator


57 1.Monitoring Consumption Overview 2.Monitoring Consumption – screenshots 3.Adding Azure Credits 4.Credit Card Top Up (Emergencies) 5.Consumption Reporting for Partners Monitoring Consumption & Recharging

58 Monitoring Consumption  Customers can use the Azure Management Portal to manage domains, end users & subscriptions  Resellers can act as co-administrator on customer account (once authorised)  Low balance alerts – via , account & management portal  Recharge via account portal  12 month consumption period begins with activation of each key  If customer has purchased multiple keys caution is needed to manage the activation of keys so that the customer has time to use the full value of each key before consumption period ends

59 Microsoft Azure Monitoring Consumption Screenshots

60 Account Portal – Services Used On Overview tab see breakdown of Azure services consumption

61 On Recharge History Tab see subscriptions, balance and recharge information ps:// ps:// Account Portal – Subscription Status

62 Account Portal warning when balance is low. Account Portal Warning

63 Management Portal – Balance Status Management Portal Balance Status – showing in green as above threshold for recharge alert

64 Management Portal warning when balance is low. Management Portal Warning

65 Microsoft Azure Adding Azure Credits

66 Adding Credit Overview  A customer can purchase OSA Keys to renew Azure in Open on or before the 12-month consumption period of their Azure commitment purchase via the Open Volume Licensing Program  The purchase can occur under their original agreement (if active), or a renewed Open / Open Value agreement, if the original has expired already.

67 Top Up balance at the account portal by adding a new product key Adding Azure Credits

68 Microsoft Azure Credit Card Top Up - Emergencies

69 Credit card top-up principles 69 What is a credit card top-up? To avoid service interruption, top-up purchases can be made by the customer as an emergency option on the Microsoft Azure portal via credit card.

70 Customer can also use credit card to add balance for emergency top ups. Top Up by Credit Card


72 On Demand Training Content directed at resellers is available at:  Partner Marketing Center (PMC) Partner Marketing Center (PMC)  This will include the L100, L200 L300 deck tailored for Resellers in all available languages Global Operations Readiness Reseller Training Content

73 Escalation Paths – for Reseller Query Type - VL Order/Agreement Issue e.g.: Agreement Status Update Order/Invoice Status Update Pricing inquiry Missing SKU Return Request Query Type – Portal/Provisioning/Activations Issues e.g.: Provisioning queries (technical and non technical) Activation Issues on Portal Issues e.g tenant issues Regional Operations Centre Distributor Query Type – VLSC e.g.: VLSC systems issues Access/display issues Regional VLSC support cecenter/Help/Contact.aspx Azure Customer Care Support com/en/us/Pages/Support/r egional-service-centers.aspx

74 Escalation Paths – for End Customer Query Type - VL Order/Agreement Issue e.g.: Agreement Status Update Order/Invoice Status Update Pricing inquiry Missing SKU Return Request Query Type – Portal/Provisioning/Activations Issues e.g.: Provisioning queries (technical and non technical) Activation Issues on Portal Issues e.g tenant issues Regional Operations Center Reseller Query Type – VLSC e.g.: VLSC systems issues Access/display issues Regional VLSC support cecenter/Help/Contact.aspx Click on main support link on Azure Portal for local contact information

75 For details on available technical support plans, visit the Azure Support Plans page// Technical Support Plans (not available through Open, purchase separately) us/support/plans/

76 Azure in Open – Reseller Resources  Azure Blog  Azure Website  Microsoft Volume Licensing -licensing/product-licensing.aspx#tab=2 -licensing/product-licensing.aspx#tab=2

77  Ensure you do not accept orders from countries where Azure in Open is not available  Promote to customers the value of having their reseller manage the key redemption and provisioning processes on their behalf  Recommend to customers that they include their own & your at activation so you both receive low credit alerts  Register on PMC & MPN for access to training materials 77 Key Reminders:


79 Anatomy of a sale 79 New server with 500GB HDD Microsoft Azure Back-up, 100GB Purchase interest Example: 100GB Microsoft Azure Backup $28 (100GB x $0.28) estimated monthly burn rate $336 ($28 x 12) estimated yearly burn rate $0.28 /GB/month meter rate

80 Anatomy of a sale 80 Microsoft Azure Medium VM Microsoft Azure Blob Storage – 1TB Purchase interest Example: $0.18/Hour ~$134/Month Medium VM $184 estimated monthly total burn rate If customer purchases $500 of services top off in less than 3 months ($500 / $184 = 2.7 months) $0.05/GB $50/TB Locally Redundant Storage, Up to 1TB $ ($0.18 x 24 hrs. per day x 31 days) $50 ($0.05/GB x 1000 GB storage)

81 Local currencies Global datacenters Global support 24 x 7 x 365 support Over 1 billion customers, 20 million businesses 90 markets worldwide 280 years of combined industry experience in infrastructure, security, product dev, and global ops Local account teams ₩ ¥ € руб $ $ £ $ Rp TL chf kr $ R $ $ Microsoft Azure – Datacenters

82 82


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