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Government Furnished Property

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1 Government Furnished Property
David Guinasso Supporting OSD (AT&L) DPAP PDI

2 Synchronizing the Policy
Material/ Logistics Equipment/ Accountability Acquisition/ GFP DoDM 4140 DoDI DoDI Estimated January 2013 Published May 2011 Published April 2012 DoDM 4140 Policies based on 19 business rules ensuring consistency of policy and terminology across organizations

3 The Concept Property Transaction Touch Points
Process P2P Award Procurement Instrument Administer Procurement Instrument Perform Receipt, Acceptance, Return Manage Procurement Instrument Entitlement Manage Disbursement Perform Procurement Instrument Closeout Sub-processes Award Procurement Instrument Administer Government Property Accept Products / Services Issue Contract Completion Notices Disposition of Loss Contract Completion Notice Advanced Shipment Notice Procurement Instrument Data Object Includes formal process for delivery of CAP Plant Clearance Disposition Instruction List of GFP Transferred to next contract Acceptance List of GFP Provided by the Government Property Transfer Contractor Receipt of GFP WAWF IUID Registry APSR Logistics Systems ERPs LTDD PCARSS WAWF IUID Registry APSR Logistics Systems ERPs System CWS Smart Attachment EDA CWS PCARSS Smart Attachment EDA MOCAS 3

4 What’s New in Policy Standardization of assignment of Contractor DoDAACs Instructions for property attachments New UID coverage Instructions for Reparable Receiving Report in Appendix F Electronic DD1149 (856)

5 What’s New in Systems Property Reports from the IUID Registry
Ability to add information to a non-UII’d property record in the Registry EXCEL to Property Attachment conversion tool Importing attachment data into the Registry Metrics on contract construction Merging of WAWF and the IUID Registry

6 Enhanced Reporting Implementation
Phase 1 All GFP currently in the possession of contractors (by Cage/Contractor/DoDAAC/Contract). All property transactions within a specified time period (receipts in, transfers, shipments, loss, etc.). Government property transfers to Contractors where there isn’t a contractor receipt. Phase 2 Complete addition of any queries/reports from existing reports that were not done in phase 1. Possible “Score Card” capability. Possible “Report Creator” role for external users to create custom reports. Phase 1 based on capability requirements primarily from Dave G. “Must be able to do” Phase 1 is essentially concerned with standing up the SSRS capability with the initial reporting required.

7 Registry v5.2 Non-UII GFP Requirements
There are 3 requirements specific to Non-UII GFP in v5.2: Update a Non-UII record to add a UII Add a Contract Number to a Non-UII record Add an Life Cycle Event to a Non-UII record These are web only functions These are web only because the system would not know which bin/record was being changed if the customer was submitting an XML.

8 Clause Metrics FAR 52.245-1 in cost and time & material contracts
Required DFARS Property clauses present in contracts with FAR First Quarter FY14 performance

9 Challenges Property systems vs Accountability systems
PBL and CLS contracts Usage of DLMS Training “Its not Government Property, it belongs to the Air Force.” ….DoD Program Manager

10 Questions? Tools Training Guidebooks
Procedures FAQs Links to -Policy -Architecture UID GFP Purchase Card eBusiness

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