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AP US & AP Comparative Government at WSHS

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1 AP US & AP Comparative Government at WSHS
Elizabeth Jackson-Pettine Handouts are in the front, please take one!

2 Government Choices at WSHS
All seniors are required to take a one year course in government, the choices at WSHS are: US/VA Government Honors US/VA Government AP US Government and Politics AP US and Comparative Government and Politics

3 AP US Government Overview
The goals of AP US Government are for students to: Know important facts pertaining to the government and politics of the United States Understand major political concepts, themes, and generalizations Understand typical patterns of political processes and behavior and their consequences Be able to compare and contrast political institutions and processes and to derive generalizations from them Be able to analyze and interpret basic data relevant to government and politics

4 Comparative Course Overview
Through AP US Government & Comparative Government we aim to: Study the governments of the US, UK, Russia, China, Mexico, Nigeria and Iran Examine political institutions Explain differences in processes & policy outcomes Emphasize the importance of global political and economic change Understand of the strengths and weaknesses of the different political systems Compare and contrast developed, nearly developed and developing countries We cover the US Government approximately the first 4 months of the class and the comparative countries the second 4 months of the class, with some of the information interspersed throughout. Students have done well on both exams and the pass rate for the comparative class was 92% in 2009 with most students receiving 4s and 5s. Students will become “experts” in one of the comparative countries and undertake a comprehensive project in that country during the spring. Since we cover twice as much information as the AP Government class, it is a fast-paced class that should only be undertaken by students who are advanced academically and eager to challenge themselves. It is especially suitable for students interested in international affairs, political science and current events in the outside world.

5 How is AP US different than AP Comp Govt?
US course Comparative course Good for general AP student Equivalent to 1 college semester of US govt US-centric Slower paced, more long-term projects/simulations Some current events @1 hour of hmwk/class One AP exam No summer assignment Good for advanced AP student 1 college semester of US govt & one semester comparativ govt World-centric Faster paced, more short term projects/simulations Lots of current events @1-2 hours of homework/class Two AP exams Summer reading assignment & short essays John Micklethwait The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race To Reinvent The State

6 AP Exams in May: AP Exams AP US Government AP Comparative Government
45 Minutes – 60 MC Questions 100 Minutes – 4 Free Response Essay Questions (FRQs) AP Comparative Government 45 Minutes – 55 MC Questions 100 Minutes – 5 Short Response and 3 FRQs Insert a map of your country.

7 Contact Information If you have any questions regarding either course, please contact Elizabeth Jackson at

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