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Government of Moldova e-Transformation Stela Mocan e-Government Center/Government CIO.

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1 Government of Moldova e-Transformation Stela Mocan e-Government Center/Government CIO

2 MOLDOVA Population: Territory: GDP/capita: Mobile penetration: Internet penetration: ICT contribution: Government structure: 3,559,500 33,846 km² 3,415 USD 114% > 50% 8-10% GDP 16 ministries 7 agencies 12,000 public servants Russia Ukraine Turkey Romania Poland Austria Finland

3 PartnershipsMoneyMan powerMandateLeadership PROGRESS INGREDIENTS


5 How we started our journey ? e-Government Center AUGUST 10, 2010: High level ministerial Round-Table with participation of Prime Minister Filat, WB, Government CIOs from Singapore, UK, Maart Laar, former Estonia Prime Minister, Gartner JANUARY, 2010: The Government signed the MOU on e-Government with the IDA International Singapore AUGUST 18, 2010: The Government sets up the e-Government Center/Government CIO Office OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2010: The team from IDA International Singapore assisted the government to define the e-Transformation vision and develop the EGC/Government CIO July 6, 2012: Government set up in each ministry a CIO office to drive sectorial e-transformation

6 Digital Services Information Security IT capacity building Favorable Regulatory Framework Innovative technology Intelligent IT investment Data center consolidation Public services reengineering Enterprise architecture Cloud Interoperability Modern Access Channels MANDATE: Government Technology Strategy Government Decision nr. 710, 20.09.2011

7 Prime Minister National e- Transformation Commission Management Board E-Government Center CIO Office Ministry Agency Governance

8 Leadership starts the Journey but Man Power Delivers Change and Results EGC/Government CIO = Delivery Team

9 USD 20M USD 3 M USD 1,4 M World Bank Government of Moldova Dutch Trust Fund MONEY

10 Countries International Development Partners PPPs Power of Partnerships

11 E-Transformation Projects Launched 2011-2013

12 Endless lines for public services?

13 By 2020 all public services online accessible from Public Services Portal 330 services & 78 e-services available on G2C Portal Since the Portal launching (May 10, 2012) it has been visited by 84,412 individuals

14 Security by Design Mobile by Default Content Portability Open Data APIs Cloud First Shared by Default Digital by Default Framework


16 MOBILE SIGNATURE Launched in September 2012, in partnership with Orange and Moldcell mobile operators

17 Mobile Digital Signature The Moldovan Government received “Best mGovernment Award” at GSMA 2013

18 Sectorial e-ServicesShared e-ServicesPlatform Services  E-Licensing  G2C Portal  MPay  E-Cazier  SIGEDIA  MPass  E-CNAS  E-Reporting  MSign  E-CNAM  ECMP  MNotify  E-Invoice  E-Authorizations  MLog  E-Visa  E-Registry  E-Cadastre  E-Appointment  E-Admission

19 Authentication and Access Control Service Launched in May, 2013

20 Government Electronic Payment Platform Fully operable from July, 2013 No fees for citizens!

21 MCloud Platform fully operable from February 14, 2013 Infrastructure as Service Platform as Service Software as Service CLOUD FIRST POLICY

22 PAPERLESS GOVERNMENT Starting with January 1, 2014, the Government will use an electronic documents management system to increase its efficiency and reduce paper consumption

23 Data Journalism Bootcamp Open Government Day TechCamps Hackathon Open Data Knowledge Exchanges

24 Let’s Stay Connected! Flickr Slideshare Facebook Twitter YouTube Thank you for attention!

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