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State and Local Government

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1 State and Local Government
Unit 7 State and Local Government

2 How is Pennsylvania government organized and what is its powers?
Unit 7 Lesson1 Notes How is Pennsylvania government organized and what is its powers?

3 I. Levels of Gov’t in USA Federal (National) Government
PA State Government– Adams County Government Township, Boroughs, City Gov’ts, and School Districts.

4 What do you know about the Executive Branch?

5 II. PA Government Headquarters are in Harrisburg Executive Branch
Governor – Ed Rendell (Democrat) Serves 4 yr terms, 2 term limit Lt. Governor – Joe Scarnati (Democrat) Executive Departments – Departments who make sure laws are carried out. ex: Penn DOT

6 What do you know about the Legislative Branch?

7 C. Legislative Branch General Assembly – makes laws for PA. (Much like Congress makes laws for nation) Bicameral ⃗ composed of 2 Houses PA Senate – 50 members PA House of Representatives – 203 members

8 What do you know about the Judicial Branch?

9 D. Judicial Branch PA Supreme Court Commonwealth & Superior Court
Court of Common Pleas– County Court District Justices

10 PA Supreme Court Top court in PA Consists 7 members
Elected for 10 year terms

11 Unit 7 Lesson 2 How is Adams County government organized and who are the key members of it?

12 II. County Government PA has a total of 67 counties. Each county has its own gov’t. Gettysburg is the County Seat of Adams County. This is where our county’s government works and meets.

13 A. County Commissioners
A board of 3 persons who run the county gov’t. Act as legislative & executive branches. Constitute the chief governing body of the county. Limited statutory/law-making power. Power to regulate includes: Elections, voter registration Assessment of property for taxes Adoption of county budget Levying county taxes Building and funding county orphanages, prisons, and nursing homes

14 B. Other County Officials
County Controller – chief financial officer of the county. Manages finances according to budget. County Treasurer - duties include receipt, custody, and disbursement of county monies. District Attorney – Conducts all criminal prosecutions in court for the state. Also in charge of appointing detectives.

15 Sheriff – delivers arrest and search warrants to police, subpoenas, eviction notices and other papers of the court. Also transports criminals to and from court. Clerk of Courts – Keeps all papers filed under criminal and civil procedures of courts.

16 Recorder of Deeds – preservation of records relating to real estate property in county.
Coroner – Investigates unusual deaths Register of Wills – jurisdiction over probate of wills, collects inheritance tax, issues marriage licenses.

17 How are school districts organized?
Unit 7 Lesson 3 How are school districts organized?

18 School Districts

19 I. Administration School Districts act as a form of local gov’t.
Act as a governing body with full power to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them by law. Powers: Employ school personnel Provide school buildings Buy textbooks and other supplies Set additional standards above and beyond state standards Levy school taxes

20 II. Superintendent Administrative head of the school district
Hired by the board to run the day-to-day operations of the school district. Acts as a professional advisor to the board. Mr. Larry Redding –Superintendent

21 III. Board of School Directors
Legislative & Executive Branch Exercises policymaking for district Tasks: Appointment of all school personnel Setting scope and direction of the program of instruction. Adopt general rules & regulations covering the management, supervision, control, or prohibition of any school functions, games, school publications, or activities in the school.

22 IV. Gettysburg School Board
School Board is composed of 9 members 3 members are elected from each region Serve 4 year terms

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