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An alternative (insular) view from Government Allan W Paterson Director, Information Systems

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1 An alternative (insular) view from Government Allan W Paterson Director, Information Systems Division, @bigcheeser 25 th February 2010 Virtualisation & Cloud Computing Ark Conference

2 Perhaps a key message to start.... Technology is a bridge......... not a destination

3 There’s no such thing as a new idea March 30, 1965 "a nationwide information utility, which will enable subscribers to obtain, economically, efficiently, immediately, the required information flow to facilitate the conduct of business and other affairs." Source Rough Type Nicholas Carr’s blog 28 November 2009

4 So, why didn’t it happen in the 70s, 80s, 90s,...? Andy Groves, Chairman of Intel, 1995 The telecommunications network only doubles in capacity every century Without an effective distribution grid, sophisticated IT services cannot be delivered outside a very small domain Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, 1993 When the network becomes as fast as the processors, the computer hollows out and spreads across the network With the widespread introduction of fibre broadband, the network is the computer

5 Let’s talk about ICT enabling the business How we started (1986) Where we were at the start of the 21 st C Where we should be EffectiveEfficient Customer Focussed

6 Physician heal thyself Symptoms  One of everything and multiples of the one  Variety of old technology – high risk – high license costs  Failing projects  High complexity  Owned by the suppliers  Lacking transparency  Over 100 pages of forms if you were a small family business moving to the island  Benchmarking services High cost centre high cost distributed inhibiting service improvement

7 So from an IT point of view, we wanted …. A jargon free approach to 21 st Century technology M – M arket leading with 3 rd party solution vendors – S – S imple, Secure, Scalable, Shared, Standards, Smart sourced C – C onsolidated, Converged, Commodity, Cheaper providing a robust and responsive service base Strategic relationships Cisco and Microsoft Windows is an enterprise, open system, when the Network is the computer

8 And we got the authority.... Isle of Man Government ICT Policy Isle of Man Government is committed to the use of integrated ICT for competitive advantage. Accordingly, Government will maintain a central strategic ownership of ICT technologies, process and data architecture, standards and governance, and ICT Production Services. This enables an overarching perspective of ICT and its contribution to the effectiveness and productivity of Public Service, as well as driving a more cost efficient base for ICT in Government.

9 Getting to Customer Focussed Service 1. Foundations3. Common Areas2. Building Infrastructure

10 The Foundations  Data Centres  Desktop  Network  Website  Contracts & Frameworks

11 We gotta have a network diagram

12 What kind of service did we aim for....

13 And we gotta have an architecture picture

14 What that actually means.... Application AApplication B

15 And the desktop service.....  PC & laptop failure – fix or replace within 1 hour  Operating system – current & -1  Single sign-on  Remote support  Central patching / anti-virus  Procurement cost down by over 50%, lead time by 90%  File & Print servers from 44 down to 3  Reported desktop faults down by 65%

16 The Building Infrastructure  Security  Registration & Authentication  Audit  Poste Restante  Change of Circumstance  Payment engine  Interoperability

17 The Common Areas  Accounting  Customer Relationship  MannGIS  Records Mann  E-mail  Vehicle Management

18 “The move to a ‘single patient record’ is a key step towards improved medical outcomes as well as real efficiencies” So, does it make a difference?

19 And does this approach offer value?

20 More opportunities for convergence....

21 And let’s not forget Sustainability

22 Learnings  The legacy world  “Climate” change  Managing “eggs in one basket”  Data Protection  The real issues remain business issues  There is resistance to shared services  VFM – audit, audit, and audit again  Cloud is a “sourcing” issue  The future is hybrid and consumerised  We need to focus on web services

23 Thank you - Gura mie ayd

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