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Information To The Hand Cover Sheet V1.2March 2014 RequestHub - Information to the Hand.

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1 Information To The Hand Cover Sheet V1.2March 2014 RequestHub - Information to the Hand

2 A bit of background on us Page 2 Been in business for 16 years Privately owned, profitable and based in Birmingham 50 + staff Custom Application Development including Desktop, Browser, Tablet and Phone Microsoft centric technology Partner Information Management – BI, SharePoint and Data Platform Azure Cloud and O365 Information To The Hand

3 ‘Information to the Hand’ – what do Customers tell us they want and need? Page 3 Information on your terms – to suit the location, role and device Timely, believable and accurate Information Ability to get Information anywhere, lets say via email Find, request and off-line browse information easily Field based users want simple information, not fancy graphics (the form factor is too small) One single version of the truth Single pane of glass – leverage existing Information and functionality in one place Information To The Hand

4 Before RequestHub was born, there was Report Mailer – what is this? Page 4 An ability to request Dashboards, Reports and Information via email using any email enabled device No concerns over data security, we leverage existing exchange security policy Users can request reports even when not online An ability to extend the reach of BI and Information delivery to everyone Send a report request, ‘ReportMailer’ runs the report real-time, creates PDF, attaches it to an email and sends it back to you Seamless integration into Microsoft Exchange, O365 and any SQL Server based reporting Information To The Hand On-premise, Hybrid or Azure Cloud – the Customer can choose

5 Page 5 Information To The Hand H Current Report Mailer solution

6 Page 6 Information To The Hand H How the RequestHub App transforms this

7 Page 7 Information To The Hand H This is the main menu screen. Most requests can be done from here. By the way, its pretty straight forward to build new buttons to launch your requests You can request stuff such as BI Dashboards, Reports, Documents from SharePoint or Information. Also, actions can be requested such as Refresh Cube, upload document, etc. Touching Clients and Projects Button takes you to a view of Customers and Projects. These could be Brands, Stores, or sites, etc. Changing the user journey is pretty straight forward… Swipe left for recently viewed Clients/Projects and again for favourites. These can be followed if you are returning to them frequently

8 Page 8 Information To The Hand H Once a Customer has been selected, all projects are listed. Different icons represent project types and some further information is surfaced from CRM Select a Project and will see further detail from multiple LOB systems – CRM (Salesforce),.Net Timesheet system and SharePoint You can request the project Dashboard from here to be emailed to you, or downloaded direct to your hand in RequestHub

9 Page 9 Information To The Hand H If you wish, you can create a tile on your Windows Phone home screen so that you can navigate directly to it Follow and un-following projects to add/remove them from your Favourites, great for when Project Managers are looking after certain projects Once you have requested your Dashboard or any other existing Microsoft BI asset, you get a Toast notification telling you its on its way Swipe left to see the list of the Consultants that are assigned to the project

10 Page 10 Information To The Hand H Select the Consultant assigned to the project for more actions and requests You can request the Consultants Dashboard to see what else they are assigned to, etc., what holidays do they have booked, call them directly from here as ask about the project Swipe left again to see the list of the documents for this project. These are stored and fetched from a SharePoint document workplace. Contextual to the project, not simply a document list Document type, author and date/time metadata is also displayed. Touch to download or get it emailed to you…

11 Page 11 Information To The Hand H When you request a report or document to be delivered via email, this is what you get. Works with O365 in Azure or on-premise Exchange The report is simply PDF’d and sent to you. If you request a document, you get it in Word, Excel, etc. Delivery via email leverages your existing security policies too If you are without a data signal i.e. on the Tube, RequestHub will simply place the request in a queue until signal returns, the email will be delivered in the same way all of your others do

12 Page 12 Information To The Hand H Here is an example of a Dashboard viewed on the Phone, if screen space is an issue, simply forward to another device such as a Windows Surface tablet Here is one of my projects that I created a Live Tile on my Home screen earlier. I can navigate directly to the Project from here.

13 Page 13 Information To The Hand H Requesting documents is easy. Here is a list of previously request Dashboards, reports or documents. Simply touch the item to request an update to be sent. The same process applies to items downloaded directly to the Phone. All documents are stored securely in a sandboxed area of the phone.

14 Page 14 Information To The Hand H Finally Search. RequestHub will find any Projects, Documents or People – on the Phone first and then in SharePoint Although SharePoint documents can be accessable on a Windows Phone, don’t forget these can be downloaded and emailed As soon as Windows 8.1 is released, the Tablet and desktop modern day App will be next….

15 What does the Windows Phone app do (tablet coming soon)? Page 15 Simple and intuitive experience to Search for and request information Ability to view Dashboards, Reporting, Documents and request actions whilst offline History and Favourites can be stored locally with the App The App can search, find and request documents (and in document sets) from SharePoint too Leverages existing BI/SharePoint solutions, Azure and O365/email exchange Trigger actions such as upload documents to CRM and SharePoint, cube refresh, etc. Information To The Hand Delivery via email, direct to mobile or browser

16 Uses for the Apps Page 16 Information To The Hand Professional Services - Requesting Project, resource and people information Construction – Requesting the latest version of a set of plans whilst on-site Retail - Obtaining Stock and Merchandising information – Supermarkets, Product vendors Legal – up to date cases matters and project billing Retail Banking - Looking up Sales and Service performance Outsourcing – Getting the latest service delivery and helpdesk statistics Flexible costs – App development, per user or report/action request billing

17 Why bring us into your Customers? Page 17 Information To The Hand We will help accelerate the adoption of Apps Already have App building experience and existing soloutions Help to drive the use of Tablets and Phones First ‘Projects’ App (surface) available in the Windows Store Leverage other Microsoft investments i.e SQL, BI, Azure, SharePoint Offer real world benefits – Mobile BI – pervasive field based use Other solutions include….

18 Page 18 Information To The Hand H This is our first App designed for a Windows 8 touch Device. It provides a ‘single pane of glass’ experience bringing together many disparate systems Aggregated Sales numbers from our CRM in the cloud, but surfaced via Azure mobile services Manage Pipeline and won projects through the entire project lifecycle

19 Page 19 Information To The Hand H Similar to RequestHub, you can following Projects and people

20 Page 20 Information To The Hand H Drill down into Project detail to see financial, deal information, etc. Track Project delivery progress vs planned, spot if overrun may occur

21 Page 21 Information To The Hand H Get even more information on the project time breakdown, that comes from our Time Management solution hosted in Azure Bring together Project Management based information from SharePoint

22 Page 22 Information To The Hand H Integration with Bing Maps shows the location of Customers and Projects

23 Page 23 Information To The Hand H We have also designed and built our SharePoint Intranet to be touch and tablet friendly

24 Page 24 Information To The Hand H Fully integrated with CRM, SQL, BI, Azure and mobile gives one unified experience Oh by the way, this is where RequestHub fetches the documents from for a Project in the mobile App

25 Page 25 Information To The Hand Thank you – Any Questions?

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