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Another Fun Day at AHS Directions: Scroll through the presentation and enter the answers (which are really the questions) and the questions (which.

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3 Another Fun Day at AHS

4 Directions: Scroll through the presentation and enter the answers (which are really the questions) and the questions (which are really the answers). Enter in the categories on the main game boards. As you play the game, click on the TEXT DOLLAR AMOUNT that the contestant calls, not the surrounding box. When they have given a question, click again anywhere on the screen to see the correct question. Keep track of which questions have already been picked by printing out the game board screen and checking off as you go. Click on the “Game” box to return to the main scoreboard. Enter the score into the black box on each players podium. Continue until all clues are given. When finished, DO NOT save the game. This will overwrite the program with the scores and data you enter. You MAY save it as a different name, but keep this file untouched!

5 Round 1Round 2 Final Jeopardy

6 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Round 2 Final Jeopardy Scores

7 $100 Elderly Pennsylvania delegate sent to the Annapolis Convention to revise the Articles of Confederation

8 $100 Who was Benjamin Franklin Scores

9 $200 Man chosen to be the nation’s first President

10 $200 Who was George Washington Scores

11 $300 Man who proposed the idea of the Bill of Rights

12 $300 Who was Thomas Jefferson Scores

13 $400 Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury and Federalist Leader

14 $400 Who was Alexander Hamilton Scores

15 $500 The first Vice- President and second President

16 $500 Who was John Adams? Scores

17 $100 First written form of American government

18 $100 What were the Articles of Confederation ? Scores

19 $200 The Law-Making body of the United States

20 $200 What is Congress? Scores

21 $300 First Ten Amendments to the Constitution

22 $300 What is the Bill of Rights? Scores


24 $400 What D.C. stands for in Washington, D.C.

25 $400 What is the District of Columbia? Scores

26 $500 Hamilton’s excise tax that made Western corn farmers angry enough to rebel against the federal government

27 $500 What was the Whiskey Tax? Scores

28 $100 Body of water that separates Europe from the United States

29 $100 Where is the Atlantic Ocean Where is the Atlantic Ocean Scores

30 $200 City: site of the Constitutional Convention meetings

31 $200 Where is Philadelphia, PA? Scores

32 $300 State: Birthplace of Washington, Jefferson and Madison

33 $300 Where is Virginia? Scores

34 $400 First state to ratify the Constitution

35 $400 Where is Delaware? Scores

36 $500 French-held city that controlled the trade down the Mississippi River

37 $500 Where was New Orleans, LA? Scores

38 $100 After an amendment is ratified by ¾ of the states

39 $100 When can the Constitution be changed? Scores

40 $200 In 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris

41 $200 When did the United States officially become independent of Britain? Scores

42 $300 From their passage and until the Constitution came into full effect in 1789

43 $300 When were the Articles of Confederation in effect as the written Law of the Land? Scores

44 $400 September 17, 1788

45 $400 When was the Constitution ratified? Scores

46 $500 With disagreements between the Federalists and anti- Federalist over the powers granted to a central government

47 $500 When did the concept of political parties begin to take shape in the United States? Scores

48 $100 By implementing the Great Compromise with a bicameral legislature

49 $100 How were the disputes between the large and small states resolved in the Constitution? Scores

50 $200 By giving each state two members in the upper house of Congress

51 $200 How are states represented in the Senate? Scores

52 $300 By a majority of the Electoral College vote

53 $300 How is the President of the United States selected for office? Scores

54 $400 Through proposal of 2/3 of the Congress or states and then by ratification of ¾ of the states

55 $400 How are amendments added to the Constitution? Scores

56 $500 By the 3/5 th Compromise allowing slaves to be counted as 60% of a person for both taxes and representation in the House

57 $500 How was the slavery issue resolved in the Constitution? Scores

58 $100 Because he lead the Continental Army to victory during the American Revolution

59 $100 Why was George Washington selected as the first President of the United States? Scores

60 $200 To sooth the anti- Federalists problems with a strong central government that might have taken away the rights they had

61 $200 Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution? Scores

62 $300 Because the Articles of Confederation were too weak to deal with crisis facing the new nation

63 $300 Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced with the Constitution? Scores

64 $400 To finance government just as they do now

65 $400 Why do people pay taxes? Scores

66 $500 To be sure one branch of government or one person does not hold all power in a nation

67 $500 Why does the United States use three branches or separation of power to organize the government? Scores

68 SocialPoliticalEcono mic Person alities Geogra phy Pot Luck $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000 Round 1 Final Jeopardy Scores

69 $200 Planter s Free Farmers Indentured Servants Slaves and Indigenous People

70 $200 What was the social system in the South? Scores

71 $400 They were regarded like women, the poor and children as a class by the English Parliament in Great Britain

72 $400 Who were the American colonists? Scores

73 $600 They were skilled craftsmen who were looked down upon by the planters and merchants in Early America

74 $600 Who were the artisans Scores

75 $800 Socially, they were the lowest of all groups and not even considered “people” by the Founding Fathers

76 $800 Who were slaves, Indians, and women? Scores

77 $1000 Unlike in Europe where birth was your status, this determined one’s social position in America

78 $1000 What is wealth, talent, skills, or land ownership? Scores

79 $200 Their job and function is to advise the President

80 $200 What is the President’s Cabinet? Scores


82 $400 The law-making, law-enforcing, and law-interpreting branches of the US government

83 $400 What are the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches? Scores

84 $600 First part of the Constitution

85 $600 What is the Preamble? Scores

86 $800 It’s how the President is selected

87 $800 What is the Electoral College? Scores

88 $1000 Because we elect representatives and don’t vote on laws as citizens

89 $1000 Why is the US a republic and not a democracy? Scores

90 $200 At the US Mint

91 $200 Where is US currency printed? Scores

92 $400 The Internal Revenue Service of the Treasury

93 $400 What governmental unit collects taxes? Scores

94 $600 Semi-Regulated Capitalism or Free Market System

95 $600 What is the economic system in the United States? Scores

96 $800 It’s a time of high unemployment, lower prices and wages, and failure of businesses

97 $800 What is a Depression? Scores

98 $1000 Time of rising prices, but not necessarily business failure or unemployment

99 $1000 What is a recession or inflation? Scores

100 $200 “First in War, First in Peace”

101 $200 Who was George Washington? Scores

102 $400 Author-plagiarist of the Declaration of Independence, first Secretary of State, leading anti-Federalist, and third President of the United States

103 $400 Who was Thomas Jefferson? Scores


105 $600 Father of the Constitution, Federalist, and fourth President of the United States, aka Dolly’s spouse

106 $600 Who was James Madison? Scores

107 $800 First Secretary of the Treasury, born in the West Indies, and leader of the Federalist Party

108 $800 Who was Alexander Hamilton? Scores

109 $1000 Virginia Patriot, anti-Federalist who said, “Give me Liberty or give me Death”

110 $1000 Who was Patrick Henry? Scores

111 $200 La rge body of salt water bordering FL, AL, MS, LA, and TX

112 $200 What is the Gulf of Mexico Scores

113 $400 State directly northeast of Illinois and across Lake Michigan from us

114 $400 Where is Michigan? Scores

115 $600 High sodium chloride filled and land-locked lake in the state of Utah

116 $600 Where is the Great Salt Lake? Scores

117 $800 River that starts at Pittsburgh, PA, is a tributary to the Mississippi River, and forms the southern border of Illinois

118 $800 Where is the Ohio River? Scores

119 $1000 This European nation loaned a great deal of money to the Colonists which led to a Revolution in 1789 using the guillotine as a method of execution

120 $1000 Where is France? Scores

121 $200 Two of the three states west of the Appalachians that were NOT part of the Original Thirteen States

122 $200 What are Vermont, Maine, and/or Florida? Scores

123 $400 Indian confederation in New York state that ended with the American Revolution

124 $400 What was the Iroquois Confederation ? Scores

125 $600 Housing and feeding soldiers in one’s home

126 $600 What is quartering? Scores

127 $800 Rights granted by nature just for the fact one is a human being

128 $800 What are natural or inalienable rights? Scores

129 $1000 They mean -to reject -to change -to suggest They mean -to reject -to change -to suggest

130 $1000 Define: veto, amend, and propose Scores

131 Presidents Final Jeopardy Question

132 The only two Presidents who were impeached

133 Who were Andrew Johnson and William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton Scores

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