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Author Andrea Cefalo And how you can become an author, too…if you want.

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2 Author Andrea Cefalo And how you can become an author, too…if you want

3 Steps to Becoming an Author 1.Read. Read a lot. 2. Write. Do that a lot, too. 3. Get published. 4. Get noticed so people buy your book.

4 Step One: Read 0 1. Read like a writer Read books similar to what you want to write by successful authors Read books about writing Do it now.

5 Step Two: Write 0 1. Write everyday Share your writing with good writers Take Criticism 0 A. See it as a way to get better at what you do. 0 B. Ignore rude/ignorant people Get blocked? 0 A. Find a writing prompt. 0 B. Get inspired. 0 C. Read a good book Do it now.

6 Step Three: Get Published 0 First, you have to make a decision between Traditional Publishing Vs. Self/Indie Publishing. Traditional Publishing Self/Indie Publishing Pros: Only way to get a publisher You might make it big Less expensive Representation Easier to sell your books to retailers Cons: Wait time Profit-sharing Marketing Meeting deadlines/word counts No guarantees of success Pros: Creative control Little wait time Less profit-sharing Cons: No representation/Learning curve Hard to sell Dealing with wholesalers Time/money investment Marketing

7 So you’ve decided to self-publish… 0 1. Revise your novel three times Get your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, etc. to read it and give your feedback Get a copyright. ($40) 0 4. Get an ISBN number and bar code. ($75-$375) 0 5. Pay for a professional line edit and copy edit. ($1200 and up) 0 6. Get Lightning Source to use you as a publisher Pay for professional ebook and paperback formatting or do it yourself. Pay for a graphic designer to make a cover Put it up on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, etc.

8 Sit back and watch the money roll in… Nope! Now it’s time to figure out how to get people to buy your book.

9 Step Four: Get Noticed 0 1. Find the people who want to read the stuff you write. (My examples) 0 2. Use social media to find them Make a website Try to get people to write reviews Try to get in Newspapers and Magazines. Try to get on the Radio and on TV Schedule book signings Read as much as you can on marketing.

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