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Author Andrea Cefalo And how you can become an author, too…if you want.

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2 Author Andrea Cefalo And how you can become an author, too…if you want

3 Steps to Becoming an Author 1.Read. Read a lot. 2. Write. Do that a lot, too. 3. Get published. 4. Get noticed so people buy your book.

4 Step One: Read 0 1. Read like a writer. 0 2. Read books similar to what you want to write by successful authors. 0 3. Read books about writing. 0 4. Do it now.

5 Step Two: Write 0 1. Write everyday. 0 2. Share your writing with good writers. 0 3. Take Criticism 0 A. See it as a way to get better at what you do. 0 B. Ignore rude/ignorant people. 0 4. Get blocked? 0 A. Find a writing prompt. 0 B. Get inspired. 0 C. Read a good book. 0 5. Do it now.

6 Step Three: Get Published 0 First, you have to make a decision between Traditional Publishing Vs. Self/Indie Publishing. Traditional Publishing Self/Indie Publishing Pros: Only way to get a publisher You might make it big Less expensive Representation Easier to sell your books to retailers Cons: Wait time Profit-sharing Marketing Meeting deadlines/word counts No guarantees of success Pros: Creative control Little wait time Less profit-sharing Cons: No representation/Learning curve Hard to sell Dealing with wholesalers Time/money investment Marketing

7 So you’ve decided to self-publish… 0 1. Revise your novel three times. 0 2. Get your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, etc. to read it and give your feedback. 0 3. Get a copyright. ($40) 0 4. Get an ISBN number and bar code. ($75-$375) 0 5. Pay for a professional line edit and copy edit. ($1200 and up) 0 6. Get Lightning Source to use you as a publisher. 0 7. Pay for professional ebook and paperback formatting or do it yourself. Pay for a graphic designer to make a cover. 0 8. Put it up on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, etc.

8 Sit back and watch the money roll in… Nope! Now it’s time to figure out how to get people to buy your book.

9 Step Four: Get Noticed 0 1. Find the people who want to read the stuff you write. (My examples) 0 2. Use social media to find them. 0 3. Make a website. 0 4. Try to get people to write reviews. 0 5. Try to get in Newspapers and Magazines. Try to get on the Radio and on TV. 0 6. Schedule book signings. 0 7. Read as much as you can on marketing.

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