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Author’s Purpose Reasons for Writing. Three Reasons for Writing 1.To Inform (Expository) 2.To Persuade (Persuasive) 3.Entertain (Narrative or Poetry)

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Presentation on theme: "Author’s Purpose Reasons for Writing. Three Reasons for Writing 1.To Inform (Expository) 2.To Persuade (Persuasive) 3.Entertain (Narrative or Poetry)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Author’s Purpose Reasons for Writing

2 Three Reasons for Writing 1.To Inform (Expository) 2.To Persuade (Persuasive) 3.Entertain (Narrative or Poetry)

3 Writing to Inform The MAIN purpose is to give information to the reader. Examples Expository essays Nonfiction texts Instructions or directions Informational writing may be entertaining, but the MAIN purpose is to inform.

4 Writing to Inform Often called expository writing. Expository writing shows or explains facts. Examples: Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. News report about a shooting Note to a friend Essay about “killer bees” Remember: Expository = Expose

5 Writing to Persuade The MAIN purpose is to convince the reader. Examples Persuasive essays or speeches Advertisements Persuasive letters or notes Persuasive writing attempts to change the reader’s mind or get them to do something.

6 Writing to Persuade Attempts to influence the reader. Usually makes an argument. Examples: Political speeches Advertisements A cover letter for your resume An essay urging readers to recycle

7 Writing to Entertain The MAIN purpose is to amuse readers. Examples Stories Poems Plays You may learn something from a story, but the MAIN purpose is to entertain.

8 Writing to Entertain Narratives: stories. Have a beginning, middle, and end A story may have a lesson, but the author’s main purpose is to entertain. Examples of Writing to Entertain Harry Potter books Poems about love Narrative essay about the big game Script for a TV show

9 Is it a story, poem, or drama (script)? Entertain Yes No Does the text make arguments? Inform Persuade YesNo Does the text give facts? YesNo Start Over

10 Review Informative or expository writing provides factual information about a topic. Persuasive writing expresses an opinion (may use facts to support). All narratives are written to entertain, but so is poetry.

11 Practice Number 1-20 on a piece of paper. 1.For each example, you will write the author’s purpose: to inform (I), persuade (P), or entertain (E). This is for a grade!

12 1 The story of a teenage boy learning to understand and live with his father, who is an alcoholic Vietnam war veteran.

13 2 A list of the 25 richest athletes in the world.

14 3 An article arguing why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever.

15 4 An “X-men” comic book.

16 5 The story about a young girl with low self- esteem learning to love herself.

17 6 A National Geographic article about the eating and breeding habits of the endangered bald eagle.

18 7 A website saying that a new shopping mall should not be built because it threatens an endangered bald eagle’s home. The website also lists other reasons why the mall should not be built.

19 8 A poem about bald eagles.

20 9 A magazine ad telling you to buy Nike Hyperdunk shoes because you’ll jump higher.

21 10 A sign saying, “Rest Stop Five Miles Ahead.”

22 11 A note written by a young girl asking her ex- boyfriend to forgive her.

23 12 A recipe for making potato pancakes

24 13 The lyrics to a Lil Wayne song

25 14 The warnings on a bottle of Tylenol

26 15 A mailing from the American Cancer Society asking for donations to help fight cancer

27 16 The script for a popular television show about vampires

28 17 A novel to be read in class.

29 18 A poem about how the world’s fresh water supplies are polluted

30 19 An advertisement in a magazine to get readers to buy a new video game

31 20 A schedule of movies and the times that they show for a local theatre

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