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Author Study Norman Bridwell.

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1 Author Study Norman Bridwell

2 Family Mr. Bridwell’s wife is Norma. His daughter is Emily Elizabeth.
His son is Tim. His parents were Vern and Mary.

3 About Mr. Bridwell He was born on February 15, 1928.
He grew up in Kokomo, Indiana. He is still alive. He is 75 years old. He lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

4 School He went to art school at John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis. He studied art.

5 Books Clifford Books He wanted to name the dog Tiny but his wife told him not to. She said to name him Clifford. He named the character in the books after his daughter.

6 Web Pages Clifford at PBS kids Clifford at Scholastic
Video interview with Norman Bridwell

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