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2 2 WOK 5 Generation Time Line WOK 5.2 was launched on March 27 th It is a secondary platform accessible by clicking on the banner in WOK 4.10 During late June/July WOK 5.3 will become the primary platform. WOK 4.10 will be a secondary platform until its removal Alerting and Saving Search History are not currently available in WOK 5.2. They will be available in WOK 5.3

3 3 New Features/Enhancements Search Features Managing Results Author Identification Citation Counts Cited Reference Searching

4 4 What’s New? : Search features All terms are searched in Topic field – no stop words Linguistic search assistance – automatically helps find variations –Lemmatization = stemming for plurals, verb tenses, degrees of comparison –British/US spelling variations Left hand truncation (*saccharide) NEAR/x operator (“climate change” near/5 desertification) Web of Science New Search Features –Cited Reference Search – now search Volume, Issue or Page numbers –Search full words in Address field (University, College, etc) –Search Author Name as published

5 5 Search Features: no stop words

6 6 Search Features: linguistic search assistance Lemmatization and British/US English Examples: frog/frogs mouse/mice color/colour loud/louder/loudest run/running/ran

7 7 Search Features: Left-hand truncation and Near/ operator Dihydroxylation Dihydroxylations Dihydroxylated Aminohydroxylation

8 8 Search Features: cited reference search

9 9 What’s New? : Managing Results All results returned – no record limit Results sorted by Publication Date Abstract preview All Databases search – refine by database All Database search results- Citation Report available Export all results from Analyze Marked List upgrades –Total List – combined list across databases –Supports up to 5,000 items –Analyze and Citation Report for Marked List items –Links to full text –View abstract preview –Option to delete individual items

10 10 Managing Results: all results returned, sorted by publication date

11 11 Managing Results: abstract preview

12 12 Managing Results: refine by database

13 13 Managing Results: run Citation Report in All Database results page

14 14 Managing Results: export all data from Analyze

15 15 Managing Results: Marked List enhancements

16 16 Managing Results: Marked List enhancements

17 17 What’s New? : Author Identification Searchable Researcher ID number field –Full integration with Changes to Author Finder –Combines Distinct Author Sets clustering with Refine feature

18 18 ResearcherID Explore who this author collaborates with Examine the citation impact of this author’s work

19 19 Author Identification – Researcher ID

20 20 ResearcherID Results Use Refine, Sort By and Analyse to explore this authors wok

21 21 Author Finder Professor Konstantin Novoselov, University of Manchester Nobel Prize Winner for Physics, 2010 British-Russian citizen Youngest physicist since 1973 to win a Nobel

22 22 Author Identification – Author Finder

23 23 What’s New? : Citation Counts See the full citation picture with citation data reported from: –Biosis Citation Index –Web of Science –Chinese Science Citation Database Article citation counts include cites from all three sources –Links to view citing articles are dependent upon your subscription access Links to Web of Science Citing Articles, Cited References, Related Records in non-citation databases (e.g. Inspec, CABI, etc.)

24 24 Citation Counts Cited reference and Citing Article information Citing articles from Web of Science only Citing articles from all Web of Knowledge citation indexes

25 25 Citing Articles

26 26 Cited Reference Searching The Cited Reference Search now searches for the Cited Author in all WOK databases. For example, an author can have publications unique to WOS, or Inspec, Biosis etc. The search retrieval is complete, even for subscribers who do not have access to all WOK databases. Users will still see the reference to a paper indexed in a none WOS database, even though they do not have access to the source paper. In these examples, the first author name is retrieved and there is no link to the source paper or the message ‘Title not available’ appears. This enhancement enables users to explore the total impact of an authors body of work even when the publications are indexed in several databases. Full Author Names: Some databases index the Full Author Name as standard. WOS started indexing full author names in 2008 The Journal Titles can also be indexed in different ways in the WOK databases (Brit Med J or BMJ or British Medical Journal) Improvements to Cited Reference display are coming soon. Cited Author includes first name and surname

27 27 Cited Reference Searching This is an example of a reference to a none WOS paper. The First Author displays, not the author searched for. The title of the Source Paper is not available.

28 28 Cited Reference Searching The Source Paper is indexed in Inspec It has been cited by WOS articles Novoselov K is one of the authors.

29 29 WOK 5.3 UPGRADES Improvement to Cited Reference display Send records in WOK to your RID publications list Web of Science categories in Refine

30 30 Cited Reference Search in WOK 5.3 The first author of the source paper displays, followed by the cited author searched for. For source papers found outside WOS in another WoK database, a pop up message appears to explain why the reference was returned.

31 31 SEND RECORDS TO YOUR RID FROM WOK Now you can search for your papers in WOK and send them to your RID profile.




35 35 Thank You

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