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The Populist Party of Canada Our Mission, Our Platform, Your Canada!

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1 The Populist Party of Canada Our Mission, Our Platform, Your Canada!

2 Our Mission: Our party is based upon the belief that political power should rightfully rest in the hands of the Canadian voters. Right now, your say as a voter, ends when the polls close on election day. We aim to eliminate that mindset and engage each one of you to decide how your country should be run, not just who will run it.

3 Our Mission: Under our party’s leadership, we plan to establish a true Canadian democracy and introduce new technologies designed to allow people to vote on every aspect of government which can be shared with the public. Voting will become an easy and painless way for all Canadians to express their opinions on current issues. Any bill passed by our government will have the approval of the popular majority.

4 A new voting process: The populist party of Canada’s platform vows to bring the decision making powers into the hands of the people. When a bill is introduced, each MP will be required to poll the voters of their riding through online voting, mail, or in person at your local MP’s office, over a period of two weeks to allow adequate time to respond. Over the following week, results of those polls will be tallied and made public prior to the vote in the House of Commons, each MP will then vote along with the majority of their respondents. If the majority of MP’s vote in favour of a bill, as directed by the local polling and representing the majority of Canadian voters, then the bill will be passed.

5 Eliminating corruption: Members of the Populist party of Canada are ordinary people like you. We are not the social elite, we don’t run large international businesses, we are hard-working regular people who decided that, as Canadians, we could no longer tolerate the kind of government waste and corruption that has run rampant through Parliament for decades.

6 Eliminating corruption: The major goal of our platform is to bring the decision making power back to the Canadian voters. With people like you in control, we can end political corruption in Canada. No politician can muscle a bill through the house of commons, no bill can sneak by with controversial amendments, and no MP can support a bill which unfairly favours any corporation without the public knowing about it.

7 Eliminating corruption: Corporations play an important role in the Canadian economy, but we believe they should not play a role in Canadian politics. Our government will always work in the best interest of the Canadian voter and taxpayer. We will not waste your tax dollars on any project that does not have public approval. We will cut back services only if directed by the people. We will spend money on a project only after it is approved. Our government will act in your best interests, but it is up to you, the people, to decide what is in your best interests. We cannot tell you how to live, you must tell us how you want to live.

8 Your Government, your say! The issues which are important to you are equally important to the Populist party of Canada. Our party will not sit in the House of Commons and decide which topics are worth talking about, while avoiding the tough subjects. If you have an issue you want the government to consider, we want to hear from you. We believe every citizen should have a say in how their government runs. If you have an issue which is supported by others, we encourage you to bring it to your local MP’s attention. Your MP will then draft it into a bill for consideration in the House of Commons. It will then be debated, polled, and voted on. An idea you have could actually become a law!

9 Your government, Your say! A government is made up of people, we won’t have all the answers. No government can sit back and tell you what is important to you, so we need you to speak up and let us know. There will be guidelines to follow to ensure only supported issues will be brought forward and then only with a certain level of public support. If the Canadian people decide that the issue is worth pursuing, then any one of you will be able to have their voice heard at the highest level of government. Keep in mind the founding belief of democracy, the people don’t serve the will of the government, the government serves the will of the people. In short, you’re the boss!

10 Our Platform: Criminal Code Just like you, members of the Populist party of Canada want to live in a safe and secure community. To that end, we will explore options to be considered by the Canadian people, which, if passed, will establish a new criminal code for the country. Based upon current opinions the revisions to the code may include a change to the youth criminal justice act, which will see tougher penalties for Canadian youth who commit serious crimes such as robbery, murder, or drug possession. These are not youthful indiscretions and deserve more than a slap on the wrist.

11 Our Platform: Criminal Code Another key change to be considered would be the introduction of a new class of criminal offense, capital offenses. Crimes such as murder, rape, crimes involving children, and habitual reoffenders, will be charged with capital offenses which carry the maximum penalty of life in prison. As the victims of these crimes do not forget their trauma after 10 years, when we say life in prison, we mean life. We do not believe it is fair for a criminal to be given parole when a loved one is lost or affected by crime forever.

12 Our Platform: Criminal Code These changes, along with the other proposed changes to the criminal code, are designed to protect the victims of crimes rather than the perpetrators of crime. We want to stop the cycle of Police officers arresting the same people for the same crimes over and over again. We want Police officers to be able to do their jobs well, and keep criminals off of our streets. We believe in a Canada where you can let your children play freely, where you don’t fear the dark alleyways, where all law abiding citizens can be protected from crime and grow and prosper in peace.

13 Our Platform: Healthcare Helping others is a Canadian tradition, and the most noble calling of all is to help the sick and injured. That is why the Populist party of Canada is committed to providing all Canadians with the best healthcare system in the world. Canada’s current system needs some work to improve, and together we are can make those changes happen. While other parties may call for radical cutbacks to funding and mass layoffs, the Populist party believes that if cutbacks are needed, they should be done intelligently for the greatest benefit of Canadians. Our intention is not to layoff doctors and nurses, but enable prospective students to enter those fields more easily than ever before, by removing financial barriers by creating training subsidies in exchange for terms of service in Canada.

14 Our Platform: Job Creation Living a comfortable life free from the stress and anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck is the dream of many Canadians. The Populist party of Canada cannot guarantee that for everyone, but that is nevertheless our goal. We want every Canadian to live the kind of life they have always imagined, and to do that, we plan to introduce new measures to ensure that small businesses have the means to succeed, that workers have the skills they need to excel, and ensure hiring Canadians for well paying jobs is in the best interest of all companies.

15 Our Platform: Job Creation Small Businesses: One of our platform goals will be to create meaningful tax relief for small businesses to help them compete in the Canadian and international markets. Part of this involves exploring the possibility of providing a tax free start up period for new businesses in order to help them grow. Investing in innovation to foster entrepreneurship and help build startups is an important part of the Canadian economy which will continue to be supported by our party.

16 Our Platform: Job Creation Large Businesses: We aim to create policies which benefit Canadian employees and job seekers by encouraging large businesses to grow and invest in Canada, develop new technologies and processes to expand production, offer training programs to promising candidates or update employee skills, and to direct their efforts to hire Canadians first. Voters we have spoken to agree that our government should continue to invest in programs designed to retrain workers for new fields, provide better access to higher education, accommodate workers with disabilities, create world class research programs, and match job seekers with local opportunities.

17 Our Platform: Environment Part of the greatness of Canada is in our natural heritage. The magnificent national parks, waterways, mountains, and forests create a stunning landscape in which to live, work, and play. These areas need our constant protection through conservation and investment in renewable energy. The Populist party of Canada believes that it is the government’s responsibility to keep our country glorious and free. Free from the devastation of ill conceived pipelines and mining operations destroying fishing grounds, free from reckless development projects such as Northern Gateway in BC and Line 9 in Ontario, and free from the threat of disappearing entirely.

18 Our Platform: Environment Our party takes this responsibility very seriously, which is why we plan to introduce legislation, developed along with voter’s suggestions, for review which would explore the viability of alternative energy sources such as solar projects, greater hydro- electric generation, and energy saving systems such as motion sensors for rural streetlights.

19 Our Platform: Environment The Populist party will also serve to protect our country’s food chain. Voters have suggested that Canadian products should require food labels to identify if they contain Genetically Modified Organisms, even in their ingredients. We will explore the possibility of finding alternatives to harmful pesticides which have the potential to damage ecosystems. We will also explore the possibility of providing tax breaks to environmentally friendly farmers using green technologies. It is the fundamental right of all Canadians to eat healthy foods, breathe clean air, and enjoy the natural splendor our country has to offer.

20 On Election Day…. Every single vote counts! Your individual vote could mean the difference between more of the same with the other parties or a real, trustworthy democracy with the Populist Party of Canada, which serves your interests, not our own. Please stand up for Canada and take back control over your country! Your generous support allows us to fight for you, so that your voices will help shape your country’s future.

21 The Populist Party of Canada Thank you for your time and support!

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