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MON 23 rd February Y7-Y9 Track in 1.10 pm MP6 Club L2 TUES 24 th February 1.15 pm Languages Club in MFL2 2:30pm SEN Homework Club in G3 WED 25 th February.

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2 MON 23 rd February Y7-Y9 Track in 1.10 pm MP6 Club L2 TUES 24 th February 1.15 pm Languages Club in MFL2 2:30pm SEN Homework Club in G3 WED 25 th February Y9 Assembly – Main Hall CANCELLED Y7 Assembly – Learning Forum (JM) THURS 26 th February Y8 Assembly – Main Hall CANCELLED 1 pm Spanish Club in L3 2:30pm SEN Homework Club in G3 FRI 27 th February Y7 Assembly – Main Hall CANCELLED Y8 Assembly – Learning Forum (DB)

3 LunchtimeAfter School Monday Lexia in G2 (invite only) Tuesday year 10 student council in H5Tuesday after school Create Club in the Community Hall. Wednesday Lexia in G2 (invite only)Y11 MATHS SUPPORT M2, M3 AND M5 Thursday Lexia in G2 (invite only) Year 11 student council in H5 Friday

4 Thinking of Your Safety Do not give out your personal details to online mates. Personal stuff includes your messenger id, email address, mobile number and any pictures of you. If you publish a picture or video online-anyone can change it or share it. SPAM/junk email & texts: don't believe it, reply to it or use it. Do not open files that are from people you don't know. Some people lie online. Do not have online mates you have not personally talked to first. It’s never too late to tell someone if something makes you feel uncomfortable. There are people who can help. Report online abuse to your parents and/or teacher.


6 Expectations for Everyday Plain Black Sweatshirt for all years Plain white polo shirt with collar Plain black trousers (no jeans, tracksuit bottoms or leggings) plain black skirt (knee length or longer), no shorts Plain black belt for supporting trousers (not a fashion belt) Plain black footwear, no obvious trainers, no multi coloured or florescent laces Plain outdoor coat, not a hoodie sweatshirt, no denim jackets or leather/leather effect jackets, no obvious large brand writing Bag for personal planner, pen, home learning folders etc!

7 Homophones Their They’re There Your You’re Hear Here Hour Our Cell Sell

8 Try using these words in your written work this week. Can you write a sentence using these words? Living in the moment Cherish Appreciate Value Positive Treasure Focus Emphasis Attention Conscious Aware Click here for word search

9 Hunt the Hamilton Horse

10 House challenge There will be a house point challenge every Monday, just for Year 7 and 8 The challenge is to HUNT THE HAMILTON HORSE! Somewhere around the school a picture of the Hamilton Horse will be hidden during the day He will then be brought back to the stables for the rest of the week

11 House challenge To win your tutor group a house point, find the horse Your tutor must then email the answer to Miss Iredale during registration on Tuesday

12 Look out for Friday’s house challenge…Can you work out the riddle this week? Riddle me this…

13 During Lesson Time Any students receiving music tuition should sign in at student reception when they come to the Music/Drama department. This will prevent late or absent marks.

14 Individual Tuition During Lessons and After School If you are interested in one-to-one music tuition lessons (guitar, keyboard, drum), please speak to someone in the Drama/Music department and collect a letter. For those who received tuition last academic year, a letter will be given to your tutors. If you would like to continue with tuition, please return the reply slip asap.

15 For Your Attention Should any student wish to book a rehearsal space in the Drama/Music department during lunchtimes, they must book in MONDAY BREAKTIME. Students are now allowed one booking a week and will be marked in on arrival.

16 Monday 9 th February 8.40amAlicia Garner 9.00amMatthew Barr 9.20amTina Chi 9.40amDaisy Connor 10.00am 10.20amJenni Sheppard 10.40amBreak 10.50amCameron Burchnall 11.10amAustin Dudson 11.30amChantelle Bryant 11.50am 12.10pmNatasha Parkinson 12.30pm 1.00pmBreak 1.10pmBand Workshop 1.30pmGeorgia Eason 1.50pm 2.10pmHarrison Allen

17 Wednesday 11 th February

18 Times stay the same each week

19 All students are expected to bring kit to their PE lessons – this includes those students that have a note stating they are ill or injured (you will still be expected to take an active role in the lesson). The kit needs to consist of: Indoor:  Plain blue polo (collared) shirt  Dark bottoms/shorts  Clean trainers Outdoor:  Plain blue polo (collared) shirt  Dark jumper  Dark bottoms  Trainers/Boots depending on the activity Your teacher will allow sports jackets & hooded tops in certain circumstances – if they feel they are not required, or could be a health & safety risk, you will not be allowed to wear them.

20 What’s going on in the PE Faculty Extra-curricular activities, until Easter DayClubYearsTime Mon. Tues.Boys Rugby Club – Field & Top Gym Boys Cricket Club – Sports Hall Girls Football Club – New gym Years 7 – 10 Years 9 & 10 2:45 – 3:45pm Weds. Girls Netball Club – Front CourtsYears 7 & 82:45 – 3:45pm Thurs.Boys Cricket Club – Sports Hall Boys & Girls Dance Club – New Gym Years 7 & 8 All Years 2:45 – 3:45pm Fri. These activities are open to everyone, regardless of ability. Why not come along and have a go!!

21 Get involved in creating your school’s newsletter! All years welcome!

22 ENGLISH HOMEWORK CLUB  WHEN? MON, WED AND THUR – IT5  (for Doddle Homework)  Collect Lunch passes from English Office at break

23 Come and help Hamilton become the best school in Leicester. ANYONE CAN COME TO SEE THE STUDENT LEADERS IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.

24 @hamiltoncc1 Follow us on Twitter

25 @hamiltoncc1 Hamilton Community College invites its Parents, Carers, Pupils and Visitors to follow us on Twitter For your convenience - regular updates, information and news in connection with the college, its students and staff direct to your mobile or computer.


27 The Medical Room is open to all students all day, to go to the medical room you must: Get a mark from your class teacher Get a mark from your class teacher Be given a note by your class teacher Be given a note by your class teacher If any of these things have not been done you will be turned away. Unless it is an EMERGENCY

28 Once you have been seen by a member of staff, if you are well enough you will be sent straight back to class. If you get any worse throughout the day, speak to your class teacher and they will let you return to the medical room.

29 If the member of staff feels you need to go home, parents or guardians will be contacted for you to be collected from school. No student will be allowed to leave school without a parent guardian, this is the law.

30 Being sent home if your condition is not serious is wasting your time which is impacting on vital learning. It is also wasting time that could be spent with situations that are serious. Be responsible and make the right choices!

31  Medical Room.  Science.  Design and Technology  P.E  Reception  Integrated Services Centre  SEN Office

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