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The First Flight of the almighty roflcopter SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI heck Willis poor.

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1 The First Flight of the almighty roflcopter SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI
heck Willis poor

2 Quest Bob Journeys to the mistical land of rofl-land
Hey starts his journey in a tiny town called…. TinyTown. He hires a group of adventurers to help him along the journey “I hear your looking for a group of advenures to help you in a quest to find the mystical roflcopter.” said a hooded man “why yes I am, and how did you find out my good sire.” asked Bob “Well you wernt exactly keeping you querys silent now where you?” “no, I suppose not. So, are you and your men interested?” “yes, and all we ask is to take a part of the treasure you are likely to find on it.” “deal” TinyTown

3 Quest Cont’d As they go to leave the village they are attacked by a group of bandits that want the map leading to the last known resting place of the roflcopter. After a brief battle the bandits take off running, as they run the leader shouts “this wont be the last you see of us” After a long and arduous journey they finally discover the remains of the roflcopter As they repair it the bandits attack again. They r quickly defeated by the weapons on board the roflcopter After the battle they manage to get the roflcopter off the ground and fly to Bob’s hometown. He is greeted as a hero.

4 Journey Bob leaves his home in Somewherevile He journey’s to tiny town

5 After Leaving TinyTown with the group of adventures they journey to the Black forest
There they find a crumbling tower and at the bottom of the basement of the tower they find another map leading them to a place called roflglen They decide to follow the new map since the last ones trail ended at the tower

6 They visit a city between the Black forest and roflglen and restock their supplies
They city is know as smalltown

7 Hero Bob is a Charismatic and fair group leader, asking for opinions and advice before making a choice that affects the whole group. In battle he fight valiently tho he has little or no experience when his journey begins

8 Due to his laid back attitude the group usually has high moral and they begin to really enjoy traveling with him He is almost constantly singing or humming a tune

9 Test The test they must face is they must destroy the evil spirit that now resides in the roflcopter. After much debate they decide to attack oit and see what happenes, when they attacked it killed 2 of them by chewing through their necks So the wizard decides to summon up an inferno to kill it, and it just happens to work

10 Guardian Well there was no dialogue.. He was just a rabbit. But the party did talk Wizard, “well since a melee assault is fruitless, why don’t I summon up an inferno?” Bob, “good idea how long will it take?” Wizard, “not to long”

11 Final Test In their final test they must put all they have learned together to repair the almighty roflcopter, so that it can fly for the first time in several generations.

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