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1. If you didn ´live so far, we would visit you more often

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1 1. If you didn ´live so far, we would visit you more often
2. if the driver in front hadn ´t stopped sosuddenly, the accident wouldn ´t have happened 3. We will meet unless I have to work tomorrow 4. If he hadn ´t lent me the money, I wouldn ´t have been able to buy the car 5. If I hd Known he had to get up early, I would have woken him up 6. If the book wasn´t so expensive, I would buy it 7. If he spoke more clearly, People would understand him 8. If you had had some breakfast, you wouldn ´t be hungry now 9. We can ´t have lunch in the garden unless it stops raining 10. If I had been hungry, I would have eaten something

2 I wish I had gone to university
4. Paul has got some regrets. What does he wish? I wish I had gone to university I wish I had become a teacher I wish I had worked at school I wish I had a car I wish I could dance I wish I wasn ´t shy I wish I could mke friends easily I wish I was interested in sport I wish I had dared to ask Kate out

3 Finish them off 1. We´ll be late unless _______________
2. I like hot weather provided ______________ 3. I ´ll do the homework in case ______________ 4. You can borrow the money providing ______________ 5. Kate reads a newspaper everyday as long as ____________________________ 6. Children are allowed to use the swimming pool provided ______________________ 7. You don´t have enough money. If I were you ___________________________ I run / Hurry up / take a taxi It is not too hot The teacher asks me to correct it You give it back as soon as possible She has the time An adult is watching them out I would get other job

4 Types of houses detached Semi-detached flat tipee bungalow igloo
terraced cottage mobile Tree-house hut Castle/palace

5 Outside the house 1. roof 2. shed 3.skylight 4. fence 5. path 6. satellite dish 7. stairs 8. basement 9. drainpipe 10. doorbell 11. letterbox 12. doorstep 13. porche 14. lawn 15. drive 16. shutters 17. hedge 18. loft 19. garage 20. tiles 21. chimney 22. aerial 23. gate 22 1 2 3 4 21 20 19 18 5 17 6 13 16 15 10 14 7 12 9 11 8 23

6 Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Living room Outside the house Anywhere
Wardrobe Pillow Blanket Mattress Sheet Dresssing table Duvet Hangers Chest of drawers cupboard Kitchen Fridge Sink Microwave Worktop Freezer Dishwasher Tea towel Oven Washing machine Draining board saucepan Bathroom washbasin shower towel Taps Living room ashtray cushions Rug Fireplace Shelves Armchair Coffee table sofa Outside the house Greenhouse Gate Steps Pond Roof Fence Path Lawn Flower bed Shed Hedge Anywhere Stool Ceiling Wallpaper Hot water bottle switch

7 Lock/ close/ slam / knock on/ … Peel/ bake/ fry/ … Make/ lie on/ …
Hang/put/keep/ … Lock/ close/ slam / knock on/ … Peel/ bake/ fry/ … Make/ lie on/ … Iron/ wash/ fold/ … Answer/ pick up/ hang up/ … Take Run out of/ … sew Wash up/rinse/ … Sweep/ mop/ hoover/ swiffer/ … Lay/ clear/ … Switch on/off Pour / spill/ brew/ … Feed/ … Hang out/ hang up/ … Hoover/ roll/ … Spill/ …


9 A cupboard with a glass door
Two giant statues Leon Trosky A yellow floor A monkey and a parrot A pair of shoes A cupboard with a glass door July

10 It´s moored on the River Thames near London
It´s moored on the River Thames near London. It´s very peaceful, apart from the noise from the ducks and geese. Towers and turrets, bastions and battlements. Mist on the moat and dragons unde the drawbridge. This place is awe-inspiring It´s a bit cramped but the great advantage is that , when you get fed up with one place, we just attach it to the back of the car and moveo on There are 15 of us in here, but the sergeant- major makes sure we keep it tidy. If we don ´t, we get extra gurad-duty

11 I really think we should rocedeta the kitchen
I really think we should rocedeta the kitchen. What colour you think would be best. We need to tern a flat in the middle of town, but I think they are quite expensive. The landlord is going to netexd the lease on our flat. The council wants to medoshli our apartment block as they think is dangerous. I think the landlord is going to ticve us soon; he says we make too much noise. We plan to seale our spare offices to an American Company The flat is to tle at 1000€ per month They have bought a new house and are going to meovni next week

12 More about houses The L ______ or L______ are the people who L _____ a flat or house to us and we R ____ it. If we make too much noise we might be E _____ whereas we are good renters, the might E ____ the lease on the flat. If you have S ____ (empty) offices you need to lease them to get money, so they are to L ___ Soldiers live in B _______ that they have to keep tidy or they´ll have to do extra G ___- D ___. Some people in Britain live in H ________ that are usually M _____ on a river. Some people like going on holiday in a C ______ . You can A ______ to the back of the car and move on. The only problem is that it´s a bit C ____ Would you like to live in a castle with its turrets, bastions, battlements and the M ______ and the D ___________ to get into it. Landlord / landlady lease rent evicted extend spare let barracks Guard-duty houseboats moored caravan attach cramped moat drawbridge

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