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Focus On Grammar Book 2, 5th edition

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1 Focus On Grammar Book 2, 5th edition
Lesson 3: USED TO and Simple Past Tense

2 3.1 – Used To For past customs and habits
It is a modal, followed by the BASE FORM She used to be nice. We used to study together. Negative! Like “HAVE TO” and some others, it thinks it is a real verb!!! Use DO  DID (and the –D gets sucked off of USE)

3 3.1 (but it’s not in the book)
Questions with USED TO It thinks it’s a REAL VERB, not a helping verb Use DODID, and move it to the front Did they use to eat chicken feet? What did they use to eat? Did he use to be a teacher? What did he use to be?

4 3.2 – Past Tense of BE Singular Plural 1st I was happy. We were happy.
2nd You were happy You were happy. 3rd She was happy. They were happy. Uses with THERE (there is, there are, there was, there were) NOT goes after the BE verb Contractions  was not wasn’t ; were not  weren’t Passive Voice (and participial adjectives) Women BEAR children. People crowd the room The teacher excites the students. Ali broke the door. The police do not allow speeding. Is it passive or is it an adjective? Who cares? Jusst use it properly!

5 3.3 – the Simple Past of Other Verbs (not BE verbs)
Add –ED to the end Lots of irregular verbs Different spelling rules Page 95 (after learned or wanted, use the INFINITIVE)

6 3.4 – Irregular Verbs See page 97; You REALLY NEED to know every one of these verbs You also need to know the PAST PARTICIPLE of irregular verbs Any GOOD grammar book should have a list in the back, but you can Google it, too

7 3.5 – Negative Past Tense BE verbs are special Other verbs need DODID
She is a student… Other verbs need DODID She ate rice. [She DO ate rice.] [She DID eat rice.] She did not eat rice. She didn’t eat rice.

8 3.6 –Past Tense Questions Subject Questions are easy
BE verbs are special She is a student… Other verbs need DODID The vacuum sucks the past tense off of the verb. Ali ate rice. Who ate rice. Did Ali eat rice? What did Ali eat?

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