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Adventure with Gorazd From Memory to United Future.

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1 Adventure with Gorazd From Memory to United Future

2 Introduction GorazdGorazd is a little boy. It is year 2011 and he likes sport, music and computers exactly like his friends. All his classmates laugh at him, because he has got an extraordinary name - Gorazd. Sometimes his language is extraordinary, too. He doesn’t understand this language. He is different from his friends. He is often sad.

3 One day he stayed with his grandmother. He cried, because his friends laughed at him again. He wanted to be alone. He went upstairs on the loft. There was a beautiful room with a brown wardrobe there. He opened the wardrobe and found a book there. The book was old and very nice. Gorazd took it and was very surprised. The name of the book was:

4 Adventure with Gorazd

5 He saw his name. He isn’t the only boy with the name Gorazd. He was curious and opened the book. Alphabet and writing in the book were different. He didn’t understand it. There was only one solution. He has to learn the new alphabet and find some information about his family.

6 Can you help him? He needs your help. However, you can’t find information about the script in this century. We have to travel in time.

7 Make up the name of the group and draw your time machine. You will get material needed, if you answer following questions:

8 Questions Questions: Who is Gorazd? a/ big boy b/ little boy Why do his friends laugh at him? a/ He’s got red hair. b/ He’s got an extraordinary name. What did he find in the brown wardrobe? a/ A silver sword b/ An old and nice book Why didn’t he understand the book? a/ There was an old alphabet and writing in the book. b/ There were no letters in the book

9 Gorazd on the history trip The book is really unusual. If you press it a little harder, it will take you on the place, which is important for you. Gorazd held the book very hard. He hoped that book will tell him a secret. He hoped it would take him to the time when other people were also called Gorazd and spoke unusual language.

10 However it didn’t happen this way. The book took him to the library. There were a lot of other books. The books told him that the script was called Glagolitic. It was created by Cyril. In 863 St. Cyril and Method brought it to Great Moravia. Then it moved to Bulgaria and was changed into Cyrillic.

11 Gorazd has to learn Glagolitic. Then he can read the book. You can help him if you answer following questions correctly and if you fulfill the tasks.

12 1.Where did the book take Gorazd? a/ To the library b/ To the Great Moravia 2.What was the script in the book called? a/ Cyrillic b/ Glagolitic 3.Who created Glagolitic? a/ Cyril b/ Method

13 Thank you for your help. Gorazd learnt the new language – Glagolitic. He can read the book. There is an empty space on the last page. It was a map. It is lost. He must find it. It is the map of memories. Thanks to you he found the first pieces today. The day is over. Gorazd is tired. Another adventure is waiting for him tomorrow.

14 II. The mistake of the time machine Gorazd got up very happy. He took the book and pressed hard. He wanted to go to Great Moravia to find the map and his family. The time machine flew very fast and very long. And then he fell down hard. He opened his eyes. He wasn’t in the 9th century in Great Moravia. He was in the 19th century in France, in Paris. He was very surprised. The time machine made a mistake. What to do now?

15 He met a man. His name was Pálfy. He had information about Great Moravia. He was from Slovakia. He likes art and nice things. He loved a French countess. He wanted to build a castle in the French style in Slovakia. In Paris he bought French porcelain and stained glass window. He asked Gorazd to help him. If he helps him to build the castle, he will tell him information about Great Moravia. Gorazd went with Pálfy to Slovakia to Bojnice.

16 If you answer the following questions correctly, you can travel to Slovakia with Gorazd..

17 1. Which century did Gorazd fly to? a/ To the19th century b/ To the 9 century 2. Gorazd was: a/ In Great Moravia b/ In Paris 3. Pálfy liked: a/ cars b/ art

18 4. Pálfy bought in Paris: a/ castle b/ stained glass window 5. What must Gorazd do a/ Help to build the castle b/ Wash windows

19 You must construct some vehicle to get from Paris to Bojnice. You must move with it a couple of metres and then to fulfill the questions.

20 We are in Bojnice together with Gorazd. Help him to fulfill following questions. After that Pálfy will give him information about Great Moravia.

21 III. Fight Gorazd helped Pálfy. Pálfy gave him information about Great Moravia. He read that in the 16th century there were in western Slovakia people who knew much about Great Moravia. Gorazd must go to the west.

22 Gorazd pressed the book hard. Time machine didn’t make a mistake. He was in the 16 century. But what’s happening? There are a lot of soldiers with the guns around him. Swords and daggers. Shouting and crying. Gorazd doesn’t understand what’s going on. He runs away and asks: „Who are these soldiers? “

23 You can answer his question if you solve the following tasks correctly: You can answer his question if you solve the following tasks correctly: 1.One of you has to find a paper with the colour of your group on the corridor. He must bring it here. 2.Solve the riddle and answer the question. Write the answer on the paper and hand it in.

24 Gorazd is afraid. He can see that Turkish and Slovak soldiers fight very hard. He is behind a tree. He takes the book in his hands. „ Help! Help! “

25 Turkish soldiers took Gorazd with them. You must set him free. Each group makes cloths, weapons and shield for one its warrior.

26 You and your soldier must go to the war. You will solve tasks. When you solve them Gorazd will be free.

27 IV. Journey with Omar Omar was one of Turkish soldiers. Slovak soldiers and their lord Štefan Zápoľský took his girlfriend Fatima on Trenčín castle. Omar went to take her back. Gorazd was free and went to Trenčín, too. There is a small village near Trenčín. In this village lived in the 9 century a man called Gorazd. Our boy wanted to see this place. He hoped to find some information about his family there.

28 Gorazd travelled with Omar. They became friends. The journey was long. They were tired and hungry. They got to the 14 century. There was a shed in front of them. There lived Wallachians. They were shepherds and made cheese. They gave them lunch.

29 A.If you answer the following questions correctly, you can have dinner with them. After dinner you will help Gorazd to solve another task. Be ready. The task can come suddenly.

30 1.What’s the name of the lord of Trenčín castle? a/ Omar b/ Štefan Zápoľský 2.What country are Wallachians from? a/ from Turkey b/ from Romania 3.Wallachians made from sheep milk: a/ cheese b/ sheep

31 A.Gorazd a Omar haven’t got money. They can’t pay for the dinner. They have to work. Help them to fulfill following tasks: 1. Bring the stone that weighs 0.5 kg. 2. Bring the stick, that is 47,5 cm long. 3. Bring leaves from 4 various trees.

32 A.Shepherds have information about Great Moravia. Omar and Gorazd have to find the oldest shepherd. He lives in the forest near the shed. He will help them. You will find him, if you fulfill the following task:

33 Activity In the forest there are 8 trees with the numbers. On the last tree there is a message from the oldest Wallachian. One member of each group runs to the tree number 1. He must run around the tree and get back to his group. He catches the hand of another member of the group and runs with him to the tree number 2.They must run around the tree and get back to their group. Then they catch the hand of the third child and run to the tree number 3.This way it goes up to number 8.The group, which members run around the tree number 8 as the first, is the winner. On the tree number 8 there is a message for every group. You will see it according to your colour.

34 Message: In Nitra you will hear everything about Great Moravia. You must divide. Omar has to go to Trenčín to rescue Fatima a get a piece of the map. Gorazd has to go to Nitra (the 9th century). The members of your group must divide, too. Closer information you will get in observatory.

35 Trenčín castle STORY: Omar has to find Fatima. She is on the old Trenčín castle. She is not free. The castle is situated on the high hard rock. The lord of Trenčín castle is bad. Fatima will be free only when Omar can dig a well into the hard rock of Trenčín castle. He can’t do it alone. You have to help him. If you solve the following questions, Fatima will be free.

36 Nitra STORY: Gorazd came to Nitra in the 9th century. Nitra is very old town. Method and Cyril lived there. He found the books written in Cyrillic and Glagolitic there. They are very old. Older than his book is. He knows that he is in Great Moravia. He is looking for his family. All the people help him. He needs to get the last pieces of the map. Help him to solve the following tasks.

37 VI. Gorazd’s last steps Gorazd met Omar with Fatima. They gave him the map which they had. They were all very happy. Omar a Fatima went to Turkey.

38 Gorazd missed only one piece from the map. He took the book. He pressed hard and wanted to be on the place which misses on his map. He closed his eyes. He flew very fast. He opened the eyes and saw he was among us. His friends and family aren’t in the past, but here and now. They are people from Turkey, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. We went together From Memory to United Future. Gorazd isn’t alone anymore. He has got new friends. We experienced a lot of nice together. We experienced

39 The adventure with Gorazd

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