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BREAKING GLASS - Reflections on Windows 2000. "Almost 60% surveyed plan to install Windows 2000... eventually” "It's 2001. Have you started your Windows.

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Presentation on theme: "BREAKING GLASS - Reflections on Windows 2000. "Almost 60% surveyed plan to install Windows 2000... eventually” "It's 2001. Have you started your Windows."— Presentation transcript:

1 BREAKING GLASS - Reflections on Windows 2000

2 "Almost 60% surveyed plan to install Windows 2000... eventually” "It's 2001. Have you started your Windows 2000 migration?" Wait for Whistler, “whistle while you work” "Delphi dumps W2k, downgrades to NT4" "No rush to open Windows 2000" “Windows 2000 Professional is Microsoft's most reliable desktop operating system to date” “Upgrading to Windows 2000 is very simple”

3 Desktop Business Process Connected Society TOMORROW Business Readiness 2000 NOW 95 98 THE FUTURE Wholescale Interaction.NET

4 Windows 2000 at Holmes Place Ian Takats Group IS Manager

5 Background Over 60 Clubs in UK and Europe 47 clubs in the UK, 13 in Europe 2000+ employees Over 170,000 members Growing at rate of 13 new clubs a year Turnover y/e 1999 - £61.4m (+65.3%) year

6 Old Infrastructure/Systems Each club and Head office environment runs on NT 4.0 server + Windows 98 on workstations E-mail connectivity provided with multiple sub- domains at each of our locations using c-mail from Computalynx e.g. – – System requires very high level of support

7 The Move to 2000 Considerations

8 What the Adverts say Performance – TPC results state that Windows 2000 can perform over twice as many transactions per cycle than nearest rival. At 50% of the cost* Faster –Windows 95 - 39% faster, Windows 98- 30% faster Scalable – Windows comes in more than one flavour! 2000 Server, Advanced Server, Datacenter server. Can cluster up to 32 servers. More Stable and Reliable More secure - improved systems security Better Manageability including support for self- healing applications

9 Windows 2000 – Why didn’t we move earlier? Fear and doubt Key concern - Membership System wasn’t Y2k compliant Membership system not certified to work with Windows 2000 – Still isn’t £££££’s !!! No Budget Joined Holmes Place in October 1999

10 Your reasons for not moving? Y2K Upgrades too frequent Budget constraints Windows 98 – didn’t seem to make any great progress and possibly detracted from people’s perception of Windows 2000 Device drivers possibly not available Time and Resource

11 Why we moved to 2000? Because we can! – ability to trial Exchange 2000 project - Exchange Server 2000 needs 2000 server Reliability/Stability - In a study of server reboots, MS found 21% of unplanned outages were due to system failures, <50% due to device drivers, Anti-virus soft More laptops being used Building for the future – Manageability Cybercafe in Vienna – needed reliability More control of desktops at clubs – user destruction syndrome!

12 Barbican Internet 512kb link Kensington Club Laptop User

13 What about Active Directories? First thing everyone asks…research carried out by suggests many smaller organisations are not really using Active Directories - Aberdeen Holmes Place are using Active Directories at a basic level :- –Countries –Departments –Clubs Active directories are not needed for many services such as file and print

14 What We Found Server - Very stable - No unscheduled downtime since installation Windows 2000 professional – very stable compared with 98 2000 professional better than NT4.0 workstation when moving between sites and logging on to different networks - Recognises all printers and servers etc. Synchronisation of files for laptops is excellent Easy to use – administration features are excellent – especially the MMC (Vienna) and Active Directories functionality

15 What we found – continued Windows 2000 professional - Plug & Play is much better. Good resources are :- –ZDNet Windows 2000 Resource Centre – Fast…unless root drive hasn’t enough space! Less need to reboot when installing new software Partition on root directory – make sure you leave a lot of disk space and don’t install programs on it!

16 So why haven’t more people moved to Windows 2000? Y2k Too soon after Windows 98 – hard to justify another upgrade Windows 98 wasn’t such a big upgrade and led to scepticism over the need to move to Windows 2000 even if using NT 4.0 Budget constraints

17 What it’s missing Better Event Logging Ability to roll-back functional changes 64-bit Addressing An enterprise all-in-one box server

18 A little effort… a great result!

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