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Parque Cespedes, the central square, the Cathedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion.

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3 Parque Cespedes, the central square, the Cathedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion

4 The residence of Diego Velázquez, the conqueror of Cuba (1511). It is the oldest standing building in Cuba from 1522. Santiago was the Capital for a time.

5 The Ayuntamiente, houses municipal offices. From here Fidel announced the revolution’s victory 2 January 1959. He called Santiago “the city of Heroes”

6 The wheels show the difference

7 In Cuba every vehicle has its guard

8 A variety of ways to travel

9 On the truck you have to stand, but the view is better

10 The “driver” of the 3 wheeled bicycle tried to convince us to ride. We prefered to walk, after our refusal he went to have his shoes shined. Hoping to convince us he is a serious man.

11 Waiting for a ride. They have limitless patience

12 What satisfaction! Is it from the camera or the pictures?

13 The man picked mangos. He gave us several for free The clock tower also touches the sky

14 The girl with the red kerchief

15 A family meeting, the husband came to see his wife at work

16 Behind the security grill we found a sewing shop

17 Those were the days my friend : when the boys took the girls on their bike

18 The Central Agriculture Market

19 Not a lot of merchandise, but the saleswomen are wonderful

20 The meat spread on the counter, without refrigeration The “selection” of salamis She doesn’t have a lot of “meat”, but a lot of beauty

21 The butcher had a sense of humor

22 The fruit seller with papaya

23 Ketchup- sold in plastic bags The selection is small but the smile is big.

24 They wanted our email. The question- given very limited access to internet in Cuba –is why?

25 Has he finished his work?

26 There are more uses for security grill than security

27 On the two sides of the memorial for a victim of Batista 4 months before the victory.

28 This is how they prepare mango juice

29 Watcher and walker, pleasure to the eyes

30 Entrance to the Museum of the CarnivalThe carnival in the street

31 Motherhood

32 Without words

33 The student

34 Walking in the street we discovered many classrooms opening onto the road

35 The children's response was very warm. The teacher wasn’t angry. Twice we were shown a page written in English asking for a contribution

36 Think of the hottest week in summer here in Israel and then imagine wearing nylons

37 Two ways to earn money, Casa particular-renting rooms to visitors. This is the sign. Or open a Kiosk from your window.

38 In Dolores Parque we encountered a class with their teacher. It was Jose Marti Day and after the ceremony they stayed in the park. They were gathered around a guitar player singing “Guantanemera”

39 Then they engulfed the violinist

40 Which most interested them, the musician or the camera?

41 They were eager to display their English

42 I gathered them, we held hands and sang and danced Hava Nagila

43 Look how happy they are and all in white and blue

44 These are the teachersAn older student (by the color of her skirt) also enjoyed the event.

45 Preparing for yearbook pictures

46 Many resident use “smoke bombs” against the mosquitoes

47 Juan, his son, his wife Nastia and her mother.

48 The street from Juan’s roof

49 The one on the right needs to tan more

50 Casa de la Trova The music house was rocking, the music, and rum great. Cuba libre or mojitos, salsa dancing out of this world.

51 The lobby of a once grand hotel is a venue for a gallery of excellent art work.

52 The artists express the situation in amazing ways

53 Blowing in the wind

54 This is how we went to the bus station to buy a ticket to Trinidad This is how we came back

55 The brothers, Fidel and Raul

56 Black cloud below, white cloud above

57 A rundown part of the city

58 Such wide streets and almost no traffic

59 The water had been free. Now the pipes are being replaced and meters installed. This gives an idea of how many residents are behind the doorway This gives an idea of how many residents are behind the doorway

60 From afar and close up

61 3 different windows on one wall

62 Posing on the steps

63 A place for children to play after school

64 The wonders of building and sculpture

65 The government shop for cakes, please note the wide selection.

66 A workshop. In Cuba they still repair things.

67 What is clear is that they are thirsty

68 This is street food

69 A bit of shade

70 She stood in the window with a happy smile

71 Our last night with Juan and Nastia. They surprised us with shrimp and ice cream. We surprised them with a cake, not from the government shop. Past the church,ice cream bought. Given mangos fresh picked from the tree. Finally something offered for free. Down to the port without a thought. Bicycle taxis want us to ride. You are busy shooting the tide. Up the hill to the market Two of this, three of that. No food to eat, so why so fat? Street pizza,I can't hack it. One more stop this first day. With kids in Dolores we sing and play. A poem by Nimrod

72 Experienced, photographed, edited Rachel Algom

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