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The story begins… Summary of the RPG board of’s forum 13 th February – 1 st March 2004.

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1 The story begins… Summary of the RPG board of’s forum 13 th February – 1 st March 2004

2 Cast (in order of appearance) Silver Mist (Silver Mist) Sharp (Krixos) Zeeta (CancerianQueen) Fearless (Fenris Ulven) Seeker (Erwin) Vulpi (Vulpes) Dexterity (KeenFox)

3 Cast (in order of appearance) Kane (KeenFox) Challenger (Silver Mist) Zaika (Erwin) Mayflower (Siberian Star)

4 NPCs Crow Plucky

5 Before we begin… I’d like to thank whispervixen, the webmaster of and also administrator of this website’s forum. Without her this story wouldn’t have I’d like to thank all the people who took part in this story, and of course everybody who read it or this summary.

6 The story begins… Lots of foxes arrived at White Deer Park lately. There was first Silver Mist, a silver vixen. Her fur color can be explained by the fact that she is a hybrid. Her motivations aren’t known but one thing is sure, she wasn’t the only one to arrive.

7 The story begins… The next fox to arrive was a dark red fox, with a brown stripe on his back. He was called Sharp. This was rapidly followed by the arrival of Fearless, another red fox, and Seeker, whose name was Wolf before he quitted his forest. But White Deer Park sure is not an empty place.

8 The story begins… Fearless rapidly met Zeeta, a one-year- old blue vixen, and Seeker bumped into Vulpi, whose coat was orange and shiny. Not long later, Crow welcomed Sharp, who refused to visit the park with him, because he was hungry. And thirsty.

9 The story begins… Not far from the pond, Sharp met Seeker and Vulpi. They were rapidly joined by Silver Mist, while Dexterity was spying on them. The four foxes decided to divide in order to go hunting. At the same time Zeeta and Fearless were going to the pond.

10 The story begins… Back to the pond, waiting for the two other foxes, Vulpi and Sharp caught a glimpse of Dex (as he prefer to be called). While Seeker was paying court at Silver Mist, Zeeta and Fearless met Vulpi and Sharp. The situation could have become a fight for food if Vulpi and Zeeta weren’t naturally friendly.

11 The story begins… That was the moment chosen by Seeker and Silver Mist to be back. The situation got stranger when Sharp suddenly left, apologizing to Zeeta. And that’s with mixed feelings that all of them finally went back to their earths, once they had all eaten.

12 The story begins… The night wasn’t restful for everybody: Dex spent the night hunting before meeting Kane, who is a hawk and also his best friend, and Silver Mist dreamt of her parents, the two of them being killed by hunters. Sharp spent the morning visiting the park with Crow.

13 The story begins… Seeker went to see Silver Mist, but she was already with another fox. His name was Challenger. Seeker and Challenger fought each other and, despite being a big stout fox, Seeker lost. He wandered sadly in the park and met an old fox. At the same time, Fearless decided to spend some time in the nearest town.

14 The story begins… It was midday when Zeeta met Sharp near the pond. Seeker was led to a place where lots of different animals were gathered. There he explained how he arrived at White Deer Park, helped by a vixen who unfortunately crossed the road at the wrong moment.

15 The story begins… Then the old fox asked Seeker to tell the others to be at the stone circle that night. He met an angry Zeeta and an irritated Sharp (they were quarrelling each other) near the pond, as such as Silver Mist and Challenger. Then he finally told Vulpi, who had litterally dropped on him.

16 The story begins… Dex, Silver Mist, Challenger, Zeeta, Seeker, Sharp and Vulpi arrived more or less easily to the stone circle, where the old fox had a surprised for Seeker: he was accompanied by Zaika, the vixen Seeker thought he had lost for ever. This old fox was Plucky.

17 The story begins… Unfortunately, with the latest arrivals, the predators are beginning to be too numerous in the park. In order to preserve the balance, Plucky told the foxes to go out of the park. Surprisingly, and despite the others’ reluctance, Dex decided to organize the journey.

18 The story begins… Finally Silver Mist, Challenger, Vulpi, Seeker, Zeeta decided to follow Dex. They were joined by a young vixen called Mayflower. Sharp decided he would leave the park, but later, and Zaika would stay, in order for her and Seeker’s cubs to be safe.

19 The story continues You want to follow Dex and the other foxes in their way to another reserve? So take a look at: The journey from White Deer Park The journey from White Deer Park If you prefer to stay with Plucky and the other foxes in White Deer Park, take a look at: Lost security Lost security (sorry Teto :P )

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