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Powerbase 1 Middle East Edition.

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1 Powerbase 1 Middle East Edition

2 DATES 2 Write these dates as figures.
CHECK Months January July February August March September April October May November June December *= 3/10/1875 in US English ( month before day ) 2 Write these dates as figures. 1 The tenth of March eighteen seventy-five /3/1875* 2 Nineteen seventy-one _________ 3 July the first nineteen forty-one ________ 4 The twenty-eighth of April two thousand and one ____ 5 January the first nineteen fourteen _________ 3 Match the dates to the events opposite. Then turn to page 101 to find out if you’re right.

3 THE FIRST 4 Listen to the story of the first . Then read the text and circle the correct form of to be . The American computer scientist, Ray Tomlinson , was / were the first person to send an . It was / were some time in 1971 , but he can’t remember exactly when. It wasn’t / weren’t big news at the time because the two computers was / were in the same room. And his message wasn’t / weren’t very interesting - it was / were Just : ‘QWERTYUIOP’. Why? was / were this anew computer language? No, they was / were the letters at the top of his computer’s keyboard !

4 6 Ask and answer some more questions about business firsts.
5 Fill the gaps with was or were. Then take turns to ask and answer the questions. 1 when was the first ? 2 __________ it big news ? 3 Where __________ the two computers ? 4 What __________ the message ? 5 Where __________ the letters of the message ? CHECK The past of to be ? Short answers He was the first He wasn’t the first Was he the first Yes, he was./ No, he wasn’t They were the first. They weren’t the first. Were they the first? Yes, they were./ No, they weren’t. Ask and answer some more questions about business firsts. A Turn to page B Turn to page 98. NOW YOU When was the first …..? It was …..

5 GRAMMAR Past simple (1) REGULAR VERBS 1 Read the story of the TV advert and write the past form of these verbs. appear appeared disappear ________ watch ________ Stay ________ ask ________ Interrupt ________ The first TV advert on the evening of 1 July 1941, a lot of New Yorkers were at home to watch the baseball game on TV between the New York Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. But that evening they watched more than just a baseball game; they also watched a small piece of business history. Because at one point in the evening, the TV station interrupted the programme and a Bulova watch appeared on the screen. It stayed there for sixty seconds and then disappeared. ‘ What was that ?’ people asked. In fact, it was the world’s first TV advert!

6 2 Listen to the story of the phone call
2 Listen to the story of the phone call. Then fill the gaps with the past form of the these verbs. ( They’re all regular.) laugh call realise ask show start The first phone call The first phone call was on March , when Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, __________ his assistant. His first words were, ‘ Mr. Watson, come here, I want you. ‘ Bell and Watson __________ that their phone was a fantastic business idea. They __________ it to some American businessmen and _____ For $ 100,000. But the businessmen ______ : ‘ It’s just an electrical toy.’ So Bell ______ his own company and soon, with the name American Telephone and Telegraph, it was the top company in the USA. CHECK Regular past verbs Present Past Present Past appear ed appeared start ed started ask ed asked show ed showed Grammar reference page 104

7 The first passenger flight
IRREGULAR VERBS 3 Read the story and write the past form of these verbs. (They don’t end in –ed because they’re irregular.) Leave left go ______ have ______ Fly ______ cost ______ make ______ The first passenger flight The first passenger flight left from St Petersburg, Florida on 1 January 1914 and went to Tampa Bay, less than 40 kilometres away. It was a very small plane and it only had space for the pilot and one passenger. For the next four months, the plane flew between St Petersburg and Tampa Bay tow times a day, and a return ticket cost $10. This first airline company only made a very small profit, but it was the start of a very big industry ! CHECK Irregular past verbs Present Past Present Past Present Past be was/ were do did make made go went have had cost cost For more, go to page 120

8 4 Read this story and put the verbs in brackets ( ) into the correct form. ( Some are regular and some are irregular.) Then listen and check. For many years Dennis Tito ( be ) _____ a top American businessman. During his career, he (make) _____ millions and millions of dollars. But he always (have) _____ a dream- to be an astronaut. So, one day, he (ask) _____ the American space agency NASA, ‘How much does it cost to go into space?’ The answer (be) _____: ‘ sorry. Space is not for tourists.’ The first tourist in space REGULAR AND IRREGULAR so, Tito (go) _____ to the Russians and (ask) _____ them the same question. The Russians (be not) _____ sure. ‘ How about $20 million?’ (ask) _____ Tito. This time, the answer (be) _____ ‘Yes’. And so in April 2001.Tito (leave) _____ from Baikonur,Kazakhstan in a Russian Soyuz-TM rocket and (fly) _____ to the International Space Station. While he (be) _____ in space,Tito (have) _____ a fantastic time, just like a normal tourist! NOW YOU 5 Work in groups. Group A Turn to page 95. Group B Turn to page 98. Take turns to tell one of the stories to each other.

9 Working life Computer problems 1 Tamir Azeez works from home. He has a problem with his computer and his friend, Alex. Quickly read the below and find the answers to these questions. 1 Which part of his computer has a problem? 2 How old is his computer ? 3 How can Alex contact him? 4 His computer isn’t working, so how can he send s? Hi Alex, I’m writing to ask for help because I’m having a really bad time with my computer. I had some problems with it yesterday afternoon, then last night the screen went blank and about three hours’ work disappeared! What can I do? It’s driving me crazy, because it was new last month! Anyway, I know you’re busy because you’re on holiday next week, but can you help? I have an important meeting all day tomorrow, so can you call me on my mobile some time today? I’m working in an Internet café this morning, so you can also me. Thanks very much, Tamir

10 2 Look at the e-mail again and write when these things happen
2 Look at the again and write when these things happen. Put them in the right order. Tamir has problems Yesterday afternoon His screen goes blank _________________ He gets a new computer _________________ Alex goes on holiday _________________ Tamir has an important meeting _________________ He works in an Internet café _________________ 3 Put these phrases in the right order and write Alex’s reply. Dear Tamir, To hear from you. Regards, Alex But I’m in a meeting for the rest of the day. I’d really like to help Why don’t you call a computer helpline? Thanks for your . It’s good.

11 4 Listen to the conversation between Tamir and the person on the computer helpline. Then answer these question. 1 Which system does he have? Tick  the right answer. Apple Linux Windows 2 What’s on his screen? 3 What happens when he moves the mouse? 4 Does the man solve the problem? A COMPUTER HELPLINE 5 Here is a guide for people who work on the computer helpline. Write what they should say for points 1-4. Then listen to the phone conversation a gain and compare. COMPUTER HELPLINE MANUAL 1 Start the conversation.___________________ 2 Ask for the person’s name and phone number. .________________ 3 Ask about the person’s system. ._________________ 4 Ask about the problem. .________________ 6 Role play this situation, using some of the language on these page. A Call a helpline about a problem with your. Turn to page 96. B You work on a computer helpline. Turn to page 99. Swap roles. NOW YOU

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