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A Day in the Life of. You wake up. Do you… Eat BreakfastSkip Breakfast.

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1 A Day in the Life of

2 You wake up. Do you… Eat BreakfastSkip Breakfast

3 Your bored. Do you… Go for a RunWatch T.V.

4 Without breakfast, you need your morning fix. Do you… Smoke a CigaretteNot Smoke

5 After your cigarette, you feel relaxed. You want to keep that feeling. Do you… Watch T.V.Buy Some Alcohol

6 On T.V. you see an add for Smirnoff, but you know you have work. Do you… Buy Some AlcoholGo to Work

7 After your run, your boyfriend calls but you know you have work. Do you… Go on a DateGo to Work

8 Your with your boyfriend and things start to “heat up”. Do you… Cool Down and Go Play Mini-golf Have Sex

9 Your boyfriend proposes at the windmill. He’s your best friend, but your not sure if the passion will last. Do you… Say YesSay No

10 You are about to have sex with your boyfriend, and you notice he hasn’t gotten out a condom. Do you… Have Sex AnywayDemand He Uses a Condom

11 He doesn’t have a condom at the moment. Do you… Have Sex AnywayGo Play Mini-Golf

12 While under the influence of cocaine, you had unprotected sex with a random guy. You then find out you have an STI. You know your boyfriends clean. Do you… Tell Your BoyfriendHide It

13 You found out you were pregnant. Do you… Get an AbortionCarry Out the Pregnancy

14 You decided to carry out the pregnancy, but now you have another decision to make. Do you… Give the Baby up for Adoption Keep the Baby

15 You are looking for families to adopt your baby. Do you… Have an Open AdoptionHave a Closed Adoption

16 You tell your boyfriend and he offers to marry you. You know that it will be hard. Do you… Marry HimDecline the Offer

17 Your boyfriend breaks up with you, but still wants to help with the baby. Do you… Share CustodyHave Him Pay Child Support

18 Your ex has a new girlfriend and she has been slandering you to your (now 6 year old) kid. Do you… Confront HerIgnore It

19 The confrontation is getting ugly. She slaps you. Do you… Engage in a Physical Altercation Leave

20 You bought some alcohol, and now it’s time to get smashed. Do you… Drink AloneCall up Your Friends

21 You and your friends are partying hard and one of your friends pulls out a bag of cocaine. Do you… Snort it with ThemSay “No, Thank You”

22 You decide to leave the party. Do you… Have a Designated DriverDrive Under the Influence

23 While driving you home, your friend tells you about a rave going on. Do you… Go HomeGo to the Rave

24 Your friends have been doing drugs, and you know they are already way past their limit. Do you… Drag Them to a Hospital Let Them Go, It’s Their Choice

25 Your boyfriend breaks up with you because you had sex with someone else. Do you… Accept It and Move onMake Him Jealous

26 You go to work to find that the boss has given the promotion to his girlfriend even though you deserve it. Do you… Yell at HimSay Nothing

27 You get fired. Do you… Buy Some AlcoholGet a New Job

28 You get offered two different jobs. Do you… Take the Waitress JobTake the “Escort” Job

29 While “Escorting”, you had unprotected sex with a random guy. You then find out you have an STI. You know your boyfriends clean. Do you… Tell Your BoyfriendHide It

30 Your boyfriend got a check up and was diagnosed with the STI you gave him. Do you… Confess Your Misdeeds Let Him Think He Gave it To You

31 You have a new boy toy, but your friends and parents think your spending too much time with him. He says it’s because they hate him. Do you… Stay with HimLeave Him

32 Your boy toy thinks that the only chance the two of you have at a relationship is if you move away from the hostile environment your parents and friends have created. Do you… Move AwayBreak up with Him

33 You moved to a new place and know no one. You suggest that your boy toy finds a job and he gets angry. He hits you, but apologizes right after and gives you a gorgeous diamond necklace. Do you… Stay With Him; He Didn’t Mean It Confide in Your Neighbors that You Don’t Know

34 The abuse becomes more consistent. You fear for your safety. Do you… Confide in Your Neighbors that You Don’t Know Stick It Out; He Really Loves You

35 You got out just in time. That relationship had turned for the worse, and if you had stayed you could have been seriously injured or even killed.

36 Your lucky you got out before it started. Your boy toy was showing signs of an abusive person. You could have been hurt or killed.

37 You go home and go to bed. The next morning you find out that a lot of people overdosed at the rave. You feel bad for them, but are glad that you knew when to call it quits.

38 You stay with your abusive boy toy and he ends up beating you right into the Critical Care Unit. Your parents sow up and hope you pull through, but with little evidence and you unable to testify it looks like Boy Toy is going to go free.

39 You decided you weren’t ready or able to raise a child, but you will forever be haunted by what could have been. You learn to live past the guilt, but still remember your unborn baby’s memory even after you start a family years later.

40 You have shown much maturity and are a great role model for your munchkin. If the slander is really bothering you, you can talk directly to your child explaining the girlfriends motivations and how the slander is untrue.

41 You chose to have a closed adoption, and in a way it made it easier to move on with your life. You occasionally think about the child, but your happy that the child will have a normal life and be provided for.

42 You chose to have an open adoption, and while it’s great that you get to see the child, it’s hard not to think about it as YOUR child. But you are grateful for the chance to be in the child’s life.

43 It wasn’t easy, but you made it. You and your husband got divorced after Jr. graduated high school. But both of you are still good friends and share custody of another little rugrat.

44 From many times drinking alone., you have become an alcoholic. It has so far been ruining your life, but maybe you can still turn it around.

45 You and the girlfriend both get arrested. She gets bailed out, but you spend a night in jail. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a crime streak.

46 It wasn’t always easy (at times it was pretty darn rocky) but you and your hubby are still happily married! He’s still the sweet, cheesy guy who proposed at the windmill, and that’s why you love him.

47 You die twisted around a tree like a pretzel. Sucks to be you…

48 You and your now ex-boyfriend/baby daddy get along very well. Your hubby and the ex/baby daddy get along pretty well, too. He wasn’t really around much when the baby was younger but now that he’s 12ish, you all make a pretty odd family.

49 You find out the next day that 2 of your friends died from overdosing. You feel guilty knowing that you could have saved them.

50 It’s hard, but you know that your ex was totally justified in breaking it off. You let go and don’t go looking for romance… But if romance looks for you, who are you to turn it down? ;)

51 Though they were kicking an screaming the whole way there (when they weren’t passed out), your friends are all grateful to you for saving their lives.

52 You persevere, even though you aren’t being treated fair. And later when the boss “retires” (he was totally fired), Corporate chooses you to take his place.

53 You live with the guilt of lying to your bf. You break up later on and don’t tell him the truth then, either… Even though he never finds out, you still are being punished by guilt.

54 You work for minimum wage, but put the money towards college. After a nice education, you buy the diner and rake in the dough.

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