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Calamity Quest A decision based adventure game. > Game Start.

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1 Calamity Quest A decision based adventure game. > Game Start

2 Starting Up You are a stalwart young hero destined to complete a short but important quest. You will be faced with a few decisions along the way which will decide your fate, and the fate of your quest. Remember that there are no take backs on your decisions, so think carefully. > Start Your Quest


4 You walk outside your house. It is a beautiful sunny day. Birds are singing and you can see people going about their daily routines. > Go Back Inside > Go To The Store > Go To Your Job > Screw All Those Choices, Lets Go Slay Some Dragons! > Screw All Those Choices, Lets Go Slay Some Dragons!

5 > Screw All Those Choices, Lets Go Slay Some Dragons! Unfortunately, there are no dragons. Dragons aren’t real. You would think that you would have come to this realization by this time in your life. It’s okay though, not everyone is perfect. > Go To Your Job > Go To The Store > Go Back Inside

6 > Go To Your Job Sadly, you don’t have a job. It makes you wonder why you would think to go to a job you don’t have. It’s almost as if you know nothing of your life what so ever. > Go To The Store

7 You make your way to the store. It’s a small convenient store located about five miles away from your house. There are an assortment of products laid about. > Eat Some Roller Food > Buy A Hat > Steal The Hat

8 You attempt to steal the hat, but you fail miserably. Not only did the clerk see you, but the camera saw you, the little old lady saw you, your mother saw you, your father saw you, and the birds outside saw you. For shame. It fills you with so much shame that you fall into a catatonic state. > Better Luck Next Time

9 > Buy A Hat You buy a snazzy new hat. It’s the snazziest of hats. You can’t believe how snazzy this hat is. Your glad that you bought it. > Return Home With Your Snazzy New Hat

10 You return back to your humble abode. You weren’t sure what you were suppose to be doing, but it probably wasn’t all that important. In the end, the sun sets and you fall asleep with your new snazzy hat sitting upon your head. > Fall Asleep

11 > Eat Some Roller Food Well, that wasn’t the smartest decision you’ve made in life. Why you ask? I think the fact that you have caught a horrible case of the dead is enough proof to this. > Well, I guess you could always try again.

12 > Go Back Inside You go back inside your small home. There’s not much here, seeing that it is a small 1 bedroom apartment. A small computer is turned on in the corner, and a bed is left unmade. > Go On The Computer > Go To Sleep

13 > Go On The Computer You start surfing the internet. Before you know it, the rest of the day has gone by. It’s night now. This happens all the time when you hop on this thing. You have a problem, and you need to get help. > Go To Sleep

14 You go back to sleep in your messy, unmade bed. You will wake up tomorrow and fulfill that quest then. Why do today when you can put off till tomorrow anyways? > Wake Up

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