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COMENIUS multilateral school partnership project Antivirus 2.0.

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1 COMENIUS multilateral school partnership project Antivirus 2.0

2 The analysis of the questionnaire “Active Citizenship”

3 Participants of the survey:

4 Have you ever organized or participated in raising funds for local or national charities?

5 Most respondents have organised or participated in charity funds, but the most active ones are the Polish students.

6 Raising funds for local or national charities: Students who have participated or organised voluntary activities did that supporting children‘s homes or raising funds for sick children.

7 Have ever participed or do you participate in any volunteer activities? A bit more than a half of the respondents have never taken part in voluntary activities.

8 Volunteer activities: Students who participated in voluntary activities mostly helped in public events or for religious organisations.

9 Are you concerned about protecting our planet and the environment? The survey showed that Lithuanians are mostly concerned about the protection of our planet.

10 How do you protect our planet? Most students that are concerned about the environment do it by sorting out rubbish and throwing used batteries into special Eco banks.

11 Is there any Students‘ Parliament in your country? Lithuanian and Polish students know the best about the existence of the Students‘ Parliament.

12 Do you know how to join the Students‘ Parliament? Most respondents are not interested in how to join the Students‘ Parliament.

13 Are you a member of the Students‘ Parliament? From the group of respondents most German students belonged to the Students‘Parliament; Cypriots would like to belong but were not elected.

14 What activities in the Students‘ Parliament were you involved in? Most respondents do not know what activities the Students‘ Parliament is involved in.

15 Did you vote in the last schools‘ President election? The most active in the election of their school president were Cypriots and the Polish, Germans were the most passive.

16 How does helping others help you as well? Most respondents state that helping others is beneficial for them and provides new valuable experience and skills.

17 How many students knew the mayor of their city: The Polish and Greek students know their mayor best of all.

18 Mayors The mayor of Skawina is Adam Najder. The mayor of Telšiai is Vytautas Kleiva. The mayor of Zagora is George Antonoglou- Kassavetis. The mayor of Augsburg is Kurt Gribl. The mayor of Nicosia is Constantinos Yiorkadjis.

19 General conclusion: most respondents O Have taken part in voluntary activities O Are concerned about the environment protection O Vote in the school president‘s election O Should participate in voluntary activities more actively O Are not interested in the activities of the Students‘ Parliament O Don‘t know the name of their mayor

20 Thanks for your attention!

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