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Tammy J. Rach Senior Volunteer Manager San Diego Zoo Global

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1 Tammy J. Rach Senior Volunteer Manager San Diego Zoo Global

2 Initial On-Boarding Process Interview Orientation Three Scavenger Hunts Two Mentor Sessions Little Effort, Big Success!

3 Initial On-boarding Blended Learning Interpretive Pre-requisite 5 Classes Elephant Odyssey 11 Classes Koalas 4 Classes Apes 4 Classes Polar Bear Plunge 8 Classes Galapagos Tortoises 6 Classes

4  Surveys – what was working, what wasn’t, what did we NEED, what would help make more accessible? Curiosity  Reflection  Understanding  Care about the resource  Care FOR the resource 

5  It wasn’t what they thought it would be  It wasn’t accessible – classes too short, courses too long, times were not convenient, etc.  Tree killers  Presenter inconsistencies  Learning styles were not all addressed  B-O-R-I-N-G KEY SUGGESTIONS  Wanted information ahead of time  Wanted to learn from each other – tips & techniques  OTJ Training & Mentoring Less than 50% of participants completed training and became interpretive volunteers

6  Tree killers  Presenter inconsistencies  Staff-intensive, OT, difficult to schedule  Questions – volunteers were not prepared ahead of time  Learning styles were not all addressed  Falling asleep in class – disrespectful

7  Accessibility  Volunteer Numbers

8 How to increase engagement Less time More at-home learning 1X/month instead of 5 for pre-req Consolidate classes + more hands-on learning

9 Interpretive Volunteers Welcome Document with Checklist 11 eModules + eResources list 1 In-class Session

10 Enjoy a Station Overview Tour with a Mentor

11 Attend a Specific Station Class Learn from two Mentors at that Station Change the World one Guest at a Time.

12 Materials to study ahead & review again afterwards eModule homework between classes Assessments

13 Interpretive Station Overview TourHands-on Training at Exhibits More Meaningful & Relevant Interpretation


15  Pre-req=5 classes  EO=11 classes  Apes=4 classes  Polar Bears=6 classes  Staff time in multiple departments often ineffective  Pre-req=1 class  EO=4 classes  Apes=1 class  Polar Bears=3 classes  Staff time saved + reinvested in stations, props, info & upkeep

16 Training Time Cost Accessibility Quality/Effectiveness Attitudes Volunteer Numbers Now over 94% continue on and become interpretive volunteers… AND We are able to train twice the # of volunteers, so 4X+ coverage at stations.


18 What ingredients will YOU use for your perfect recipe?

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